Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mets lose but still winning on road

The Mets had the go ahead run at the plate last night but Willie Harris did a Carlos Beltran impression by striking out on a breaking pitch in the 9th with the bases loaded.  The Mets couldn't muster anything in the game until the 9th inning. David Wright had 2 hits in the loss. 1 more game of 2 hits and he ties Steve Hendu Henderson's record of consecutive games with multiple hits. 

The Mets are 7 games over 500 on the road at 33-26 and have lost only 3 on this road trip while winning 9. They have the most win on the road in the majors. Now if they can just turn around how they do at home. There 22 wins at home rank above only the Astros and the Padres in the National League.

Mets will try for a series win against the Nationals today with Niese who has 10 wins so far.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Have to be proud of these Mets!

We are about to turn the calendar to August in a couple of days with out our Star Right fielder Carlos Beltran.  Tough to see the guy go but this Mets team has yet to stumble without him. Yes its only 2 games but did you think they would be this tough to even cobble 2 wins without him right away?  

If anything you have to be proud of how this team has played. Also Kudos goes to Terry Collins to getting his players to buy into his never say die and play the right away attitude. Who expected Duda to start off doing well offensively once Beltran left. Of course he isnt the same defensively by a long shot.  Did we expect David Wright to start hitting right off the DL and still hit without Beltran's protection?   Did we expect for Murphy to keep up his torrid hitting without Beltran in the lineup. 

Of course we have 2 months left and there is still time for a August/September swoon for this crew but you know what. This team might just continue to surprise the National league and the fan base.  The Mets have the most wins on the road this year,there close to the top in hitting and have the most walks. Offensively they are doing all the right things . 

Beltran might be gone but the train is still rolling!  LGM!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Post Beltran Era Day 2: Mets Lineup Vs. Reds - July 28, 2011

Day two of the Post Beltran Era is an afternoon game against Cincinnati. Prior to the game there is a conference call with Alderson at noon to officially announce the Beltran trade.

Lucas Duda who got off to a good start as Mets RF, will get the majority of the starts. Catcher Mike Nickeas has been recalled to replace Beltran's roster spot. It is believed this is only until Nick Evans can be recalled in 10 days. Evans once again passed through waivers and was assigned to AAA Buffalo.

Today's Mets lineup Vs. Reds:

1. Reyes-SS

2. Turner-2B

3. Murphy-1B

4. Wright-3B

5. Pagan-CF

6. Bay-LF

7. Duda-RF

8. Thole-C

9. Capuano-LHP

Mets vow to Meet Beltan and Giants in Playoffs-Beat Reds 8-2

Have to love the  P&V that the Mets have shown when learning there star right fielder who is having a great year was traded to the Giants. Carlos Beltran came into the clubhouse after 6pm and said his goodbyes to his teammates . Then Willie Harris who was in the training room had the room a buzz with his statements. Harris mentioned that the Mets will Meet Beltran in the playoffs and beat him and the Giants!

Mike Pelfrey, who earlier in the week mentioned to the  Post that if the ownership feels the Mets cant rebound from where they are and winds up trading Beltran that there done, game out challenging the Reds and easily had one of his best games of the year as the Mets beat the Reds 8-2.

The Reds themselves have been showing no fight in the series and the Mets now have a chance to sweep a 4 game series with a victory this afternoon.

Mets new right fielder Lucas Duda hit a solo shot to start his tenure as the almost every day right fielder and David Wright connected on a 3 run bomb. 

Not bad for a team that lost one of its best players. Now if we can just have Atlanta lose once!..

Mets box score

Mets keep rolling

Here is the Giants local media take on the Beltran trade from the San Francisco Chronicle

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Tribute To Carlos Beltran

All for giving the official "OK" to the trade, Carlos Beltran's Mets career is over. The Mets just defeated the Cincinnati Reds 8-2, where newly annointed Mets rightfielder Lucas Duda hit a homerun. Ironically, Carlos Beltran's first Mets game was against Cincinnati in 2005, and he too hit a HR.

Carlos Beltran was unfairly criticized during his tenure as a Met, but I always proclaimed he is probably the best Mets outfielder of all time (no offense to #18 Darryl Strawberry). Mets fans who were always saying how soft Beltran was, how he wasn't a leader, didn't hit 500 HR's, etc. didn't get it. He was a 3 time Gold Glove winner and five time All Star as a Met. He played with a fractured face after his collision with Mike Cameron in '05, and played everyday on balky knees...all without complaining.

He along with Edgardo Alfonzo are the classiest players to ever don a Mets uniform. Beltran never spoke badly nor complained to the press. He was more of a leader than many will ever understand. He was class, he was professional, respectful, and an all time Mets great.

All that being said, here is our tribute to #15 Carlos Beltran:

Carlos Beltran traded to San Francisco Giants for Zack Wheeler

The Mets are waiting on Carlos Beltran to give his seal of approval but it looks like the Beltran era as a Met is over. Beltran is to be traded to the Giants to shore up there offense and in return the Mets get a very good pitching prospect in Zack Wheeler.

Since the Mets are getting a very good quality prospect no other players are involved . More details to follow. Good job by Alderson !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Angel In The Outfield, You Know Who Is Still A Met: Mets Lineup Vs. Reds - July 27, 2011

Angel Pagan's blood word came back normal, and the Mets CF believes his issues were caused by dehydration. He is expected to play tomorrow, but tonight Jason Pridie will get the start in CF.

In case you haven't heard, Carlos Beltran is still a Met, and will be starting in RF tonight.

Tonight's Mets lineup Vs. Johnny Cueto and the Reds:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 2B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Wright - 3B

5. Murphy - 1B

6. Bay - RF

7. Paulino - C

8. Pridie - CF

9. Niese LSP

Tweeting is the death of reporting

Hey want to know what scouts were at the Mets-Reds game? Not enough info ? How many from each team?  Not enough?  How about there names?  Need more..This is what they eat at the game...

Enough all ready. At this point I cant wait for Beltran to be traded so I can stop reading the most mundane comments from the reporters who are covering the game .. Most of the time is spent with ..Beltran doesnt want to go to AL...He doesnt want to DH..He will block trades to the AL since he doesnt know the pitchers. Then Beltran refutes everything about what is said about going to the AL. then there are 40 tweets about that..  How about something of substance? Would it kill these beat writers?  How about who Alderson is looking at on each team that is sending a scout on Beltran...Some background on the players....How about interviewing the scouts and who on there team the Mets might have a shot at not about who they wont get.  

In this day and age its great getting real time stuff but can it at least be of substance your tweeting. You dont need to tweet for the sake of tweeting. Ok this wasnt a tweet but thank you for Mr. Sherman who did some research and reported some nice tid bits about the time  Alderson traded Mr McGwire so we know hey you know what prolly get some stiffs for Beltran.

In 1997, the A's dealt the best hitter available, free-agent-to-be Mark McGwire, to the Cards for the underwhelming trio of Eric Ludwick, T.J. Mathews and Blake Stein. That was the last trade in the tenure of Oakland's longtime GM. A fellow named Sandy Alderson.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pagan Sits, Pridie Starts, Beltran Still A Met: Mets Lineup Vs. Reds - July 25, 2011

As of now, Carlos Beltran is still with the Mets as they prepare to play the Cincinnati Reds. Angel Pagan, who left yesterday's game with dehydration, will sit tonight. Jason Pridie will get the start.

RA Dickey looks to improve over his last start against Cardinals where he went 6.1 and allowed 4 runs.
Dickey will oppose righthander Mike Leake (8-5 4.11 ERA).

Today's Mets Lineup:

1. Reyes-SS

2. Turner-2B

3. Beltran-RF

4. Wright-3B

5. Murphy-1B

6. Bay-LF

7. Thole-C

8. Pridie-CF

9. Dickey-RSP

CBS Sportsline

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Entering Beltran's Last Week As A Met? Mets Rubber Game Lineup Vs. Marlins - July 24, 2011

On a possible sad note, we might very well be entering the final week of Carlos Beltran's Mets career. If so, I along with my partner, want to express my appreciation for possibly the classiest man to ever don a Mets uniform. I just hope
Linkif the Mets do send him on his way, that they don't see themselves short, and should not accept anything less than a TOP prospect (at the very least).

Dillon Gee, in search of his 10th win, takes the hill today for the Mets this afternoon against the Fish.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 2B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Wright - 3B

5. Murphy - 1B

6. Pagan - CF

7. Bay - LF

8. Thole -C

9. Gee - RSP

Carlos Beltran suits up 1 last Sunday with the Mets

Even with Manager Terry Collins going to bat for the Mets star to stay past the July 31st trade deadline we prolly will not see Beltran on the Mets as we wake up next Sunday. Yeah ok so next Sunday is the 31st but if Beltran is traded I do not see him with the Mets when they play the Nats next Sunday in DC.

Beltran has really showed that he is a gamer this year and who knows if its more to showcase himself or its true to his nature. Everyone has his opinion. Too me it really doesn't matter. The guy was paid $119M and maybe he wasn't a outspoken guy but except for '05 and 1 at bat in 06 he was worth what the Mets paid for him. 

It would be hard to find many players that 3 years like Beltran had in 06-08.  41/116  33/112  and 27/112 are years that any players would dream of having and Beltran had his consecutively.Of course he has played 50% of the time in 09 and 10 but its not like the team was playoff bound anyway. Beltran is basically pitched around at this point in the year with the way he his hitting. 

Beltran really took Angel Pagan under his wing and tutored the outfielder. It payed off last year as Pagan did well on the bases as well as on the field.

Carlos handed the Center fielder job to Pagan this year gracefully. Would he have done that in a year that is contract wasn't expiring who knows . The guy has been a class act and I will still enjoy  watching him  these last couple of days. This Mets fan is sad to see Mr Beltran go no matter what we get for him. He is the glue on this lineup and without him the team will tank. They may not be good enough to get the playoffs with him but you cant argue that without him the team will be tough to watch.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mets vs Marlins Bayless lineup July 22nd 2011

The Mets welcome back David Wright tonight as the Mets travel to Florida for a 3 game series with the Fish in Cricket Stadium.  Wright has not played a game for the Mets since May 15th.  In honor of Wrights return the Mets will have Jason Bay sitting on the bench. This way they only have 1 guy in the lineup who will strikeout with men on.  Bay has been hurting since is flop on the Citi field grass the other day.  Originally he tripped over Albert Poljus's foot running to first base.

Big Pelf gets the start which should excite the Mets starter since he cant win in Florida it seems. 

Mets sent Nick Evans to get some more frequent flier miles off to Buffalo. He was designated for assignment for Mr Clutch David Wright.  Can you guess its sarcasm Friday....

Reyes. Turner. Beltran. Wright. Murphy. Pagan. Duda in left for Bay. Paulino. Pelfrey

Memo To Dillon Gee: Don't Quit Your Daytime Job!

In a funny piece for Sesame Street, Dillon Gee has a tryout for the renowned children's television show.

Gee gets upset with the Sesame characters because they pronounce his name Gee (hard G).

Take a look, and Dillon, please don't quit your daytime job.

Source: MLB Fan Cave

Mets limp into Fish land with Wright

The Mets mailed it in yesterday afternoon on a blistering July day with a 6-2 loss to the Cardinals who were happy the Mets miscues made it a easy win. Not to happy about it . These guys get paid big $$ to play and I really don't care how hot it is. This team wants to show that it might have a chance to make playoffs then games like yesterday cant happen. Pathetic. 

The Mets could have Reyes,Wright,Beltran and Bay in the lineup tonight for the first time since Mid may. Of course we dont know for how long with every day bringing another Carlos Beltran rumor. The minute Beltran goes marks the end of the 2011 season for the Mets. Of course most believe this year the Mets were lucky to play .500 ball.  Let me remind you that the Mets were 7 up with 17 play in 08 and lost so regardless of the Bravos lead its not insurmountable. If the Mets cant get a top notch player for Beltran they should just give the Mets fans something to enjoy in the dog days of August. A team that can still make come backs and play inspired baseball. 

Sorry but I have no faith in a team that has Wright and Bay as there go to guys once Beltran gets traded possibly to the Phillies. Check out our latest poll and let us know what you think about the Mets using the Braves or Phillies as a trading partner. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pagan Fuels Mets In Thrilling Walk Off Fashion

Gary, Keith, and Ron got their money's worth last night broadcasting from the Pepsi Porch. They were rewarded with two shots: a two run blast by Carlos Beltran, and a walk-off HR by none other than Angel Pagan. Amazing how prophetic I can be.

The Mets fought their way back last night after being down 4-0. RA Dickey was off to a poor start, and by the third inning, the Mets were down 4-0.

New Papa Josh Thole knocked in the Mets first run in the home third when Duda scored off Thole's double. Thole later scored on an RBI single by RA Dickey to make the score 4-2.

The Mets tied the score in the fifth when Carlos Beltran launched a moon shot that plated Reyes and himself.

The Cards and Mets traded runs in the 8th to tie the score once again, this time 5-5.

In the Mets 10th, after Murphy fouled out to third, Pagan crushed the game winner to RF.

Jason Isringhausen got the win for pitching two scoreless innings.

Funny thing about the Pagan game winning hit. My partner in crime had a question for Adam Rubin during yesterday's chat:


Do you see Pagan the Mets CF in '12? Terrible year so far and his arm is so weak..


He's not held in high regard by the front office, and his salary will continue to rise in arbitration. One thing going for him is that the Mets already would need to fill Beltran's hole in right field. Asking them to fill two outfield vacancies might be a tall order, especially if a lot of money is going to be devoted to Reyes if that works out.

Now if Bay would only respond to our questions...

Sources: CBS Sportsline, ESPN (Photo)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gary, Keith & Ron In Pepsi Porch, Papa Thole Is Back! Mets Lineup V. Cardinals - July 20, 2011

Gary, Keith, and Ron will be broadcasting from the Pepsi Porch tonight. Would be real nice to see Beltran or Bay (get the joke?) give the trio a souvenir of a laser beam HR baseball. Just hope none falls to the lower level reaching for Carlos' moon shot.

New Daddy Josh Thole will return to the lineup tonight. Last night the Thole's, Josh and his wife Kathryn, gave birth to a son whom they named Camden. It would be nice if the new Papa could give his newborn a nice present of a HR. Just like Darryl used to on the birthday's of DJ and Diamond Nicole (yes, my mind is a vat of useless information!).

The Mets will look to continue their resurgence with Jose and Carlos back in the lineup for the second consecutive game when they take on Kyle McClellan and the Cardinals.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS

2. Turner-2B

3. Beltran-RF

4. Murphy-3B

5. Pagan-CF

6. Bay-LF

7. Duda-1B

8. Thole-C

9. Dickey-RSP

Reyes and Beltran back as the Mets pick up 4-2 win behind Gee

If you have a chance to watch the game last night something odd was going on. The stands at Citi ..were full!  People came out in droves to see Carlos Beltran and of course the MLB leading hitter Jose Reyes back in the lineup and they didnt disappoint.

Reyes had 2 hits and Beltran reach base 5 times with 2 doubles as the Mets beat the Cardinals 4-2.  It is hard to believe that Carlos Beltran will be gone soon especially with the way he his playing. With the  Mets going on the road this Friday for over a week Beltran might be playing only 2 more games in front of the home town brethren. Even though I still cant forget is strikeout in 06 it is really tough to see him go especially with the way he his playing.

Reyes had another multi hit game is first game back off the DL as Pagan and Murphy drove in a pair of runs each with doubles that gave the marauding Mets the victory in a 14 hit attack.

Dillion Gee gave 7 innings for his first start in 11+ days . Parnell of course gave us a scare in the 8th with loading the bases but somehow got Albert Pujous to ground into a DP. Parnell to me is no closer so I was l glad to see him pitch the 8th. Izzy had a nice 9th and the Mets gained a game on the Bravos who lost.

Tonight's game should be fun with the SNY crew broadcasting from the Pepsi porch. Of course its not the same as the Upper Tank at Shea but should be fun.

Mets box score 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tejada Off To Buffalo, Nickeas Recalled, Beltran & Jose In Lineup: Mets Lineup V. Cardinals - July 19, 2011

It has just been reported that
Ruben Tejada has been optioned to Buffalo, and Mike Nickeas has been recalled. It is believed that Josh Thole, who is expecting a child, left to be with his wife for the babies birth.

Carlos Beltran will be back in the Mets lineup for the first time in three games, and Jose Reyes returns to the lineup after a (thankfully) short stint on the DL.

Tonight's Mets Lineup V. St. Louis:

1. Reyes-SS

2. Turner-2B

3. Beltran-RF

4. Murphy-3B

5. Pagan-CF

6. Bay-LF

7. Duda-1B

8. Paulino-C

9. Gee-RSP

Sources: Adam Rubin via Twitter

Monday, July 18, 2011

One Day From Jose: Mets Lineup V. Marlins - July 18, 2011

Jose Reyes played well in Brooklyn today and reported he was feeling well after the game. Reyes went 1-3, hit a double and scored a run. Reyes is expected to be activated for tomorrow night's game against the Cardinals at
Gil Hodges Memorial Park.

Justin Turner gets the day off, and Willie Harris will start at 2B. Scott Hairston, who is wielding the hot bat will return to RF while Carlos Beltran visits a doctor for his continuing flu like symptoms.

Tonight is a make-up game for an earlier rain out.

Capuano will take on Clay Hensley and the Florida Marlins.

Mets Murderers Row:

1. Angel Pagan - CF

2. Willie Harris - 2B

3. Daniel Murphy - 3b

4. Scott Hairston - RF

5. Lucas Duda - 1B

6. Jason Bay - LF

7. Josh Thole - C

8. Ruben Tejada - SS

9. Chris Capuano - LSP

Sources: ESPN NY, CBS Sportsline

Jose Reyes to play in Brooklyn Matinee today

No sleeping in for Mr Hyper today. Mr Reyes is on the road to recovery and will have 1 game as a rehab game. So instead of sending him to Buffalo or to Florida, Jose will be playing with a Coney
Island back drop today.

Jose will play 9 innings for the Brooklyn Cyclones and if all goes well Reyes will be activated in time for the start of the Cardinal series. 

The Mets have faired ok going 6-5 since Reyes has been on the DL.  Tejada has not really hit in Reyes absence hitting .194 in 36 at bats. 

Good luck to Jose and we just hope there are zero setback as he motors around the bases in Brooklyn this afternoon.

NY Post

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beltran Out Of Lineup, Pelf Looks To Shutdown Phils: Mets Lineup V. Phillies - July 17, 2011

Carlos Beltran is still feeling under the weather, and will once again sit in today's matinee finale against the Phillies.

Scott Hairston has been rewarded for his career best day, and will start in RF and bat third (yeah right!).

Ronny Paulino, who has become Big Pelf's personal catcher, will once again be calling pitches behind the dish for the anxious right hander. Paulino has been getting more starts due to the poor play of Josh Thole, and deservedly so. Paulino's experience has seemed to be a calming force for Pelfrey.

Today's Mets lineup V. Phillies at 1:10:

1. Pagan-CF

2. Turner-2B

3. Harris-RF

4. Murphy-3B

5. Bay-LF

6. Duda-1B

7. Paulino-C

8. Tejada-SS

9. Pelfrey-RHP

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beltran Sits, Hairston & Evans Start: Mets Lineup V. Phillies - July 16, 2011

Carlos Beltran is not playing due to flu like symptoms. I bet there isn't Mets fan out there when they first got the news wasn't wondering in Elvis made a deal.

Scott Hairston will get the start in RF and Nick Evans will start at 1B. The Mets will look to get back on the winning track this afternoon against the Cheesesteaks.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Pagan-CF

2. Turner-2B

3. Hairston-RF

4. Murphy-3B

5. Bay-LF

6. Paulino-C

7. Evans-1B

8. Tejada-SS

9. Niese-LHP

Taylor Buchholz - A Man's Man Comes Clean About Depression

Mets reliever Taylor Buchholz has been sidelined since May 30th with what was called a "shoulder problem."

Buccholz, who has been off to an impressive start (1-1 3.12 ERA), experienced shoulder discomfort, and was disabled. It was not thought of to be anything major, but a month and a half later, there have been no sightings of the Mets righty reliever.

Just recently it has come to public attention that Buchholz suffers from depression. Buchholz, who was diagnosed in May 2010 with the disorder, was known to be a happy-go-lucky guy, could usually be found whistling throughout the clubhouse. Buchholz admittedly was reclusive. Normally a person who would be there to lend a hand to anyone, teammate or other, found himself getting to the park late and leaving early. He was suffering from anxiety and depression where his muscles would go into spasm, nervous twitches and heart palpitations. It was then, in Modesto during a rehab assignment, that Buchholz confronted team psychologist Ron Svetich. Buchholz broke into tears speaking with Svetich, and it was then discovered what was really wrong with him.

In Buchholz words:

"I really didn’t know what was going on. But when I think back on it, maybe it was a sign that the team psychologist [Ron Svetich] was there in Modesto when I broke down. I saw Svetich the day before in the clubhouse and I remember him asking me how I felt. I told him I was great. I lied to him. Then the next morning, I was showering, and I broke out into this crying fit. When I went back to the clubhouse later that day, I pulled Svetich aside.”

The Springfield Patch, where this quote is from, has a wonderful article about Buchholz fight against depression and how he is dealing with it. Buchholz started experiencing the same feelings with them Mets, and when he was disabled with the shoulder discomfort, which was real, it also came to light he was falling into that deep dark whole that almost swallowed him in 2010.

Continuing his meeting with Svetich, Buchholz continued:

“I literally broke down right then and let him know everything. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I’m there crying to another man. But Svetich recognized there was a problem. He was fantastic and someone that helped me get through this. At that point, I didn’t want anything to come out, because I was totally embarrassed about it. I’m a man’s man who’s supposed to be tough and not breaking down into tears for no reason. I didn’t feel like a man, I’ve been the one that’s been the rock in my relationships.”

The rock for Buchholz is his wife Ashley, who has been there through it all. He credits her for learning about his depression and always being there for him, even in times when he would come home and take his frustrations out on her.

Buchholz and his agent were honest with Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson of his condition, and Alderson still took a chance on Buchholz. The Mets reliever is grateful to the Mets and Alderson for not only sticking by him in his time of trouble, but respecting and honoring Buchholz and his family the confidentiality of his condition. It was Buchholz who decided it was time to inform people of his problem, and according to his doctor, it is a great healing process to speak about the affliction.

“The Mets have been amazing to me and they even hid it for a while. I kept getting questions and I started lying to people what was happening to me. I felt bad about that. I didn’t want them to lie about my situation anymore; I needed to let everyone know. That felt good to get it off my chest. I felt like I was letting people down and everyone has been so supportive, especially Alderson.”

Buchholz is taking prescription drugs and is in counseling. He hasn't made a decision if or when he will return. He says he is finally in a good place, and he wants to be sure before he returns. The Mets have been understanding of this, and have supported him.

“I’m not closing a door on baseball by any means, but I can’t say where things are right now; I don’t want to rush back. I didn’t want to let people down, people in my community, my family. I put my heart and soul into baseball for 12 years. Two months ago, I would have said ‘Yes,’ I let myself down. Now, no. I’m letting things go. I don’t always have to be perfect. I’m still not out of the woods and I still have a lot of work to do. Baseball has been part of my whole life. But happiness is much more important than any job in the world. The most important things in my life are Ashley, Jayden and my family. That’s what makes me most happy; I’m in a very good place right now.”

Here's hoping Buchholz continues to find happiness, and if he is able, to return to the Mets.

Sources: The Springfield Patch, Baseball Reference

Jose Reyes back after the Philly series? Not if the Mets are smart.

Angel Pagan has done nothing for the Mets leading off. Nothing like the Spark that Reyes carries when he leads off. I mean he is 0-14 or so has a lead off hitter in Reyes's absence.  Not good for a team who thinks they are still in the wild card run. 

So even before last nights loss the Mets and Reyes are talking maybe having him activated Monday after the Phily series as per ESPN NY. Of course he has to test his running ability which he will do on Sunday.

The Mets might rush Reyes back to get him in the lineup for games that for the most part now are getting close to meaning less.  I understand they want him back to give a spark to a lifeless team right now but is it worth the cost of him maybe re injuiring his leg and then being out for the season.

TC was talking about how the Mets are in a playoff push the next 3 weeks. Well if thats the case it didnt get off to a good start last night with a 7-2 loss and lousy pitching by Dickey and 1 pitch from Igarashi .

I love Reyes but dont want him back too early. The Mets can wait a couple of extra days.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Game 1 Mets vs Phillies July 15th, 2011

The Mets start the second half off with a bang as they face the 1st place,ugh hate saying that, Phillies at the friendly confines of Citi Field tonight.  Now that All Star break is finally over we can get back to some Mets baseball and live the sports talk to the way side.  Nothing clears your Mets sinuses better then seeing who TC will use to save the day if the Mets need a 9th inning stopper with K Rod part of the Brew Crew.

The Reyes,Davis, Wrightless lineup below.   As the Mets go on a 20 game in 20 days start to the 2nd half. Next time the Mets have an off day which is August 4th Mr Beltran might be gone to the Giants? Tigers, Red Sox?  First with 3 with the Phillies, a make up game Monday with the Marlins and then the Cardinals come in for 3. Mets face Vance Worley who is 4-1 with a ERA of 2.20. He has a 1 and 1 record against the Mets. Thole and Murphy each have 3 hits against him in limited ab's

Pagan CF, Turner 2B, Beltran RF, Murphy 3B, Bay LF, Duda 1B, Thole C, Tejada SS, Dickey P

Back To Business: Second Half Starts Tonight With Mets V. Phillies

The long awaited start to the second half of the 2011 Mets season starts tonight. This year the All Star Break seemed longer than any other year; probably due to the off day yesterday.

With the start of the second half, the Mets are facing some difficult decisions. Some, but not all, are:
  • Do the Mets keep or trade Carlos Beltran? Beltran is having a very productive and inspiring 2011. He has been healthy, has hit well in the clutch, and has played a very respectable RF. As always, Beltran has been classy, and made life easy on new manager Terry Collins by personally going to Collins to accept a position change to RF. If Beltran is traded, he will be sorely missed by we here at 24 Hours...
  • Closer by committee? With the abrupt trade of KRod, the Mets will most likely start with Bobby P as the closer. He better not get too comfortable, because Jason Isringhausen is speeding up in his rear view mirror. If both those options prove unsuccessful, the Mets will probably use third option, Pedro Beato. I like the idea of closer by committee. It is best if the team isn't locked into one individual. It will keep the opposition guessing.
  • The return of the injured: Jose Reyes and David Wright are due to return on or about the same time; probably around July 22. Wright is supposed to start playing some rehab games tonight. Reyes has been taking light duty at the plate, and fielding some grounders. Will the return of Wright affect the chemistry that has formed since his DL stint? I think it might. The Mets have hit relatively well with 2 outs and runners on. Wright is terrible in those situations, and he needs to cut down on his strikeouts.
  • Can the Mets continue at this pace with bad news of Ike Davis' injury? It was made clear yesterday that Fearless Ike will be out three more weeks with a bad ankle after receiving a cortisone injection. Not good news after he was running just the other day with "little" discomfort.
  • Will Jose Reyes remain a Met for 2011? I think he will. I also think Elvis will look to sign Jose in the off-season, which is good news regardless of the results.
  • Will we see Santana this year? Probably not until August at the earliest, which is OK. It's not about 2011, it's about 2012.
Buckle up Mets fans. Although the Wild Card is an extreme long-shot, this year has been a nice surprise, especially with all the injuries. The trade of KRod was a great move by Alderson, and now it is up to "closer by committee" to get the job done.

For a team that has been criticized for a poor minor league system, just look who is a Mets product who is playing right now: Daniel Murphy, Nick Evans, Josh Thole, Justin Turner, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee - not to mention Jason Pridie and others. Are these players good enough to get the Mets to the next level? Only time will tell.

Time to buckle-up for the second half. Will it be as successful as the first half, or will the Mets go into a swoon and fall miserably out of contention? No one knows, and that's why the games are played.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The KRod Trade: Sandy Addresses Media

Sandy "Elvis" Alderson addressed the media this afternoon regarding the recent trade of former Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez.

Some interesting things said is that he is not raising the "white flag" and that just because of this trade, doesn't mean there is another imminent trade on the horizon, most notably Carlos Beltran.

He believes that Izzy and Parnell should be able to handle the closer role.

Alderson's interview:

Source: SNY

K Rod unloaded : Mets send him to the Brewers

Good night !  The National league won home field advantage in the World Series by beating the American league 5-1 .  Good morning!  The  Mets early this morning or late last night unloaded there closer.

K Rod will be probably setting up for the Milwaukee Brewers who traded for K Rod for 2 players to be named later. The Mets will pay the 5M of his salary that is left for this year and The Brewers will be responsible for 3.5M buyout. The Brewers closer Axford has converted 23 out of 25 saves so dont look for K Rod to be the closer. Guess you can say Brewers were not on K Rod's no trade list.

Here is to Mr Alderson getting rid of Omar's 17.5M option for K Rod for 2012. Jose Reyes they just cleared your salary!

Here are some links regarding the trade from  Newsday and Martino at the Daily News

Sandy Alderson is due to address reporters on a conference call Wednesday afternoon.

 The Mets have till Friday to jockey around who will close but I am sure Izzy, Parnell and Beato will be in the Mix with maybe Bautista joining the team to take K Rod's spot.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 Home Run Derby: Three Hours Of My Life I Will Never Get Back!

Last night we went out to eat to celebrate my eldest son's, metsfan97, 16th birthday. While at our beloved eatery/watering hole we were able to see the beginning of the 2011 State Farm HR Derby. We watched the beginning of the event, and continued watching once we got home.

It is pretty cool seeing some of these monsters crush the baseball 430+ feet with some regularity, but has this event outlived it's entertainment value?

The problem I had with the event is ESPN and it's attempt at programming testosterone. Chris Berman, and his cronies, which were Nomar Garciapara and John Kruk last night tried to make the HR contest as dramatic as the splash down of Apollo 13. Hey guys, it's not. Berman's delivery is so forced and so phony, that what could have been a pretty interesting night, turned out to be rather boring.

With every home run hit, Berman kept trying to make it seem if it was more exciting than the one hit 15 seconds earlier. It' s not. Although the power these athletes have is truly amazing, it's not like they are driving a 97 MPH fastball 450 feet in the bottom of the ninth to win the game. Listening to Berman on the ESPN telecast, you would have thought Cano had won the World Series, not the HR hitting contest.

The competition of the event is lame. Guys are not necessarily competing with one another. While not taking swings, they are hanging around laughing it up with others from their league (AL/NL). It's not the World Series. Everyone is relaxed and releasing ESPN Enthusiasm, and to me, it takes away from the event.

My family and I were fortunate enough to attend the Home Run Derby and All Star Game in Pittsburgh in 2006. Being there at the event live was fantastic. I felt like a kid again, so it's not as if I am not appreciative of the talent of the players, no, I am just so sick of ESPN and their self promotion and false competitive atmosphere they try to create.

How many more years can we listen to Berman say, "Back, back, back, back, back, back - - it's gone!"? Or worse yet, "Back, back, back, back, back, back..." as it lands in mid centerfield?

What was once a great concept has run it's course. It's time for Major League Baseball to find something else to do the evening before the All Star game, and whatever it might be, please have it in the contract that Chris Berman is forbidden to announce it.

All I keep thinking is that was three hours of my life I will never get back.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mets doing better than most expected at All Star Break.

After the Mets 5-13 start I think people would have taken  the Mets being .500 at the All Star Break.  Some might have taken that before the season even started.  The Mets go into the break just finishing a 4-3 west coast trip and are 1 game over .500 at the break.  Sandy Alderson and Mets might not be happy but they have to be excited how some of the role players and Beltran and Reyes have done.   
The Mets started 5-13 and over the next 50 games they were 29-21 playing roughly .580 ball.  Then over there last 23 games they are playing roughly .500 ball at 12 and 11. They are 7.5 games back from the Braves for the Wild card has fans and the team hold on to some hope with a full starting lineup again they can make a move.  Not bad for a team that has 3 starters on the pine and 2 of them lost to the DL for close to 2 months.   Wright could be back a week after the break ends and Davis has made some progress as well.  The Mets before the Giant series have been killers on getting that 2 out hit. Will that change once Wright gets back?  
Alderson has mentioned that the Mets at .500 are playing at the floor of the organizations expectations. Of course he can’t be taken into consideration the Metsies are 3 position players down.  
Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been pretty impressive the first half of the year.  No one expected for Beltran to be leading the team in games players while hitting 13 home runs and driving in close to 60. Jose Reyes before his DL stint has been hitting every pitch he sees for base hits, doubles, triples.  Watching Reyes motor is worth the price of admission to Shea Nu.   
The Mets start off Friday after the Break against the Phillies at home. Alderson has said that the next couple of weeks are critical before the trading deadline to see if the Mets will be unloading players. Beltran will be gone you can count on that but possibly with Davis, Reyes and Wright returning the Mets can still play better then there expectations. They have so far. 

Iggy To Mets: I Want To Stay

Along with Francisco Rodriguez and Tim Byrdak, Jason Isringhausen's name has come up in possible trade talks.

Izzy, who came up with the Mets in 1995 as part of Generation K, returned to the Mets this year as a free agent signing. Isringhausen has had a respectable career, but was derailed a few times due to elbow and shoulder issues. The Mets sent Isringhausen to the A's in 1999. He, along with Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher, was to be the next generation of Seaver, Ryan, and Koosman. It never happened. All three studs wound up with bad arm problems adn it destroyed the careers of Wilson and Pulsipher.

Izzy went on to become a star closer for the A's and Cardinals, culminating with the unexpected World Series upset of the Detroit Tigers in 2006.

New assistant GM, JP Ricciardi, spoke with Isringhausen during the spring this year, and Izzy impressed Ricciardi, who had Elvis take a look. The Mets signed Isringhausen, and in a MacArthur sort of way, Izzy did return.

With all the trade speculation surrounding the Mets and their players, Isringhausen hear that his name was on the list. This is what the Mets reliever had to say:

"I have two places in my heart. St. Louis, because I'm from there, and New York, because this is where I started. Those are my two favorite spots, and I don't think I'm going back to St. Louis anytime soon. And I love it here."

Not only does he love being in Flushing, he likes what he sees:

"To be able to get close, or maybe even make the playoffs, coming from a team that wasn't supposed to do anything, that's fun," he said. "If there is a chance that we can do that, I want to be a part of it."

At 38 Isringhausen knows the end is near, and he believes he needs to spend more time with his wife and children. Izzy is home here in Flushing on the baseball field, and once this magic carpet ride is over, he will go back to his other home:

"It's hard on us, being gone, and having a 2-year-old and and 8-year-old, one in school. I don't get to see them much. But like my wife says, 'You're only going to play baseball for so long. You have the rest of your life to come home to our so-called boring life' - that's what she calls it."

Hopefully Izzy will be given the opportunity to end his career where it started; in a NY Mets uniform.

Sources: NY Daily News, Baseball Reference

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Pelf Takes On Matt Cain: Mets Lineup Vs Giants - July 10, 2011

Mike Pelfrey will take the mound tonight against David Wright's favorite opponent, Matt Cain. The Mets will look to take this rubber game against the Giants in San Francisco tonight.

To borrow a statement from former Mets Manager and mouthpiece Art Howe, the Mets "battled" Tim Lincecum and the Giants before falling to the team in northern California 3-1.

Tonight is the last game before the All Star Break, and the Mets will look to hit the break on not only a winning record, but after a "successful" west coast road trip.

Tonight's Mets lineup Vs. the Giants:

1. Pagan - CF

2. Turner - 2B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Murphy - 3B

5. Bay - LF

6. Duda - 1B

7. Paulino - C
8. Tejada - SS

9. Pelfrey - RSP

Mets lose but still win

Mets lost 3-1 last night or this morning depending on how you look at it and at the same time you can say the Mets did win even with a loss.

Ok so maybe Tejada cost them a double play with some slow exchanging with Turner but did you see his at bats against Linceum?  Did you see the Mets at bats against him. They did have a plan going in to make him pitch and they were disciplined to get his pitch count up.  Of course that worked with him being gone after 6.  The only problem is last night the Mets didn't have any success against the pen of the Giants.  Also Mr Hairston did you really believe you were going to be thrown a fast ball ? 

The Mets also received good news with David Wright and Ike Davis. They both are progressing .  Shockingly no set backs right now. Wright might be back when the Mets go on the road a week from this coming friday. Davis might start rehab soon. Also the  Mets will break with a road trip win. They cant go worse then 4-3 on a west coast swing. That's a win if you remember last years disaster....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gary and Ron to vacate booth during mid game tonight.

Even when the Mets loose its great listenint to Gary and the guys call the game on SNY. Last night was no different with Sandy Alderson in the booth and Gary peppering Alderson with questions . Loved that he asked Sandy if there was any way he saw K Rod on the team in 2012 and Alderson of course did his best to work around the question which told you K Rod is a gonner no matter what the Mets have to do. 

Tonight as they head to San Fran, during the 4th and 5th innings Gary and Ron leave the booth. Why? because someone had a brain freeze and thought it be fun to have AL Michaels and Bob Costas taking over according to the NY Post .   It is mentioned that SNY spoke internally and ask the question "is there a reason to do it" and somehow they came up with yes.

Wrong answer. I like Al Michaels but there is zero interest in him talking about the '89 World Series earthquake for 10th time or Costas talking about going to a ball game as a kid. Guys and gals love our SNY crew. Ok its only 2 innings but you know what if it was VinScully then maybe...  No one cares to hear these 2 talk about everything except the Mets. Hey Howie looking forward to hearing your call during those 2 innings!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No way Jose:Reyes heading to DL

Wow...another win for the Mets but at same time a big loss. The Mets plan on sending Mr Reyes to the DL before Thursday's game according to Mr Rubin.

Nick Evans is heading from Buffalo to LA so its a foregone conclusion that before tonights game Jose will be placed on the DL. 

Reyes said that even if on DL he will attend the ASG .  Reyes was voted starting shortstop over Tulo .

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mets vs Dodgers July 6th, 2011: The drive for 4 in a row

Back in the early 1980's there was a hockey team on long island that won 4 stanley cups and were trying for a drive for 5.  Of course that didnt happen and since then the Islanders like the Mets have not won a championship.  Well the Mets now go after small goals like maybe having Jason Bay hit a home run in 2 games in a row and the team winning 4 in a row. 

Without Jose Reyes the Mets will try to beat the hapless Dodgers for the 3rd time in the 4 game series with Mr Niese on the mound. Niese has no record against the Dodgers but a ERA over 4.  Beltran and Murphy are hitting .400 against Dodger starter Kuroda.

 Pagan. Turner. Beltran. Murphy. Bay. Duda. Thole. Tejada. Niese.

Mets and Jason Bay love the long ball

The Mets had a 3 home run game last night has they beat the Dodgers 6-0. First was Carlos Beltran who hit a 2 run blast to give the Mets a 2-0 lead. Then Powerless jason Bay Hit 2 homers one in the 6th and then another in the 8th. The first one was a solo shot that was hit to left field and then in the 8th was a opposite homer with 2 on.

The Mets scored all there runs by the home run. When was the last time that happened? Beltran drove in 2 and Jason Bay drove in 4.

Here is the link for Bay's 3 run blast .

Here is what Jason Bay said after the game via Adam Rubin  a snippet “You struggle and you struggle, and sometimes you doubt yourself,” Bay said. “Then you have games like tonight and you remember you’re still the same guy. You are that guy. Sometimes I think you lose sight of that through an extended struggle.

Pelfrey did get the win but only lasted 6 innings with over 100 pitches and the bullpen kept the Dodgers away from the plate for the shotout. The Mets are 6.5 out in the wild card chase as the Braves keep on winning. 

Mets box score