Sunday, April 29, 2012

Johan Takes On Methuselah; Mets Lineup Vs. Rockies - April 29, 2012

Johan Santana will start today for the Mets. Santana is coming off a great start against Marlins. Hopefully the Mets offense will actually score a run for their lefty ace.

The Rockies will send Methuselah, Jamie Moyer to the hill. The 49 year old Moyer is 1-2 with a respectable 2.28 ERA.

Also in the news it sounds like Andres Torres will be back this week, and will be given the CF and leadoff spot in the lineup. Nieuwenhuis will be move primarily to LF. This will open a Pandora's Box of questions of what happens to the rookie when Bay returns. He has earned the right to play.

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
2.  Tejada - SS
3.  Murphy - 2B
4. Wright - 3B
5. Duda - RF
6.  Hairston - LF
7.  Davis - 1B
8.  Thole - C
9. Santana - LSP

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lutz Gets His First Major League Start; Fearless Ike Sits: Mets Lineup Vs. Rockies - April 27, 2012


Slumping Ike Davis will sit tonight against Rockies lefthander Drew Pomeranz, and in his stead newly recalled 3b/1B Zach Lutz gets the start. Davis has been mired in an early season slump where he is hitting an anemic .132.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis returns home to Colorado and looks to continue his solid play in front on family and friends.
Chris Schwinden gets his first start of the year in place of the injured Mike Pelfrey, and Mike Nickeas gets a rare start.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:
1. Nieuwenhuis - CF
2. Tejada - SS
3. Murphy - 2B
4. Wright - 3B
5.  Hairston - L:F
6.  Duda - RF
7.  Lutz - 1B
8. Nickeas - C
9. Schwinden - RSP

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mets Look To Sweep - All Homegrown Mets Lineup: Mets Lineup V. Marlins - April 26, 2012

For only the fourth time in Mets history, the Mets will sport an all homegrown lineup today in their series finale against the Marlins.

Today's matinee will pit Jon Niese against Ricky Nolasco. 

The Mets look to sweep the Marlins, and to some out there that might be vindication for the Jose Reyes fiasco this off-season.

Reyes is off to a poor start as a fish, and for those who might think that his poor start is proof the Mets should never have resigned him, I beg to differ. Yes Reyes isn't playing well as of yet, and I have always stated that Jose will not complete his contract with the Fish. That being said, just because Reyes isn't doing well does not necessarily prove the Mets were right. What it proves is that Jose isn't a good fit in Miami, and like Darryl Strawberry said, Jose will regret this decision. I agree with Straw. The difference between Strawberry and Reyes is that Darryl chose to leave, Jose had no other place to go.

Mets fans pay to see the team play live, and they have the right to boo whomever they want. But, Jose Reyes gave his heart and soul to this team and their fans for 9 years, and to treat him like a traitor is asinine. He wanted to stay, but wasn't able to . For all those booing, answer me this: if your contract at your place of employment expires, and your company doesn't make you an offer, should you not seek work elsewhere? If you gain employment elsewhere, should you be vilified by your former associates because you left? Think about it. If you say yes, then you aren't being honest.

As for today's game, the Mets are looking to win their third straight and sweep the Marlins. Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis CF
2.  Tejada SS
3.  Murphy 2B
4.  Wright 3B
5.  Duda RF
6.  Davis1B
7.  Thole C
8.  Valdespin LF
9.  Niese LSP

Source: Kevin Burkhardt

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ike Davis and his .131 average Batting 7th tonight.

The Mets coming off the stellar pitching of Mr. Johan and the bullpen play the Marlins tonight in game 2 of 3.  Look who is batting 7th tonight. Mr Davis, who was lifted for a pinch hitter last night is at least still in the lineup .   He looks totally lost at the plate with all the junk he has been thrown to start the season.   Davis has only 2 hits at Citi Field and has 21 strike outs in his first 61 at bats. 
The Mets face Marc Buehrle for the first time.  

Nieuwenhuis CF, Tejada SS, Murphy 2B, Wright 3B, Duda RF, Hairston LF, Davis 1B, Thole C, Dickey-P

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bay Placed On DL, Lutz Recalled - Ike To Be Platooned?

It was announced earlier this afternoon that Jason Bay suffered a non-displaced fracture of his rib. Lutz, who was recalled from Buffalo can be used as a 3B or 1B.

Chances of Lutz seeing the Hot Corner are slim, so makes one wonder if this means that Fearless Ike, after a dreadful start, might be put into a platoon situation with Lutz.

Earlier this spring I wrote about the similarities of Mets careers between Roberto Alomar and Jason Bay. The one thing Bay has proven over his 2+ years as a Met is that he has been injured quite a few times. In 2010 he had a nasty concussion, last year he had an oblique strain, and now this.

Bay is a good guy, but we are in year three of a player who has been a non-entity with the Mets.
Another interesting turn of events is with the recall of Lutz. Lutz, primarily a 3B, will most likely not see any time at the hot corner. Does this spell reduced playing time for Fearless Ike? It certainly seems that way.

Davis who came on the scene in 2010 like a house on fire, got off to another hot start last year, until Wright accidentally fell on Ike's ankle, which sidelined him for the remainder of '11.

This year Ike seems healthy, but lost. He struck out three times in yesterday's double header...with the bases loaded.

The third time, in the second game, Davis showed his frustration and anger after striking out by slamming his bat to the ground. Fearless had a legitimate complaint; the pitch was very low, and should have been ball four.But as we all know, when you are slumping, you aren't going to get those calls.

Maybe with Lutz being recalled, the competitive juices will go into over-drive, and Ike will find his stroke.

Let's hope so.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lets play 2! : Game 1 lineup against Lincecum

Our Mets play 2 today since they were rained out yesterday. Metfan73 and I were suppose to be at the game yesterday but we will make another pilgrimage sometime in May. 

The Mets will work on Lincecum with a most lefty lineup in game 1 which starts at 4:10.  Lineup below

Nieuwenhuis CF, Murphy 2B, Wright 3B, Duda RF, Davis 1B, Thole C, Tejada SS, Baxter LF, Batista P

Baxter gets a start like he would have yesterday.  Batista gets game 1 as Gee will get the nitecap.  Mets will likely tax there bullpen today but should be well rested with the day off yesterday.

There is word that Jordany Valdespin will be at Citi with the Mets making use of the 26 man roster.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mets need Niese to be on his game

The Mets start a home stand against Angel Pagan and the Giants tonight. Not a homecoming like Reyes will get on Tuesday but I bet the Citi faithful will grind out some type of reception for the no Arm Center fielder.  Have to tell you saying Citi faithful just doesn't have the same ring as the Shea faithful but cant live in the past all the time!  

Mr Niese gets the start tonight and needs to focus . The Mets need him on point after the last 2 games where the Bravos just laid to waste Dickey and his floating watermelon knuckle ball and I am ok Johan Santana who lasted just 1 + innings.    Thankfully its not Pelfrey turns otherwise we would be watching plenty of palm licking. 

Mets offense needs to start running. The Mets have only 1 base stolen by Mike Baxter of all people. Yup just 1 base in 12 games. Ok there not the running team they used to be but I am sure Bay and Wright can swipe a bag or 2. 

Who is this offensive catcher name Josh Thole?   He isn't hitting for a high slugging percentage but Thole has a OBP hovering .500.  Not bad for a guy who is basically on the bubble this year and needs to make a statement.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Johan...The Day After; Tejada Rests, Dickey Strives For Another Quality Start: Mets Lineup Vs. Braves - April 18, 2012

As we have either read, heard, or saw, Johan Santana had his worst professional outing last night against the Braves.

Santana stated that his surgically repaired left shoulder is fine, but he faltered last night with the remembrance of the site where the shoulder was injured.

Said Santana:

"When I went to the bullpen, I pictured the whole thing. And even when I walked in to the mound the first inning I pictured it. I looked at the rubber. I was like, 'OK.' But, again, I put it away. I just had another short outing here -- again. Back to back. Hopefully the next one will be longer."

Frankly, I don't like his excuse. It was a lousy outing. I still wonder if the shoulder is smarting a bit. Johan has always had the bull dog mentality that allowed him to bull his way to victories when he didn't have his best stuff. For that same player to elude that he had some baggage because he was on the same mound where he hurt his shoulder two years ago just doesn't cut it for me. I might be in a minority, but if it is true that Johan lost his nerve last night, his days as a bull dog/dominant athlete are over.

The Mets look to rebound today after having their doors blown off last night. RA Dickey will oppose Jair Jurrjens this afternoon at Turner Field.

Ruben Tejada will get a "blow" this afternoon, and Ronny Cedeno will get the start at SS. Kirk Nieuwenhuis continues to impress, and Collins has rewarded him by slotting him in the leadoff spot.

Today's Mets matinee lineup:

1. Nieuwenhuis - CF
2. Murphy - 2B
3. Wright - 3B
4. Davis - 1B
5. Bay - LF
6. Duda - RF
7. Thole - C
8. Cedeno - SS
9. Dickey - RSP

Sources: Adam Rubin (Roster); Santan Quote (Rubin), CBS Sportsline

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mets Beat Braves - Dan Uggla Is A Believer

The Mets abruptly halted the Atlanta Braves five game winning streak in beating the Bravos 6-1 last night as both Fearless Ike and Jason Bay went yard.

Dillon Gee pitched seven innings of four hit ball to get his first win of the season. This latest victory was the Mets fourth straight win over the Braves this season.

Gee was pleased with his performance:

"I was trying to catch them looking with fastballs. I'm happy with where I'm at. I feel like all my pitches are where they should be. "

Atlanta's second baseman Dan Uggla had this to say about the Amazins':

"I don't think this is just a nice little start for that team. They're a good, solid ballclub. All the attention was on the Phillies and us and Miami and Washington. But I've been telling people not to count out this Mets team."

Jason Bay not only crushed a homerun last night, but his defense saved one. In the fifth inning Jack Wilson hit a ball deep to left field. Bay went back and made a leaping catch, certainly robbing the SS of a homerun.

On a side note, David Wright, who is off to a torrid start, set a franchise record by reaching base twice in each of the first seven games. Wright was 1-3 with a single and a walk.

Source: Boston Globe, Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bay Back In Lineup, Nieuwenhuis Starts Again, Gee Looks For First Win: Mets Lineup Vs. Braves - April 16, 2012

Mets took one on the chin yesterday that they probably shouldn't have, but look to regroup and get back to their recent winning ways.

The Mets shuffle off to Atlanta to take on the red hot Braves, who have won 5 games in a row after getting swept by the Mets to open the 2012 season.

Dillon Gee takes the knoll and will oppose Tommy Hanson. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, quickly becoming a favorite of Terry Collins, gets the start again in CF.

Jason Bay will be in LF after having an off day yesterday, and looks to add to his robust .185 Avg, 1 HR, and 3 RBI.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:

1. Tejada-SS
2. Murphy-2B
3. Wright-3B
4. Davis-1B
5. Bay-LF
6. Duda-RF
7. Thole-C
8. Nieuwenhuis-CF
9. Gee-RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jackie Robinson Day - Duda Sits, Nickeas Starts, Pelf Takes The Mound Looking For Mets Sweep: Mets Lineup Vs. Phillies - April 15, 2012

Today will be the annual celebration of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier on this date in 1947.

Annually every player will wear #42 to commemorate Robinsons' immortality and his incredible influence on the game we love.

I am fortunate enough to have a 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series yearbook, and every-so-often when I take the book out, I am struck by the centerfold team picture: Robinson is the only black man on an all white team. The other thing that strikes me is the picture of Gil Hodges in the catcher's crouch.

Onto April 15, 2012: Mile Pelfrey will vie for the sweep against the Phillies this afternoon as the Mets take on Cole Hamels, who they've owned over the years. Unfortunately, Pelfrey has not dominated the Phillies either.

Lucas Duda, after hitting a big HR yesterday, will get the day off against the tough lefty. Scott Hairston will play RF in his place, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis will continue his duties patrolling CF. Makes me wonder what will happen when Andres Torres is healthy enough to play. The kid has earned a right to play everyday in CF.


Updated 11:30 AM

*** Jason Bay is a late scratch due to jamming his finger yesterday. Adjusted lineup ***

1. Ruben Tejada, ss
2. Daniel Murphy, 2b
3. David Wright, 3b
4. Ike Davis, 1b
5. Scott Hairston, lf
6. Lucas Duda, rf
7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf
8. Mike Nickeas, c
9. Mike Pelfrey, rsp


Today's Mets lineup Vs. Phillies:

1. Ruben Tejada, ss
2. Daniel Murphy, 2b
3. David Wright, 3b
4. Ike Davis, 1b
5. Jason Bay, lf
6. Scott Hairston, rf
7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf
8. Mike Nickeas, c
9. Mike Pelfrey, rsp

Source: Adam Rubin

Friday, April 13, 2012

NO David Wright Tonight : Mets vs Phillies

No Game for Wright tonight as Justin bats 3rd and plays 3rd.  NO DL for Wright either .  Day to day it seems.  Another offensive challenged game against the Phils who are not scoring runs either. Dickey is 2-3 vs the Phillies and Rollins is hitting .071 against him
Tejada, Murphy, Turner, Davis, Bay, Duda, Hairston, Thole, Dickey.

NY Daily News

David Wright and Friday the 13th.

As the Mets roll into Philly for a 3 game set that starts with Cliff Lee and R A Dickey the only drama that follows them is if there 3rd baseman Mr Wright will be playing Friday night.

The Mets lineup has blown up without Wright in the lineup .   Wednesday day game it seemed the Mets struck out at every at bat.  Duda, Bay and Davis have done nothing with Wright out.   Duda has done nothing since his 2 homers and Bay has 2 singles and a double in 5 games and was even double switched out of the game on Wednesday. Davis is lost since he seems to cant handle the ton of off speed pitches he is seeing.

Wright started the season on a mission. He was hitting .583 and slugging .833 in the 4 games he was in.   Now the Mets say it will be a game time decision on Wright and his pinkie.  We all know there are pills to take to deal with the pain but its all about the swelling .  If the pinkie swells he cant grip the bat.    

The Mets need his righty bat in the lineup against the lefty Lee. Lets hope the Black cat works wonders on the Phillies and not Wright and the Mets tonight.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Santana Faces Strasburg: Mets Matinee Lineup V. Nationals - April 10, 2012

The Mets have short res, t after last night's disappointing loss to the Nationals. The Mets have an afternoon matinee where they will see highly hyped Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals.

The Mets will send Johan Santana to the mound searching for his first win of 2012. Kirk Nieuwenhuis will once again get the start in CF, and Josh Thole will return behind the dish. Ronny Cedeno will once again play 3B for David Wright who fractured a digit in his pinky in Monday night's game. Wright's injury hurts the Mets at this point. Wright has been wielding a hot bat, and has had key hits in RBI situations thus far this season.

Former Mets manager Davey Johnson has said that his young righthander, Strasburg, reminds him of Dwight Gooden. I don't see it. Gooden was Rookie of The Year in 1984 (19 years old) and a Cy Young winner in 1985 (20 years old). Strasburg's short career has been mired in hype and trips to the DL. Here's hoping Johan can school the young Nats pitcher.
Today's Mets afternoon lineup:

1. Tejada – SS
2. Murphy – 2B
3. Duda – RF
4. Davis – 1B
5. Bay – LF
6. Thole – C
7. Nieuwenhuis – CF
8. Cedeno – 3B
9. Santana - LSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mets Drive For Five: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - April 10, 2012

The Mets look to win their fifth straight game tonight against the Nationals at GHMP. Dillon Gee takes the hill for the Mets.

Ike Davis and Kirk Nieuwenhuis get the day off. Davis is being rested due to his Valley Fever, and is expected to play tomorrow. Collins is going to try and get Davis some rest so he doesn't suffer an ill effects from the condition,

The metsfan73 family will be in attendance tonight, and are looking forward to our 2012 Maiden Voyage.

Tonight's Mets lineup: updated Wright out with Jammed pinkie

1. Tejada - SS
2. Cedeno  - 2B
3. Murphy - 3B
4. Bay - LF
5. Duda -RF
6. Turner -1B
7. Hairston - CF
8. Nickeas - C
9. Gee-RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Mets Rookie Goes Yard For First Major League HR

Last night was a nice win for the Mets. After Pelfrey put the Mets in a 3-0 hole, the homegrown talent went to work.

Pelfrey scored on Wright's RBI after doubling to make the score 3-1 in the third inning.

In the Mets fourth, Nieuwenhuis put a charge into the ball and the ballpark, launching his first Major League HR, a two run shot that tied the game.

Daniel Murphy, showing the luck of the Irish, made a great diving stop at second to force an out, which probably saved a run. Then in the bottom of the ninth, Murph got the game winning hit to send the fans home happy.

Nieuwenhuis told the press that they shouldn't expect too many HR's from him; he isn't a power hitter. Not only was that the kids first HR, he was able to do it with his parents still in town, and it was his mother's birthday.

His HR ball was returned to him by fans who wound up with the milestone ball, and Nieuwenhuis gave the fans a couple of balls and bats.

What is Nieuwenhuis going to do with his trophy ball? "I'm giving the ball to my Pops." I'm sure both his Mom and Pops are proud.

Sources: David Lennon Newsday, CBS Sportsline

Go see your 4-0 Mets for $2.50!

Ahhh  nothing like a 4 game win streak to make Met fans happy.  Not sure if you have noticed but fans are definitely wearing there blue and orange this week and of course its easier to jump out of the shadows when the team is 4-0 to start the season.

Nice way to start a 3 game series.A win in the bottom of the 9th last night against the Nats with M r Murphy's single to drive home Mike Baxter with the winning run!

The Mets for a limited time are offering seats upstairs for $2.50 to celebrate 50 years of Mets baseball for tonight's game. If you go to the box office you dont even have to pay one of those ridiculous fees!  LGM!!

Mets 4-3 win box score

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mets Start 8 Homegrown Players; Look To Extend Streak: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - April 9, 2012

Mike Pelfrey takes the mound for the Mets tonight in trying to continue the Mets winning streak. Big Pelf has had his issues, between the "yips", not being able to put away hitters with two strikes, and having an inflate ERA.

Tonight will be Pelfrey's first start of the 2012 season, and it was revealed earlier today that during the second half of the 2011 season Pelfrey was receiving injections of Toradol to help with discomfort and swelling in his shoulder caused by a strained rotator cuff. Pelf has had his share of excuses throughout his career. It is now time for him to man-up, and start blowing hitters and teams away.

Tonight 8 of the 9 Mets starters are home-grown talent. Only Jason Bay isn't. Nieuwenhuis will get his second start in CF, and it has been said that Ike will get a rest tomorrow due to his Valley Fever issue. Turner will get the start at 1B tomorrow.

Tonight's Mets home-grown lineup V. Nationals:

David Wright: Small Adjustments paying off.

The Mets ended the weekend sweeping the series from the Bravos with a 7-5 win on Sunday.  3 Games in and the Mets seem to be starting on the right track for 2012.  The Mets bullpen has been great only giving up 1 run so far.  Also the defense has not let them down . Murphy has not killed them or has the mis communication between fielders on flies and pop ups.  When it comes to offense..who is this guy Wright? 

Yeah ok its only 3 games but Wright has impressed me. Why?  How many at bats last year did you see him swing and the ball go straight back when normally he would crush it in years past? 

Gary Cohen mentioned yesterday during the broadcast that Wright and the Mets batting coach Dave Hudgens talked this off season about having Wright not move his hands so much . So he doesnt raise them high before he sets for the pitch. Not a big adjustment but sometimes that’s all you need. Also Cohen mentioned that Wright likes to tinker during BP and Hudgens is try to stop him from that practic. For now it has worked since Wright is hitting the ball squarely.  It is great to see Wright hit the way he used too especially to left center.  Yeah only 3 games but it’s still great to see.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Niese & His New Nose Gets The Start; Mets Go For Sweep: Mets Lineup V. Braves April 8, 2010

The Mets are off to a nice start, only allowing two runs in their first two games, and look to sweep the Braves to start the 2012 season.

Mike Nickeas and Scott Hairston will get their first start since the Mets will be facing lefty Mike Minor, and Terry Collins has chosen the two righthanded bats for CF and Catcher.

Jon Niese will make his first start of 2012. Let's hope Niese gets off to a good start. I'm sure the young lefty will be feeling pressure after signing his 5 year $25.5M contract, but he must keep in mind that this is a five year deal, not a five start deal.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Tejada - SS
2. Murphy - 2B
3. Wright - 3B
4. Davis - 1B
5. Bay - LF
6. Duda - RF
7. Hairston - CF
8. Nickeas - C
9. Niese - LSP

Source: Kevin Burkhardt (minus the incorrect spelling of "Niece")

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nieuwenhuis Makes Major League Debut: Mets Lineup V. Braves April 7, 2012

Today in Flushing Kirk Nieuenhaus will make his Major League debut playing CF with the Mets. Nieuwenhuis has been described by Mets manager Terry Collins as being like Jim Edmunds in his aggressive approach to playing CF.

Nieuwenhuis will wear Gregg Jefferies old #9 and bat 8th. The stellar hitting Ruben Tejada will be moved to the lead-off spot.

RA Dickey will get his first start of 2012 as he opposes Jair Jurrjens, who has had the Mets number in his relatively short career.

In other news, the Mets are planning on an 11:30 press conference to announce the contract extension of Jon Niese. Niese will sign a 5 year $25.5M that will wrap him up through his arbitration years. This seems like a good signing for the Mets.

Today's Mets line-up (1:10 SNY):

1. Tejada-SS
2. Murphy-2B
3. Wright-3B
4. Davis-1B
5. Bay-LF
6. Duda-RF
7. Thole-C
8. Nieuwenhuis-CF
9. Dickey-RHP.

Sources: Adam Rubin, Dave Lennon, Baseball Reference

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mets to call up Kirk Nieuwenhuis

The guy most want to see play CF is probably on his way in from Buffalo today. Kirk Nieuwenhuis will be the Mets replacement of Pagan, I mean Torres who hurt his callf yesterday running down a triple in CF in the 7th yesterday. This is according to Mr Rubin.

Kirk is someone the scouts think isnt too durable but he is one of those guys who doesnt mind running through walls. He might platoon a little with Scott Hairston who does hit lefties a little bit better then Kirk.  He spent a majority of last season on DL due to a shoulder surgery. 

Mets have to be the first team to have a starter on the DL so far this year. Torres will be out at least 2 weeks.  In a year that not is much expected from this team, it will be nice to see the young guys get a chance to play early instead of mop up work in September.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mets win 1-0 : Santana goes 5..Torres most likely to DL

The Mets just won there opening day game 1-0 on 5 good innings from Santana. The Mets bullpen pitched the last 4 and David Wright drove in the lone run .  Mets played in front of a record crownd of 42,080.  Murphy,Wright and Thole had 2 hits

Of course Health wise they prolly lost Andres Torres to the DL for the same injury he had during the spring while trying to run down a triple. He was taken out in and was replaced by Scott Hairston.   

Mets are in first!  good start guys!   

Adam Rubin

Mets Honor Kid On Opening Day

The Mets had a nice tribute to their fallen catcher, Gary Carter. Before today's game, Carter's family unveiled a tribute to Carter on the outfield wall at Citi Field.

Carter will be forever remembered. Nice job by the Mets organization.

Mets opening day is here! : The Kid.

Well the sun is up on the east coast and in 4.5 hours at Citi Field the Mets will have first pitch at opening day with Johan on the mound. He of course will be on a pitch count. Useless info alert! The Mets have the best winning percentage in the MLB on opening day.  (32-18, .640) in MLB history.
Will the Mets be able to hold there own against the mighty east with the way the other teams are stacked this year? Doubt it but lets hope we get some production out of looks like he is dead Jason Bay and Johan and the rest of the Mets stay healthy!

The Mets will honor the kid , Gary Carter, before the game who lost his battle to cancer this spring. The Mets will also have some of there hall of famers there see below.

Here is a pic from Mr Newsday Dave Lennon
Ralph on the SNY Set with Bobby & Carton TheBitterBill

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opening Day Tixs still available for Citi Field

The Mets still have a few thousand tickets to sell for opening day since its not a sell out for Thursday . On Stub Hub there are over 500 tickets for sale starting at 59.95 . If you head over to you can secure seats as well. 

The Mets added the Party deck and those seats start at $100.00 but are only available for single games for the first homestand. They include food and drinks. After the first homestand they need to be bought at a group level.   

One of these days we will make it to opening day but wewill wait until the little peanut gets a little older.  

No workout before opening day

The Mets with new dimensions in Citi Field for 2012 will have no work out before opening day.  The Mets spend there last day of spring playing the Yankees in Tampa at Noon today then fly home for opening day tomorrow against the Bravos.

Mets filled there schedule so none of the outfielders will be abe to get any time playing balls off the walls with the new dimensions at Citi Field. Smart way to start the year especially when yuo have a new Center fielder and Lucas Duda playing in right.  The Mets could have a work out after the first game on Friday which is a off day.