Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pedro Feliciano Declines Arbitration From Mets

It is just being reported that Mets LOOGY, Pedro Feliciano, has declined the Mets offer of arbitration.

Feliciano will test the Free Agent Waters in search of a big pay-day.

Chances are this marks the end of Pedro's time with the Mets.

Jon Heyman and Adam Rubin

Slow and Steady : Mets target Chris Young.

For the Mets this year they are pretty fortunate. If it rings true that the team has a very limited budget to spend in 2011 then what better front office team to have then Alderson and crew. Alderson spent years working on a shoe string budget with the Padres. Here he comes to the North East and for his first year with the Mets he might have only 5-10M to spend tops.  No panic moves will be made knowing that in 2012 the Mets will have more $ to spend then Alderson had in a couple of years combined on the west coast.  Mets fans might have a tough time coping with the fact the Mets might just sign a couple of fringe players for this 2011 team.

The Mets need pitching. Santana will still be on the sidelines come April so there is some word the Mets might be targeting a player like former Padre pitcher Chris Young. The 31 year old hits free agency this year coming off a season he was saddled with a strained right shoulder and being in only 4 games and 20 innings for the Padres in 2010. He is a low risk high reward type of pitcher. Which is right up Alderson and crews alley. He is a lifetime 48-34 with ERA of 3.80. Before he was injured he was averaging 8 strikeouts per 9 innings but he also walked a ton . He averaged 4 walks per 9 innings.

I were hoping the Mets could go after innings eater jon Garland but he is signed with the Dodgers. Of course there are conflicting reports if the Mets really can sign Young. Chris is acting as his own agent and has said no deal is imminent.  If the Mets do sign Young will he be the only one they go after in the pitching dept? Alot depends I am sure on what Pedro Felicano does about accepting arbitration. If the Mets have to pay Pedro will they have anything to spend on another starter if needed? Alderson and his creative team will be busy that is for sure . Maybe they can find a deal at the winter meetings that are due to start next week.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mets To Possibly Deal Reyes: Post Turkey Coma Thoughts

In an abbreviation: WTF?

I know there are many Jose Reyes detractors out there, me not being one of them. I don't know if there is a trade out there that makes sense to rid the Mets of Reyes.

Riddle me this Batman, where are you going to get over 100 runs scored, around 75 RBI, a .285 batting average, 60+ stolen bases, solid SS, mid teens in HR's? All from the lead-off and SS position.

Those qualities might be attainable in three players, which for a team to acquire Reyes the Mets would certainly command, but the Mets do not have three open positions. Leftfield is covered by Bay who, from what
Kevin Burkhardt has told me, will be healthy for Spring Training.

Rightfield will be covered by either Carlos Beltran or Angel Pagan.

Firstbase is Fearless Ike's for the foreseeable future. Secondbase could be a platoon of Daniel Murphy and possibly Ruben Tejada.

What about SS?

You get my point. I understand many are concerned of Jose's health, but he should be healthy for 2011, and if Collins is the task master that has been reported, I can't see someone of Reyes work ethic coming into camp any less that in outstanding shape.

All this hype might be just that, but it is not all that unexpected of a report, especially with the Mets success for 2011 greatly in question.

So, this past weekend the metsfan73 family spent our Thanksgiving Holiday at my sisters in PA (where my brother-in-law is a Phillies Phan). I submersed myself into a self induced turkey coma. Now that I've regained consciousness, it was time to bring some sanity to this topic, when Mets reporters chose to report while obviously being still submerged in a catatonic state in over indulgence in great holiday food.

For those who think I'm the nutty one here, fine. Again, I ask one simple question: Where do you replace all that you will lose from sending Reyes packing, when you don't have that many POSITIONS to fill?

Think about it...I'm still waiting...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mets pass on innings eater Garland.

Maybe its just timing or the fact that the Mets dont want to spend $$. Or maybe its the case of wanting to stay on the west coast. What ever is the reason the  Mets could have obtained a very servceable back of the rotation guy in Jon Garland who just landed with the Dodgers.

He signed a 1 year deal in ther neighborhood of 5M.  The Mets do need help since Johan will not be ready to start come April. Garland is a innings eater having pitched 196,204 and 200 innings the last 3 years. The 30 year old has been a decent player I always thought could be a asset to this team but the Mets might be looking at the junk heap at this point.  We might see a guy like former Met Brian Bannister instead of a steady like Garland.
Oh Joy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday: FMart Injured Again

Once again over-hyped prospect Fernando Martinez is injured. He has considerable pain in his knee.

Martinez told Enrique Rojas of ESPN:

"I feel a lot of pain in the knee, but I don't know if I'm done for winter ball."

Martinez claims he doesn't know if he is done for the season, but most likely the decision will be made by the Mets.

Martinez made his debut in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday for Escogido, where he went 1-3.

Martinez's career has been riddled with injury. Over the last five years he has only appeared in 385 games.

The question will be what will Commander Sandy do with this disappointment.

Happy Black Friday.

Adam Rubin

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving : Mets need a Catcher

As we begin our thanksgiving day here in the cool east we take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the day with the family, the bird will not be dried out and there wont be any discussion of why the Mets should trade Reyes and go after some guy named Jeter.

The Mets need to start looking at what they are lacking on the 25 man roster and besides of course pitching they do need to think of having a backup catcher to Josh Thole, Henry Blanco I am sure will not be back. He played very sparingly due to his bad back. The list below is who is available has of now.

 Rod Barajas 35,Josh Bard 33,Henry Blanco 39, Gerald Laird 31,Bengie Molina 36,*Miguel Olivo 32, A.J. Pierzynski 34,*Yorvit Torrealba 32, Matt Treanor 35,Jason Varitek 39,Gregg Zaun 40.

Olivo was offered arbitration as well as Torrealba so you would have to give up a second round pick. Barajas woke up once he was picked up by the Dodgers but now the Red Sox are looking to sign him since they lost oout on Martinez. Not sure if A J will be moving from the White Sox . Slim pickings but the Mets could use someone to assist Thole .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can Terry Collins make a difference

Yesterday was Teryy Collins big day at Citi Field.  He had a chance to take a photo op with the owners who seemed real enthused with the Mets new manager. Sarcasm intended.  He had a chance to dispel the rumors that he won't lose the clubhouse after what alot of people have reported that there was a mutiny when he was with the Angels back in 1999.  He actually was given a an extension a couple of months before the player mutiny and he wound up resigning. 

Now that yesterday is over with the big question is , ok he is the Manager , will he make a difference with the Mets 25 man roster? Will he alienate players right off the get go. It is funny one of the little things I was wondering about was would he stop Reyes from his little dance he does when he hits a home run or does something good on the playing field. To me Reyes needs to do his thing and smile and play the game with the fun he has. Collins was asked that question and he said that he knows the game has changed since he has left and he doesn't want to change Reyes . He would only want to seem him stop it if the other team retailiated.

There is a big notion that Collins needs to change the culture of this team and that his style of being a disciplinarian will work effectively. That seem to be the buzz word of analyst Bobbie Ojeda. So I guess the first player that doesn't run out a pop up will be taken from the game?  Here that Beltran,Reyes?  

Collins has stated that he is old school but realizes the game has changed. He wants to make sure the team is fundamentally sound, takes the extra base , slides where needed ,throws to the right base etc.  All well and good but he cant hit for these guys so he can do all that and still this team can be a .500 team. Sometimes its not just the culture has to change its the players. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mets Introduce Terry Collins As Manager

After a "very comprehensive search", Alderson said, "Terry really separated himself from all other candidates", and was named manager of the Mets.

Alderson cited Collins' Major League experience as well as his time in player development as vital for the job.

Duffy Dyer? Jeff Torborg? Hot Rod Kanehl? Endy Chavez? Rusty Staub? Rey Ordonez? Gary Sheffield? No, Terry Collins the new #10.

The new skipper was bubbling over. I've never seen a player nor manager so stoked at a press conference. Collins stated that this is "a very proud day", and that he is a person who is "full of energy and full of enthusiasm."

Collins on fundamental baseball:

"Love of the game leads me to want the game played correctly."

"Players have to realize my passion for the game and passion for excellence."

You have to be confident to play this game."

"Teaching can't stop. We have some veterans; guys who've played 2 or 3 years, but aren't crusty veterans."

Collins also had a good point when he said:

"When there is dual respect on both sides, the team takes on the personality of the manager."

Collins was incredibly pumped up, and is thrilled to be in this position. He is excited about the young talent on the horizon, and said:

"This is the finest group of young men I have ever met."

Welcome to NY Terry. I hope your energy and passion pays off on this season.

On a side note, Sandy Alderson said the Mets would offer Pedro Feliciano arbitration, so if they can't reach an agreement, the Mets would at least get a draft pick.

Howard Johnson and Razor Shines won't be back. As for Omar, Alderson said that he believes Omar is waiting to see what develops before accepting another position within the organization, and also has alleged opportunities with other organizations.

Mets To Announce Terry Collins As Manager In 11:00 Press Conference

The Mets will announce the hiring of Terry Collins as manager of the NY Mets today at an 11:00 Press Conference. The statement from Elvis Alderson:

Click on image to enlarge:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mets Prospect FMart To Be Traded

...unfortunately from Escogido to Licey in the Dominican Republic.

The trade isn't yet official, but is expected according to Adam Rubin.

Maybe Elvis Alderson will view this as a good idea, and look to send the present day Alex Escobar packing. Martinez hasn't panned out since being signed by former Mets GM Omar Minaya when he was a 16 year old in the Dominican Republic. Most of his problems has been the inability to stay healthy.

Mets Terry Collins press conference set for brunch at 11AM Tuesday

The Mets will introduce the New Mets manager,Terry Collins Tuesday at 11AM on SNY.  He becomes the 20th Met manager as they enter the 50th year of existence. The 61 year old will be the 2nd oldest manager the Mets have had since there inception. 
Most fans wanted Wally Backman and most of the Media was bent towards Bob Melvin but the discipline of Terry Collins along with his familiarity with the Mets farm system has won out.   There has been some notion that Hale was a close 2nd in the running but as the saying goes 2nd place is just the 1st loser. Look for Hale to still be the 3rd Base coach.  Still waiting on word on the rest of the staff besides Hale and Warthen will still be the pitching coach. 
Mookie Wilson,Ken Ooberkfell and Tim Tuefel are all possibilities to land a job on the staff.  Also its been said Larry Bowa might be in the running.Look for Backman to manage at either St Lucie or Binghamton.
If you need more insight into Collins check this pretty good article over at the NY Times. It gives you  quotes from former Angel player Tim Salmon and former GM Bill Bavaisi who mentions that even though Colliins is extremely intense he gets results.  Bavasi goes on to say “I believe with Terry’s intellect, his organization, his ability to recognize problems and not be afraid to deal with them — guys like that tend to turn things around real quick. They just do .”

Also on Tuesday the Mets have to make a decision on Pedro Felicano in regards to arbitration. He is considered a Type B free agent.  The Mets have been whining that there budget is almost maxed so not sure what they expect to do if they lose Pedro who might be in the same boat Darren Oliver was a couple of years ago where the Mets didn’t re sign him since they thought his arm was done.  Oliver made it to the World Series with the Rangers this year so as usual the Mets were wrong in that respect.

Chip Hale and Mookie Wilson part of Collins staff?

The Mets will introduce there new Manager on Tuesday Terry Collins. He wasnt my first choice but at least it wasnt Bob Melvin. Collins will bring some discipline to the club and the clubhouse . Now who will be his coaches.  Chip Hale might return as a bench coach and Mookie Wilson might be back as well. Why?  Not sure . Some say diversity. Really so they dont interview a African American  for the Manager so they just throw Wilson in as a coach for some good will?   Doesnt make any sense if you ask me. 

There is also talk about moving Warthen from his pitching coach job and giving it to Dave Wallace who was the Mets pitching coach back in '99-'00 . I am sure Big Pelf would love that since he seem to do ok under Warthen . Wallace worked with Collins back in the Dodger organzation.

9:00AM *** It seems at this point Warthen will stay in his role as pitching coach but Randy Nieman might be heading to the minors and not be the bullpen coach anymore *******

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Terry Collins: Mets New Manager

It is being reported that Terry Collins, 61, will be the new manager of the New York Mets, pending a contract agreement.

Adam Rubin just tweeted that a source has confirmed Collins will be "leading" the Mets. Davey Johnson's prediction was dead on.

I just hope it was a fair interviewing process, and that it wasn't a charade because DiPodesta wanted Collins all along.

record as a manager is a mediocre 444-434 over six seasons. He previosly managed the Houston Astros (1994-1996) and California Angels (1997-1999).

The big question is can he get through to the players. It has been reported that he lost his clubhouses in both Houston and California.

We will update as information becomes available.

***** Updated 6:38 PM 11-21-2010 *****

It is being reported that Dave Wallace might be named pitching coach; Collins and Wallace are "very tight." Dan Warthen might be assigned to be roving minor league instructor.

Ken Oberkfell and Chip Hale are believed to be coaches on Collins' staff.

A Fan's Fond Memory - October 18, 2006

October 18, 2006:

It was a beautiful Fall day; still warm. The weather hadn't changed for the worse yet. I took lunch about 2:00 in the afternoon, and my wife called me. She wanted me to call Rob. Rob is a friend who lives not too far from us on Long Island, but works in NYC. I asked her why, and she said to give him a call. I didn't have Rob's work phone number, but my wife had gotten it from Rob's wife.

I gave Rob a call when I returned from lunch. He asked what I was up to, and we went through the usual complaints about work and how hectic things were. He asked if I was busy “tonight”, and I didn't think I was, and asked “why?”

Rob, a Yankee fan, tweaked me a little bit; “I don't know if you're interested, but I have an extra ticket to tonight's Mets game. Want to go?”

I told him I would have to check with my wife, and I would call him back. I called my wife, and she was in on it, and I told here I was going after I got her approval.

Rob was going to have to meet me at Shea, and figured he would be there about 7:00. He had to catch a train from NYC. No problem. I would just hop in my car, and drive in.

When I got to my favorite parking area, the train yard across the street from Gate C, I started to laugh when I had to pay $20 to park, when two months earlier when I went to a game it was only $13.

I got into the parking area, and was hard pressed to find a place to park; fans were taking multiple spots tailgating. I had to drive to the far end before I found a place to park.

I got to the meeting spot and was having a chuckle looking at fans dressed in their orange and blue. People in the weirdest attire. I often wondered where these people were during the 162 game regular season.

Rob and some work associates were running late, and didn't meet me until about 7:10 outside the gate. When we got to our seats in the Mezzanine level half way down the RF line, St. Louis already had runners on in the top of the first.

John Maine was on the mound for the Mets, and Maine, who at that point in his career was quite good, did a nice job of getting out of the first inning against St. Louis.

In the first inning, the Cards had runners on first and third when we arrived at our seats. There was one out. Maine struck out Jim Edmunds for the second out, before plunking Juan Encarnacion to load the bases. Maine got out of the inning by forcing Scott Rolen to fly out.

It was a scary beginning considering the Mets were down in this best of seven series 3 games to 2.

In the Mets half of the first, the Mets showed they were not going to play dead; Jose Reyes led off with a blast to RF, which we were in perfect position to see. Having been attending Mets games since 1975, I have never felt the stadium shake the way it did. It felt like the stadium, named after the late William Shea, was going to collapse. Then the chants of Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose...Jose, Jose erupted.

Although Rob is a Yankee fan, he does root for the Mets. He works for a sporting goods company, and the better NY does, the better it is for him.

We were having a great time, and when Shawn Green had an RBI in the fourth giving the Mets a 2-0 lead, I was feeling a “little” better, but not yet confident.

In the seventh, Paul LoDuca knocked in two more runs increasing the Met lead to 4-0.

The win looked inevitable when Billy Wagner took the mound in the ninth. Wagner was scary; nothing was ever easy. Billy The Cardiac Arrest Kid, didn't disappoint. He gave up two runs when So Taguchi knocked in two runs with a double. Finally Wagner put an end to this night by getting David Eckstein, who would become the World Series MVP, to ground out to second.

The place erupted. I just stood and looked; 56 thousand plus cheering and stamping their feet. Rob told me if the Mets won tomorrow, we would be going to a World Series game. I told him not to get too far ahead; there was still one more game to play.

Exiting the stadium, people were still cheering and screaming and chanting. Having been to a boatload of games over the preceding 30 years, I had never been to a play-off game before nor had I ever seen the stadium and it's fans like that. I had been to Gary Carter's first game as a Met, Darryl Strawberry's first game at Shea, sat in the K Korner, even saw Juan Samuel hit a HR as a Met. Never before, nor since, had I ever witnessed anything like this.

I gave Rob a ride home, and the entire trip we just talked about the game, and how cool it was to go to the game. Not only was it cool to go to a play-off game, but how it spontaneously occurred. You can't make this stuff up.

I may get to another Mets play-off game before I leave this earth, but none will have the energy this game had. Elimination on the line, a rookie on the mound, and an exciting game all around. It didn't get any better than that.

Photo Courtesy Sports Illustrated

Sources: Baseball Reference, Baseball Almanac, Wikipedia

Mets all time winning manager Picks Collins

As we head into another football sunday and us Mets fans wait for a sign on who will lead the 2011 Mets crew 1 former manager has spoken out yet again.

Davey Johnson, who by far has the most Met wins as a manager, with 590 wins  has stated in the past he has a soft side for fan favorite Wally Backman.  Well now since the pundits need something to wright about leading up to the the Mets manager decision have spoken to Johnson again and now he says with his head he thinks it should be Collins.

According to the article in the NY Post Johnson thinks Collins gets the edge since he has been involved with the Mets farm system and can tell the new Gm and his buddies who is ready and who can make the most impact with the team.  Maybe its me but I think that's Collins job anyway even if he doesn't get the job as Manager. 

Word is that the Mets might be making some calls tonight or early tomorrow morning to the 4 candidates on what the decision is and who will lead the Mets.  Look for 2nd guessing to run amok once the decision is made. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mets add 4 to 40 man roster : Rule 5 draft on Dec 9th

The Mets added RHPs Josh Stinson and Armando Rodriguez, 3B Zach Lutz and INF Jordany Valdespin - to the 40-man roster to protect them from the rule 5 draft that will occur during the Winter Meetings on Dec 9th. The Mets had until yesterday to set the 40 man roster which now stands at 36. If my math is correct the Mets will pick 11th this year. Of course these picks are usual a filler for the roster but the Mets did pick Darren O'Day. Due to there roster botching the Mets let him go and he made it to the World Series with the Rangers.  Mini bio's are below.

The 22 year old Stinson was promoted to the Bisons near the end of the 2010 season where he went 2-2 with a ERA of 2.57 with 21 K's in 22 innings. In 2009 he was mostly used as a reliever but he went back and forth during the '10 campaign with the B Mets. He was a pick in the 2006 draft.

Rodriguez struck out 152 in 146 innings for the Mets Savannah team in 2010.

Lutz played most of the year for Tim Tuefel in Binghamton where he hit .289 clocked 12 homers and played a solid 3rd base. The 24 year old played a handful of games for the Bisons to close out the season.

Valdespin played for the St Lucie Mets and the Binghamton Mets in 2010 at Short and 2nd Base. The light hitting 22 year old infielder had a tough time transitioning in the field playing for the B Mets where he made 9 errors in just 28 games.

The Rule 5 draft allows teams to select players not on other teams’ 40-man rosters and add them to their own. 

The players must be kept on the selecting team’s 25-man roster out of spring training or be offered back to the original team for half the selection price, or $25,000. Teams can pick anyone signed when they were 19 or older who have spent three full seasons in the organization, and anyone signed at 18 or older who have spent four full seasons in the organization. Last year the Mets sent there pick to the Dodgers.

**** Dec 9th  check out our newest post and get the skinny on who the Mets picked this year  here

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quiet weekend then a new Manager:2nd base idea

With Alderson going to St Pete for his dad's funeral etc we wont know about the Mets manager until probably Monday with a presser on Tuesday. Ok honestly its time to move on since regardless of who is the Manager there has to be some reliever signings, deicision made about Castillo and Ollie Perez and maybe some bench help.

The Mets will not tender a trade for Beltran since whatever they get for him it will be a prospect or 2 since the team who gets would have to take on some of his contract and at this point why trade they guy now when his value will go up if he plays well and you might get a decent trade value at the trade deadline next year. 

Castillo is another situation all together if you ask me. We do not need to see him play another game with the Mets .I am so tired watching this guy trying to slap a single.  Now some fans are upset they didnt make a move for dan uggla. The Braves got him and will have him at 2nd base for 1 year before he will be sue a big deal. Dont think the Mets want to btring him in with him looking at more then 50M for his next contract. 

My option is Kelly Johnson of the D Backs.  He is arbitratration elgible this year and made 2.35M in 2010 where he hit  .284 and had 36 doubles an 26 homers. Alderson and crew would like him since he had a onbase percentage of .370.  Send them Murphy and a reliever (Sean Green? ) and at least we can have a guy with some punch playing 2nd base. Yes he strikes out and he seem to tire in the 2nd half but he still hit for average in the 2nd half. 

Look I love Murphy but he is at most a fringe major league player and he does play hard he just isnt that talented to play a position like 2B.  I really would rather see someone besides Murphy butchering double plays as the 2011 starts. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

No noise for the Mets player wise

As Major league teams and fans seem to be salivating on the possibility of landing a young star like the D Backs Justin Upton, the Mets are just sitting on their hands as they go through the interview process of signing a manager. 
Of course there was chatter in years past that the Mets were never a team that could seem to multi task and it looks like on the surface nothing has changed. Of course it could be just that the Mets are really not going to be looking to spend some cash. Or will forgo any movement until a Manager is in place? Is this wise? 
Fine I understand that but does that mean they can’t maybe dip there toe in the trade Market espcially if spending cash is a problem.  If the Mets had any interest in Upton of course they would probably have to throw Ike Davis out there since  the D Back’s  do need a first baseman. Of course the Mets might not want to do that since Davis seems to part of the young Met culture the brass seems to like.
The Other issue that comes up is the fact the Mets have lost out on Takahashi who was a savior  for this team and now the Mets favorite rivals the Phillies are kicking the Tires on him.  Also can we at least lock up the rubber arm of Pedro Feliciano?  The Mets are desperate in need of locking him up or do they have some sort of sick twisted plan to put, dare I say it, Ollie Perez in the bullpen as a 12M left specialist?  If that’s the case please kill me now….

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bob Melvin chats with Media after 2nd round interview.

In keeping up with giving the Mets fans everything possible the Media fired some questions to bob Melvin after his 2nd round interview and I wonder what was more exhausting??  Adam Rubin does a nice job by posting alot of the questions the media asked after the interview which you can read in its entirety over at ESPN.com

Of course Melvin takes on questions about what was asked and if he is fiery enough. To me just because he doesnt show a fiery side to the public doesnt mean he isnt - Read below

How did you get familiar with the team, since you were working for the Mets looking at other teams?

"They brought me in enough to where I saw the Mets enough to have a pretty good handle on what was going on, plus some spring-training stuff. I saw the A-ball team a little bit in Port St. Lucie. I went and saw [Carlos] Beltran when he was rehabbing. I saw the Triple-A team. I went and saw four, five or six games of theirs. So I have a little bit of an understanding of the system as well."

Their analytical-approach emphasis has gotten a lot of attention. Do you feel you mesh with their beliefs?

"I do, but they're deeper than that. They really are. There were philosophical questions. There were questions about game management. There were a whole host of things. It wasn't just looked at as an analytical perspective."

How close are the Mets to winning?

"You know, there's a lot of talent there. There's no doubt about that. It's getting everybody going in the right direction, keeping everybody healthy. There's enough talent on the field to be very competitive. No question."

How did the first round differ from this round? More on-field questions?

"Just probably a little more in-depth. Some of the questions where maybe I was a little bit vague the first time they were right on top of the next time and wanted specific answers to it. There was maybe some more questions outside of just what goes on in the baseball field, which you'd expect in a second round. But it was conducted very well."

Seattle is a fairly large market. Arizona -- smaller. You're able to handle all the New York media?

"Sure, why not? Absolutely. There's a passion in New York like nowhere else. That goes for your jobs, too. And I totally understand that and look forward to dealing with you hopefully a lot more."

Is there enough pitching?

"Uh, you know what? Health has a lot to do with it as well."

If you are named manager, what's the first task?

"I think the mindset -- getting back to the confident mindset that this team needs to win and compete in that division. It's not a talent problem. Certainly I think they've just been beat down from injuries and losing some games and that can wear on you a little bit."

You ever hear talk Bob Melvin isn't fiery enough?

"If you got to know me a little bit, and hopefully that's the case, I think I might be able to change your mind."

New Mets Manager: Could Mets Have An Answer Soon?

As being tweeted by many, Elvis Alderson and company are planning on having the second round of interviews with the four candidates completed by tomorrow night.

It is believed Bob Melvin will meet with the Mets hierarchy today since he was seen in the Orlando Waldorf earlier today.

As of now, no set schedule was made available as to whom will be interviewing and when.


******* Update ******

Adam Rubin just announced that the schedule for interviews is:

"Bob Melvin, Chip Hale today; Wally Backman, Terry Collins Thursday"


If interviews conclude by tomorrow night, there should be no reason the Mets can't have a press conference announcing the new manager by the end of the weekend or early next week at the latest.

The scariest thought: "The New York Mets are thrilled to announce that Bob Melvin is the new Mets manager..."

Second Scariest thought: "The New York Mets are thrilled to announce that Terry Collins is the new Mets manager..."

More palatable thought: "The New York Mets are thrilled to announce that Chip Hale is the new Mets manager..."

Best thought: "The New York Mets are thrilled to announce that Wally Backman is the new Mets manager..."

Sources: Andy McCullough and Jon Heyman,

Who will shine from the final 4? Mets will pick internal candidate

Mets might have a new manager by thanksgiving according to Sandy Alderson. 2 picks that Alderson said have equal chance to be the Manager are Chip Hale and Wally Backman wil will be subjected to a 2nd round of talks along with Terry Collins and Bob Melvin.   Not sure if Hale and Backman do have an equal chance but most fans probably wont be happy if Collins or Melvin are announced as the Manager.  I know I wont.  Love to sit on these meetings. I have read that they could be all done in Orlando over the next day or 2. Figuted it would take longer then that since you already did a preliminary interview which lasted 2 to 3 hours.

We created a new poll let us know who you think might be the next Mets Manager and also do you think Backman and Hale have a real shot at being the Manager? We on the Backman/Hale bandwagon do!
Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sandy Alderson Spotted In Orlando; Elvis Spotted at 7-11

Is it me, or is Commander Sandy the re-incarnation of Elvis?

Elvis, unlike any performer before, was tracked all over; when he was drafted, when he was over-seas, when he came home, when he performed, when he met and dated Priscilla, when he showered, when he...well, you get the idea.

Commander Sandy is getting the same attention. What GM has been tracked the way Mr. Alderson has since his hiring?

Just today:

"John Ricco sat in for Sandy Alderson this morning during a group meeting of GMs."

"Sandy Alderson has arrived at the Waldorf here in Orlando."

"Alderson: no more first-round interviews."

And yesterday:

"Sandy Alderson interviewing Jose Oquendo now."

"Mets GM says he will do half-days at meetings in Orlando and go back and forth daily to St. Pete for family situation."

"Summary of Sandy Alderson's media briefing..."

It is so over-saturated it's almost comical. The Alderson hiring is a move the Mets needed (although I would have loved to see Jon Daniels in that role), but the hype that Commander Sandy has gotten, I can't remember another GM getting such attention.

The events of his life over the last few days have been tragic; his father being killed by getting run down by a car, but give the man a little peace.

Just this evening it is being reported that round one for manager interviews is over, and that there are four finalists; No surprises in Bob Melvin and Terry Collins, and some new-comers in Chip Hale and Wally Backman.

With all this attention, I hope Elvis Alderson makes his choice wisely, but I believe it will be Melvin. If not, then Collins.

As we all know, I have been pulling for Backman, but if not Wally, Chip Hale is my next choice.

Word just in, Elvis Alderson just said "thank-you" to a door man.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the Waldorf

All quotes about Elvis Alderson courtesy of Adam Rubin's tweets.

Braves get Dan Uggla from Marlins: First round of interviews done.

For all the chatter that nothing gets done at the GM Meetings the Braves and Marlins sure put that to rest.  The Marlins, who couldnt sign Dan Uggla to long term deal,  moved the 2nd Baseman to the Atlanta Braves for Omar Infante and Left Reliever Mike Dunn.  This was just reported by multiple sources.  

Look for Prado to play either Left field or 3rd Base if Chipper Jones cant play.  Uggla is the first player to have 4 seasons of 30 homers while playing 2nd base.  The Braves needed a thumper to compliment there all star catcher Brian McGann who was left unprotected in the lineup until the Braves traded for Derrek Lee. 

In other news Sandy Alderson says the first round of interviews is done.  No word on the call backs.

Some insight around the Horn - Top GM’s –Hot Stove

If you have some time to kill on this GM Meeting/boring Tuesday, check out the latest from Ken Davidoff in his yearly Top 10 GM list which you can check out here.  He does seem to mention Alderson at every chance he gets. Funny no Omar on the list but check out who he surprisingly leaves off. 
Also check out Heyman new Hot Stove report which you can read on SI.com

Who will the Mets interview besides Collins and Melvin for round 2?

It seems to the media at least that there are 2 locks for a round 2 interview. Terry " cant relate to players" Collins and Bob "vanilla" Melvin. Of course these days there isn't much that makes the Mets fan happy. 

Collins some tend to think that he has the upper hand even though he managed with the Astros and Angels and seem to lose the clubhouse with both.  Of course DePodesta I am sure will back Collins since he was his fav to get the LA Dodgers job some years ago.  Melvin who might be Alderson's favorite is no ones favorite at this point. 

We still think there might be room for 2 more candidates who should get more then just a courtesy interview and that is fan favorite Wally Backman and of course Mets coach Chip Hale.

Hale too me is someone that alot of the Mets already know and respect for his hard work with the infielders,his ability to understand today's players and obviously uses some of today's technology & some sabre metrics and wouldn't be afraid of it like Manager Jerry was.

Last summer Kevin B did a special about Hale on Mets pregame and how he prepares before a game as a coach and it was pretty impressive to see to what lengths he uses video and past performance and how he incorporates that into game day.

Of course its a pretty big leap to go from coach to Manager . Just ask Davey Johnson who wasn't a manager in the Major leagues until he got his shot with the Mets.  The Mets need someone who isn't going to just punch a clock and do everything he is told. Melvin doesn't really inspire anyone.  I think Hale can. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Koosman,Ojeda, Leiter: Who was your fav Met Lefty?

Off season can be real slow sometimes. Now that the Mets probably will not do any second round interviewing until next week thought it be a good time to take to honor lefties...Why? Well why not? Plus I am a lefty so today here is a poll so you let us know who is/was your favorite lefty Met starter . No you will not see the likes of Pete Falcone,Mickey Lolich or Randy Jones. They might be part of another lefty poll we do. which could include Tom Glavine. No way was I going to include him in this poll.

Koosman won the most games as a Lefty or will you pick someone during the Davey Johnson Era. Or maybe Mr Politician and now MLB analyst Al Leiter who won the Mets a wild card in '99 with his incredible game 163 against the Reds.

Tell who you think and if you have the time why ....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Mets GM loses dad in Auto Accident

It is a sad day in the Alderson family. John Alderson, Sandy's 87 year old dad was hit by a car and killed as he was walking late Saturday night.

According to the NY Post  Alderson was walking in St Petersburg late last night returning from friends when he was hit by a 21 year old who didnt see the elder Alderson and was killed. 

Sandy was suppose to be at the GM Meetings that start Monday in Orlando. 

We wish the best for the Alderson family in this time of shock.  

Mets Manager Search: Then There Were Two?

Jon Heyman has just tweeted that Mets managerial candidate Clint Hurdle has accepted the same position with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It is believed that Terry Collins and Bob Melvin were finalists along with Hurdle. Will this open the door for Chip Hale or Wally Backman? Jose Oquendo will interview tomorrow, but I believe he is nothing but a courtesy interview.

Heyman should have the story posted on SI shortly.

More Sage Quotes From Nuke LaLoosh Wright

The NY media made yet another mistake yesterday when they sought out Nuke LaLoosh for his bland cliches' on the current direction of the Mets.

On the recent moves that the Mets and Commander Sandy have made:

"I'm excited with the direction the organization is headed."

Other than the end of last season, have we ever heard Nuke say he was unhappy with the direction of the Mets?

On Carlos Beltran and his possible switch from CF to RF, the wise one had this insight:




About the search for a new manager, and the possibility of Terry Collins being the next manager:

"The only work I've done with him was when I got to spring training early and he was kind of running things. He seems like a great guy who brings a lot of fire and passion to the game."

Nothing against Collins, but if they were to ask him about Charles Manson running the Mets, Wright would surely say:

"He is getting up there in years, but the passion and thought he puts into life will surely translate to wins on the field. With him at the helm, we should certainly slaughter the opposition..."

And finally, Wright's view on recently terminated clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels:

"It's sad. I wish him the very best."

For more of Nuke LaLooshes sage comments, check out Dan Martin in the NY Post.

Mets seem to narrow manger search to 3 : Collins,Melvin,Hurdle why?

As we enter this week it looks like even though the Mets have not finished round 1 that there are 3 candidates that are learking near the top of the fish bowl for the Mets new manager.  Jose Oquendo will be interviewed on Monday but its all ready reported that internal candidtates that have not been manager before are not in the running for a second round interview.

Sherman has spouted that Alderson "determined he did not want a first-time manager in New York for this Mets team, which is why Chip Hale, despite interviewing well, is no longer a candidate, though he very well may be on the Mets coach staff again next year.” That of course means Tuefel,Backman and Oberkfel are out as well. 

I cant see why they think Backman doesnt deserve a 2nd round interview.  Alot of the guys around the team think Collins has the inside track. Lets hope there wrong. Collins seems to do well as a coordinator in the minor leagues. He has managed 2 times with the Astros and the Angels and all reports are that the Angel players actually lobbied to have him fired since he was a bit high strung and didnt work well with the younger players. Not sure why since he seems to excel with younger players in the minor leagues.  Hurdle and Melvin have seemed to moved on too round2. Hurlde is a very smart man and always has something positive to say. The issue with him is that he only made the playoffs once with the Rockies and that was by the skin of there teeth. 

The Mets have a great canditate in Backman that of course will inspire the fan base. Collins is too high strung and Melvin is a wet fish. Why would Alderson determine that just because they dont have major league manager experience that they cant leasd this team?  I mean major league managers have come in here and done nothing.  Of course there is still some time but is Alderson making a mistake already? 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mets Fire Long Tme Clubhouse Manager Charlie Samuels

The inevitable was made official today when the Mets terminated long time Clubhouse Manager Charlie Samuels.

Samuels who is under investigation for illegal gambling by NYPD and the Queens District Attorney's office, was released for "conduct in violation of club policies."

The Mets released the following statement:

"This decision is the result of a thorough internal investigation over the course of several months. The Mets will have no further comment on this matter."

Samuels was recorded on wire taps making bets on sports other than baseball, but he did admit to gambling on the game for which he was employed for the last 27 years.

The Daily News reports that:

"According to police sources, mob associates were also caught on wiretaps crowing about the inside information Samuels provided them. The investigation is believed to have begun midseason when the team began noticing missing bats and jerseys from its inventory. "

As we reported here and here, I am concerned about the fall out from his gambling. Are Mets players involved in this? I would certainly think so, but we will have to wait for this to play out.

Hopefully this will be the conclusion to a sad situation for the Mets franchise. Samuels betrayed a trust bestowed upon him by his employer, and this violation is inexcusable. There is a reason gambling isn't permitted in baseball, but due to his selfishness and addiction, he has probably corrupted more lives than we will ever know. As this column stated earlier:

"If this scandal comes down as I am anticipating, the Mets and Mr. Jay Horwitz are going to have a PR nightmare that will take the magic of Merlin to get out of."

Source: NY Daily News

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beltran Addresses Press Before Bally-Hooed Meeting With Commander Sandy

Carlos Beltran met with the press today to answer many questions, most of which dealt with his balky knee, the possible move to RF, or even worse, his move from NY.

On his knee issues, Beltran stated:

"I'm not doing anything right now [baseball-related]. I'm doing more bike, cardiovascular exercise. I plan to start my full training Nov. 15, which I'm probably going to hire somebody ... to come here and be with me three months. I haven't got to the high-impact exercises yet. But, right now, I don't feel no pain in my knee. I'm doing bike and everything that I'm supposed to be doing right now and so far I don't feel anything. When I get to that level, I hope to not feel anything. Normally, I started training every year by the middle of November. So we haven't got there yet. And I decided when the season was over just to continue to bike, continue to do a few exercises that I was doing as rehab exercises. I'm not going to pick up the bat until I am close to getting to spring training, or maybe December. But I know that this year I have to focus on my lower body. That seems like the part that's given me trouble the past couple of years."

Regarding the brace he wore on his surgically repaired right knee:

"For me, at the beginning, [mobility with the brace] was a little bit of an issue. But at the end of the season, I really got used to it. I didn't feel like it was something that was causing me to do different things in the field. I talked to [Dr. Richard] Steadman [of the Colorado clinic]. Right now he wants me to continue to wear that brace. If something comes up later, then we have to discuss it. But, so far, I have to wear that brace."

Regarding his potential move to RF:

"Personally, me, feeling the way I feel and looking forward to getting to spring training feeling 100 percent, I just still feel that I can play center field. But if the organization has different things in mind, then we have to talk about that. I'm all for doing whatever is good for the team. I have never been a selfish type of player. Like I said, I feel I can play center field. Let's see when he comes to Puerto Rico and we talk about it. We don't know [whether] we're going to talk about it, so we're getting ahead. ... If it happens, I'm more open to -- I'm open to -- listening."

His feelings on being a Met, or being traded:

"First of all, the process will be, when they approach me, I have to call my agent, call Scott [Boras]. I have to listen. I know that I have the no-trade clause, but if the team is searching or looking to trade a guy, I have to listen. I want to be a Met. I want to finish my career with the Mets. Right now, my mentality is just to come back next year 100 percent to help this team win a championship. But, at the same time, if the organization is looking at different options, I have to be aware. I'm a professional. I know the organization, they're professionals. So if the situation comes between them and us, we're going to handle it in a very professional way."

And lastly (from me) his feelings on entering his final year of his Mets contract:

"To me, it really has flied. At the same time, it really has been a learning experience in my life. Playing in New York, it really has been a great thing for me. I believe that New York, a lot of people say it's the same baseball. It's not the same. New York is different. When you play in New York, you feel more the responsibility of going out and performing well and trying to do the right thing all the time. Sometimes you're going to fail. The difference is that in other cities, probably fans let go of things a little bit faster. In New York, they are so passionate about it, they are going to let you know when you're not doing well. That's not bad. It forces you to concentrate more, to come to the ballpark and prepare yourself better every day. It really has made me become a better player. I feel like I'm a better ballplayer now by playing in New York than what I was when I played in other cities."

This most undoubtedly will be Beltran's last year wearing the blue and orange. For all those who have taken pot-shots at him over his years patrolling CF, I have just one question: In the entire 50 year history of the NY Mets, can you name a better CF day-in and day-out over the course of a seven year period? There isn't one. Fan's won't, unfortunately, realize what we've had until his time here is over, and that is a shame.

Thanks to Adam Rubin for the quotes and info.