Friday, March 27, 2009

Mets on Deck Santana pitching and Darling and Hernandez at the mike.

With the Mets playing under the lights tonight there will be all sorts of entertainment.

The Mets will send Johan Santana to the mound tonight against the Nationals which most likely be his last full start before the season begins April 6th against the Reds. Next week to get him in line for his opening day start the Mets most likely will have him pitch but only a couple of innings. Santana pitched pretty well in his last start and seems ready for the season to start now except for maybe his arm strength.

Behind the mike tonight will be the 86 Mets with Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez with no Gary Cohen or Kevin Burkhardt between them which should make for an entertaining broadcast. Late last week Darling made some comments in regard to the upcoming telecast he will share with Keith that the 2 of them will make it like 2 buddies hanging at the bar talking about the Mets. It is almost that way when Keith is in the booth anyway.

David Wright should be in the line up tonight.


DyHrdMET said...

How was the Keith & Ron broadcast? Iknow Kevin was in the house. Good game. Maybe being a quick one was good for them.

Long Island Met Fan said...

they were a little lost at the beginning. It was not bad but Gary was missed. At the end of the game before they signed off Mex mentioned that he thought they were awful! was quite amusing..