Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mets in LA while Reggie Jackson heads to NY.

What one has to do with the other is zip but will explain in a bit.    The Mets after  a delayed take off from Chicago are now in LA for a 4 game homestand against the reeling Dodgers.  They had a lead of over 7 games in May but now are tied with the Giants who just swept them .  The Dodgers are having a problem scoring runs.  Of course the Mets scored all their runs against the Cubbies yesterday in the Mets version of homer ball which comes once a year.

Good to see Murphy clock some dingers as well as Davis break the .200 mark in his batting average. David wright had 5 rbi’s but was taken out early to give him a rest. The guy finally does some significant damage with multiple RBi’s and they take him out. 

Mets face the $10M dollar man Capuano tonight who is having a very good year for the Dodgers at 9-2.  Of course that means the Mets will have there weak lineup in there to counter attack the lefty. So that means look for it to be a 1 hit game through 5. 

Now Reggie Jackson.  Its fun when your on a flight and you see someone famous near you.  My friend is a on flight from LA and just tweeted this to me. Reggie Jackson sitting 2 across from me. He is wearing his ring, so it's verified.   Can he pick up a bat?  Cant hurt…  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mets Blew In The Windy City: Look To Regroup Tonight - Mets Lineup Vs. Cubs - June 26, 2012

The Mets were an absolute disaster last night as they had no answers for the lowly Cubs. Tonight the Mets will infuse their lineup with Nieuwenhuis and Murphy, and Fearless Ike looks to pass the Mendoza Line.

Tonight's Mets lineup Vs. Chicago:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
2.  Tejada - SS
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Davis - 1B
6.  Hairston - LF
7.  Murphy - 2B
8.  Thole - C
9.  Gee - RSP

Mets lose to another Lefty.

The Mets pushed hard the last couple of weeks. They went 11-11 against teams over .500 in a stretch of games that every one seem to use as a water mark. Pretty impressive for a team that LF is out,2nd baseman Murph has been on the bench and Davis is still battling the Mendoza line. Well now they play the next 3 series against teams that are under .500. Cubs , Dodgers, Phils and then the Cubs again.  What should the Mets be concerned about?

Well what is the big issue.  Of course the Pen which stinks. Also the fact the Mets are 10-17 against lefties. Hairston over his last 3-4 games has done zip . Even against the lefty Wood last night.  

One obvious need is for the Mets is a righty bat besides Wright to get this team more balance against lefties. With Bay out and the Mets, who like 20-24 other teams are in the early stages of the wild card hunt, will just sit on there hands for now. Anyone out there would have taken the Mets at 4 games over .500 on June 26th.  The question is where will they be 2 weeks from now at the All Star break?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Murph Sits Again, Cedeno Returns & Starts: Mets Look To Continue Winning Ways - Mets Lineup V. Yankees - June 22, 2012

Daniel Murphy will be sitting for the third time in four days tonight against the Yankees. Murphy is mired in a slump, and has yet to go yard this year.

Ronnie Cedeno returns to the Mets and to the starting lineup after a stint on the DL. Cedeno will bat second and play SS.

After sweeping the Orioles, the Mets look to continue their winning ways. Their trend of late has been to lose 3 (Yankees), win three (Rays), lose 3 (Reds), and win 3 (Orioles). Hopefully this weekend they break the 3:3:3:3 trend and win at least two.

Tonight's wet Mets lineup:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Cedeno - SS
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Hairston - LF
5.  Duda - RF
6.  Turner - 2B
7.  Davis - 1B
8.  Nickeas - C

9.  Niese - LSP

Subway Series anyone?

Mets play the Yankees for 3 games at Citi.  Used to be the hot ticket now both teams have struggled to sell out.  How can you be surprised ?  I mean it’s the end of a ERA.  Sidebar can  a ERA be 15 years?  

Doesn’t matter the Mets have 3 games against the cross town rivals and all anyone can say has it run its course?  Who cares at this point.  Its 3 games and we move on.  This will be the last time there will be a 3 game set home and home most likely due to the shuffling of Houston to the AL next year.  Again whatever.   It was exciting the first couple of years and that’s it especially since the Mets and Yanks only played in the spring and the defuct Mayors Trophy games.   Whats exciting is watching this team play for the most part like they are always in the game no matter what.  We have a guy named R A that is on a improbable run right now.  We have a right fielder named Lucas Duda who is one step from falling asleep it seems and he leads the time in RBi’s and home runs!

The time passed just makes you want 1 thing to happen. For the Mets to win and a sweep would be nice!  So let’s move on.  Lots left on the schedule with the dog days of summer ahead of us. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mets on a off day before Subway series

Here are some of the Mets getting ready for a Golf outing on there off day.  Tee time better be early since today is going to be a scorcher.  Check out Dillion Gee's get up. Of course Jay Horowitz is involved.  Mets are off today before they take on the Yanks at Citi to complete the Subway Series for 2012.  Might be the last time they play each other 6 times in a season. Pic Courtesy of the Mets


Check out Murphs new Stache. Hopefully it has some hits in it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hard To Put 'Spin' On This Middle Infield Tonight: Mets Lineup V. Orioles - June 20, 2012

The Mets are not putting their best defensive middle infield out on the diamond tonight, but the way they've handled Baltimore the last three games, it might not be such an issue.

Coming off Santana's first solid outing since his no hitter on June 1st, Dillon Gee is looking to keep the Mets on their winning ways in their recent lose three, win three, lose three, win three? escapade.

Captain Kirk will get the day off as Vinny Rottino will start in LF, and Daniel Murphy will sit once again. Mike Nickeas will get a (recently) rare start as the Mets look to put the finishing touches on another AL sweep.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Valedespin - 2B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Hairston - RF
5.  Rottino - LF
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Turner - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Gee - RSP

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Darth Dickey:Slide Stopper

Once again Star Wars aficionado, RA Dickey not only pitched another one hit gem, but stopped the latest Mets skid.

Dickey has unquestionably become the Mets ace, and is presently 11-1 with a 2.00 ERA. Last night he stymied the upstart Baltimore Orioles by limiting them to one hit, a non-threatening single to right field by Wilson Betiment in the fifth inning, breaking up Dickey's latest quest for a no-no.

Dickey once again pitched efficiently, throwing only 118 pitches in a complete game 4-0 shutout, striking out a career high 13 batters.

Baltimore's manager, Buck Showalter, was displeased with the officiating by homeplate umpire Eric Cooper. Personally, Cooper did have a wide strike zone, but it was wide for both teams. Showalter should just smile at what he created:

A long time ago, in a state far away, back in their days in Texas, Buck Kenobi saw a young Jedi Fireballer in RA Dickey. The young Jedi Knight was showing promise when he was be felled by an arm injury. The Grand Master Buck realized his young protege would not make it as a fireballing Jedi Master, so he counseled the young prospect to use the force via the knuckleball. 

Having issues with his new task, the student was banished from Texas; Buck Kenobi believed that was the end of Jedi wannabe.

Three years after his banishment, the not-so-young Jedi honed his skills, and seeking to dominate MLB, landed in the planet of Flushing. Not as Jedi Knight, but as...DARTH DICKEY.

Darth turned the once dreaded knuckleball into a weapon of choice; a weapon his opposition have no answer for nor defense against.

Last night the showdown commenced between teacher and pupil. The pupil turned Master dominated Buck Kenobi and his Texas Rangers. Darth Dickey dominated his old professor, and with his domination, turned his Flushing misfits into the clear victors.

Darth Dickey has become not only a Grand Jedi Knight, he has become The Slide Stopper.

Yes, a long time ago, in a state far away, a young boy with stars in his eyes was sent home. Today he not only has found a home, but has become our Ace.

*** Darth Dickey nickname was borrowed from Darren Meenan of the 7 Line ***

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mets take it on the head and the chin.

When was the last time the Mets played 3 series and there were sweeps involved in all 3?  The Mets have been involved in 7 series sweeps so far this season.  4 up and 3 down. 

Of course the Mets also lost Jason Bay to a concussion on Friday night in the 2nd inning.  It was tough to look at as you see Bay go all out for the ball hit in the corner and wound up sliding into the wall and you can see his head/neck compress. Yikes!  This guy just comes off a rib injury and to see him take that hit was shocking to say the least.  Bay not be hitting much when he is healthy but this guy gives it his all!  I know everyone hates this guy but kudos for him for playing his heart out.

The Mets couldn’t do much this weekend run wise after having a field day in Tampa.

Luckily  the Mets lost no ground as they lost 3 to the red hot Reds as the Nats had there own troubles. They were swept by the Yankees who now have won 9 in a row and come into Citi this weekend

R A Dickey takes the mound against the Orioles tonight as he looks to stop the  Mets 3 game losing streak.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Day After Dickey's Dominance, Mets Go For Sweep Of Rays

This afternoon the Mets will try and sweep the Tampa Bay Rays when they send Johan Santana to the mound to face Jeremy Hellickson.

Santana will look to rebound from a poor outing last Friday in the Bronx, and build upon his no-no Mojo. If the Mets win today, they will finish this difficult road trip at 4-5 after visiting Washington, NY, and Tampa Bay. The Mets got off to a 1-5 start, so if they finish 4-5, we must look at it as a positive road trip against three very good teams.

Last night Mets 'Ace' RA Dickey pitched a masterful game only allowing 1 hit. The Mets will appeal the hit that BJ Upton got because Wright dropped a bare-handed play. In all honesty, Wright would never have been able to throw out the speedy Upton, so it is a moot point. Be sure to take our poll on the right.

RA Dickey, along with Lance Lynn, became the majors first 10 game winners. Both men should be selected for the NL All Star game in July. Dickey lowered his ERA to 2.20. The shame in all this isn't the fact that Dickey didn't get the no hitter, it is that he didn't get the shutout. An error and two passed balls lead to the Rays lone (unearned) run in the 9th.

The Mets knuckleballer is in the zone, and it has been fun watching him mow through both leagues.

Today's game will be brought to us on SNY at 1:10 this afternoon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

R A Dickey pitches a Gem!

What can you say.  R A is on some roll. He pitched a 1 hitter earlier tonight as he and the Mets beat David Price 9-1.  The 1 hit was a roller up the 3rd base line that Wright tried to bare hand it and it went off his hand and the official scorer gave Upton a hit. That was it for the Rays as there run scored in the 9th on a error, 2 passed balls and a ground out.  The Mets will appeal to MLB to reverse the call but not expecting it to happen.

Dickey struck out 12 and he was dominant to say the least.  The Mets worked on David Price who cruised through about 4 innings before the Mets went to town on him. He wound up leaving the game charged with 7 runs over 5 + innings. Everyone in the Mets lineup including Jason Bay had a hit.  Mets look for sweep with Johan on mound in a afternoon affair.

Terry Collins gets All Star nod

Congrads to the Mets manager are in order. Collins was named a coach on the NL squad by retired Cards Manager Mr La Russa.

Very nice nod to Terry Collins who has the Met playing alot better then anyone expected this year. He does get the most out of his players.

Ron Roenicke of the Brewers joing Collins as well as La Russa's cronies from last year. 

Collins named as Coach

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mets funny man Tim Byrdak: Wasnt so funny for him 10 years ago

As everyone and there mother is panning Ike Davis, Jason Bay and the relief pitching there is 1 guy in the pen who is holding his own. Tim Byrdak has been doing is best Pedro Felicano impression by pitching as much as he can and doing his best by keeping the Mets in the game. Besides the Mets closer Francisco Birdie has been holding his own.

10 years ago recovering from Tommy John Surgery his career was almost over as he was pushed out the door in the Indians organization by none other then Cliff Lee. He was stuck stocking shelfs at Target.  That was his 2nd job that he did overnight.

Check out the rest on Birdie in this story from last month that I just ran across from  ESPN's Mr Rubin

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Subway Series Take II: Mets Seek To Even Score V. Yanks: Mets Lineup Vs. Yankees - June 9, 2012


The Mets were taken down a peg last night by the Yankees in an embarrassing performance by Johan Santana and his mates.

Tonight the Mets look for revenge as Dillion Gee opposes Phil Hughes.

Once again Lucas Duda will DH and Captain Kirk will patrol RF, as the injured Omar Quintanilla will start at SS.

Last night's game isn't as cataclysmic as the sports papers and stations would have you believe; Johan Santana hasn't fared well against the Yankees, and the Mets came out flat. Tonight is a new day and a new game. Does anyone really believe there is a rivalry between these two franchises? I would much rather see the Mets wallop the Marlins, Phillies, Braves and Nats because those teams are the Mets rivals; not their intra city counterpart from the AL.

I would rather see the NL play the AL in the World Series than via inter-league play, but that's just one man's opinion.

All that being said, tonight's Mets lineup Vs. the Yankees:

1.  Kirk Nieuwenhuis - RF
2.  Andres Torres CF
3.  David Wright 3B
4.  Lucas Duda - DH
5.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
6.  Ike Davis - 1B
7.  Jason Bay - LF
8.  Josh Thole - C
9.  Omar Quintanilla - SS

Dillon Gee RSP

Source: ESPN NY

Friday, June 8, 2012

Subway Series: Quintanilla's Finger Fractured, Bay Feeling Better, Johan Goes For Third Complete Game In A Row; Mets Lineup Vs. Yankees - June 8, 2012


Tonight kicks off my least favorite time of year, The Subway Series. As I have lamented before, I don't care for inter-league play nor the subway series. It is a profitable series for baseball, but there is no real rivalry between the Mets and the Yankees.

It has been reported that Omar Quintanilla has a small fracture in his left index finger, but plans on playing through it.

Jason Bay will return to the Mets lineup tonight.EASY! that loud roar of approval was deafening! Bay has missed much of this season due to a busted rib sustained making a diving attempt at a sinking line drive. His return was delayed due to a bad reaction he had from an antibiotic he was taking. Hopefully Bay can break out of his 2 1/2 year slump.

No-Han Santana will be making his first start since throwing a No-No last Friday night. Santana has two complete games in a row, and is looking for his third.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
2.  Thole - C
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - DH
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Hairston - RF
7.  Davis - 1B
8.  Bay - LF
9.  Quintanilla - SS

Johan Santana - LSP

Mets vs Yankees pitching Matchup & Latest on Zack Wheeler

Tonight: Johan Santana (3-2, 2.38) vs. Hiroki Kuroda (4-6, 3.82). Kuroda has a ERA north of 7 in the first inning. The Mets have handed him him 5 times. Santana is going for his 3rd complete game in a row coming off his incredible First Mets no hitter. 

Saturday: Dillion Gee 
 (4-3, 4.48) vs. Phil Hughes (5-5, 4.96) .Hughes pitched well in his last start.

Sunday: lefty Niese  (4-2, 4.11) vs.another lefty you might have heard of Andy Petitte who is (3-2, 2.78) Petitte seems to be the pitcher he was before he retired.

According to Mr Rubin Zach Wheeler had another impressive outing last night. His line  7 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 1 HBP, 7 K. 104 pitches (61 strikes).  A scout said that he might be the best pitching prospect in the minors right now.  Keep it up Zach .. See u soon at Citi!

Mets vs Yanks 3 games, 6 games, bring it on

I have heard that people gripe about the fact the Mets play 6 games against the power house cross town rivals and no one else usually does in NL.  This year the Braves do as well.  To me I say to those people get over it.!  

Back in the day when the Mets were in the division with the Cards when they were really good they had to play them a bunch of times. The schedule is the schedule. Stop whining about who you play and just play the games!  Of course if you ask the brass of the Mets if they love playing the Yanks 3 and 3 they would say of course. Usually its the only games besides opening day that sell out! 

The rivalry has lost its luster since they have done it so many times for years now back to dave Milicki.  To me just beat the team you play and move on. Ike Davis should be happy that the Mets are playing the Yanks and then the Rays otherwise he might have been heading up to Buffalo .  At this point he is the odd man out.  How long do we carry a guy who cant hit his weight.  Canadian Jason Bay you are next!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quintanilla Quagmire: Another Mets SS Is Injured - Mets Might Have To Dig Down To Minors For Relief

It is being reported today all across Twitter that current Mets SS Omar Quintanilla will most likely miss tonight's game, and maybe more due to an injured index finger. The injury incurred when the slick Mets SS made a diving play. Quintanilla will not play tonight, but it is unknown as of yet if he will need to be disabled.

In his stead, it is being reported that the Mets might promote a SS from St. Lucie, Wilfredo Tovar (20). Hard to believe the Mets system has a dearth of talent above the A level that they can't promote. Then again, with Tejada, Cedeno, Turner, and now Quintanilla now hurt...

Another option the Mets have is recently promoted 27 year old Sean Kazmar. Kazmar has played 5 games at Buffalo

Neither player brings much with the stick, but at this point the Mets need a healthy body that can play the position, especially after Tejada was removed from a rehab game due to tightness in his already injured calf muscle.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 2 B's Back: Bay and Beato. Tejada Sidelined. Lineup against Nats. June 6th

The Mets welcome back everyone's favorite lackey Jason Bay as well as pitcher Pedro Beato.  Bay has been nursing a rib injury. Mets DFA Josh Satin to remove him from the 40 man roster.  Chris Swinden was sent packing and he was picked up by the Indians. 

Bay is not in the lineup.  Also Ruben Tejada took himself out of the game and will be going back to Florida to work out his hammy. 

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, lf
Andres Torres, cf
David Wright, 3b
Lucas Duda, rf
Daniel Murphy, 2b
Ike Davis, 3b
Josh Thole, c
Omar Quintanilla, ss
Jeremy Hefner, p

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mets possible 4 sweep of Cards: Lineup

The Mets are playing some good ball and even if your not a Met fan you have to do notice.  The Mets had a no no- 2 complete games  and some timely 2 out hitting by Capt Kirk as the Mets go for the 4 game sweep in the wrap around game this afternoon.  

Mets lineup :  Nieuwenhuis-LF, Torres-CF, Wright-3B, Duda-RF, Murphy-2B, Davis-1B, Quintanilla-SS, Nickeas-C, Gee-P

The Mets are tied for 1st and only trail the Nationals by percentage points.  They will be taking on the Nats starting tommorrow. 

Jason Bay will be activated possibly tommorrow. Look for Chris Young and Miguel Batista to join the squad. Mets will have to make some roster moves and move also someone off the 40 man roster.

Friday, June 1, 2012

8020th Is A Charm! Johan Pitches Mets First No-No!

I remember back in 1994 when the Rangers defeated the Vancouver Canucks in game 7 to capture their first Stanley Cup Championship in 54 years, a fan held a sign that read, "Now I Can Die In Peace."

Mets fans, this might be our sentiment tonight too.

Johan Santana became the first Mets pitcher to throw a no hitter; The bulldog lefty battled through some control issue (5 walks) to stymie the Red Birds.

Santana was also helped out by a missed call by third base umpire Adrian Johnson who incorrectly called Carlos Beltran's liner down the third base line foul. On replay it showed the ball actually kicked on the lime just past third base. Was nice to see a call go the Mets way.

Mike Baxter also made a nice catch in left field. Baxter hung onto Yadier Molina's fly ball, and was then removed from the game holding his left forearm.

Santana ended his gem by striking out David Freese on a 3-2 count; his teammates mobbed him as Santana pumped his left fist as Thole and others ran to the mound.

Other key points to this game was Lucas Duda's 4 RBI's - three of which came on a three run bomb en-route to the Mets 8-0 victory.

After 40 years of fandom, Now I can die in peace!

Source: CBS Sportsline

Who stays Nickeas or Johnson?: Beltran returns

The Mets will host the Cardinals tonight and Carlos Beltran returns for the first time as a Card. The guy who was a professional during his time with the Mets is raking with the Cards as he has more home runs then Wright and Davis Combined.! 

The Mets will make some roster moves and with Josh Thole returning, the Mets will have to send Nickeas or Johnson back to Buffalo.  To me if the Mets have an issue with the lack of experience that Johnson has catching Dickey that would be the only hangup for keeping Johnson over Nickeas. Johnson seems to have a knack to getting on base in every game he plays.  Nickeas of course made it the team due to his defense but the Mets at this point coulld use the offense especially since no clue if Thole will pick up where he left off.