Thursday, September 27, 2012

Congrads to R A Dickey a 20 game winner!

The Mets held on today as R A struck out 13.  The Mets won 6-5 even with Jon Rauch giving up a 2 run ding in the 9th. 

R A is the first Mets with 20 wins since Frank Viola!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite Met: Doug Sisk!

Yes its his birthday today 55 . I wonder if his mother will call him or she still hates him for the games he blew! Nothing like watching a Met game back in the early to mid 80’s and seeing the amazing Doug Sisk come in and ruin the day! Leads or close games stood no chance with Sisk at the helm! Ah good times right?

If there was every a Met fans hated it was Mr Sisk. He could take a perfect day and blew it a second. Almost like Jon Rauch did the other night. The Mets were coming off a time there werent very good and they finally had turn the corner. Of course Sisk would see that didn’t happen if it was up to him. So many games we watched and had hope and then Sisk would come in…..

We gave this guy no mercy and here is an article going back to 2011. Talk about some crazy passionate fans.

 Sisk would walk two, strike out one, walk another, allow two or three runs then exit with his head down and his reputation increasingly tattered.

Mets loyalists took to scratching the paint off his car with their keys and snapping his antennae and windshield wipers.

Shortly thereafter, Sisk was returning to his home in Port Washington when he noticed a suspicious car trailing him all the way from the stadium. Sisk turned, the car turned. Sisk sped up, the car sped up. "There was no way I was going to drive home to my wife and child with these guys behind me," he says. "So I pulled into [the parking lot of] a bar I used to frequent and walked in. I told the bouncers to look out for these guys, and when they walked to the door the bouncers wouldn't let them in. Clearly, they were there to rough me up."

Hey Doug sorry it wasn’t me. I would just take my baseball bat and do a little “Office Space” routine on anything that was outside at the time. Garbage cans,aluminum cans,etc. It was tough watching you come in to a game. It was like watching the Harlem Globetrotters and rooting for the Washington team they played. No chance.

Source- WSJ

Wright has multiple rbi game : Mets plate 6 and lose.

Great seeing the Mets finally have some life in them. Of course its meaningless but hey its a lot better then it was just a week ago. The Mets were down 4 going into the bottom of the first and scored 3 runs. Back to back home runs from Turner and Wright. This back to back was the first time all year. Wright, who has looked down right exhausted, even contributed another hit and 2 rbi’s later in the game. Of course since the Mets are using there buffalo stock pile of pitches they lost 10-6. Tired of seeing these kids thrown out there to cover a spot. Collins mentions last night that Collin McHugh might be out of gas .. Really? Wow the fact that he couldn’t past the 2nd inning convince you ? Or the fact that he has been blow up every time out there except for the lowly Rockies start.

Wright tied good ole Met “Eddie” Kranepool hits record last night with his 2 run rbi single . Wright accomplished that feet in 9 years, half the time of pinch hit Eddie who spent the 2nd half of his career as pinch hitter and occasional first basemen. They made a big deal of tying the record when the crowd of 500 gave him a standing o. What was the paid attendance 26,000?

Sandy Alderson was in the SNY booth last night and I am sure he was cringing when Elvis Ramirez had the bases loaded and no out. It just meant that he would be subjected to questions longer from Gary and Ron. He did seem to take some of the blame for his team failures. He mentioned the loss of Beltran and K Rod in 2011 and not having the punch to back it up. Well that’s because they really thought Bay would come back and actually hit for power. He did mention that it seemed the team that was great at working the count forgot how to do that in the 2nd half.

Mets have there final night game tonight of the year at Citi Field. Tickets are cheap if you want to catch it starting at $3 bucks at Stub . So for the price of 3 items on the dollar menu at any fast food chain you can see the Mets sans Parking. Or wait for R A tomorrow go for win #20. Tickets for tomorrow start at $10.00

Monday, September 24, 2012

Is Dickey A Viable Candidate For The Cy Young?

This is a question that will be asked from today until the official announcement is made well after a World Series Champion is declared.

Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzales has the most wins (20) but he is also pitching for a first place team; Reds Johnny Cueto is having a solid season with 18 wins. There are more candidates, but who is the most deserving of the NL Cy Young award? NY Mets knuckleballer RA Dickey. Period.

Dickey is second in wins (19) playing for a team 14 games under .500. Let’s look more deeply into some of his other stats:

Category                              League Ranking                                                Stats
Wins                                              2                                                                  19
ERA                                              1                                                                 2.66
Strikeouts                                     2                                                                 209
Complete Games                         1                                                                   5
Innings Pitched                             1                                                                 220
WHIP                                            1 (T)                                                          1.04
Runs Allowed                                8                                                                 72
Shut Outs                                      1                                                                  3
Double Plays                                 1                                                                 24

The Mets Ace has had a tremendous season, especially when you consider how few runs have been scored by this team, especially since the All Star Break. Every game Dickey goes out, the Mets have a legitimate chance to be victorious.

Every time he takes the mound, not only the Mets, but their fans believe they have a better chance of winning than not; In Dickey We Trust!

Dickey has the chance to become the Mets first 20 game winner since East Meadow’s Frank ‘Sweet Music’ Viola accomplished this feat in 1990. Hard to believe it’s been 22 years since the Mets have had a 20 game winner, but with two starts left, RA Dickey has a punchers chance to reach that milestone.

RA Dickey seemed to gain more confidence in his game once it was revealed in his memoir, “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball” , of his physical and emotional abuse as a child. Once that albatross was off his shoulders, he seemed to lock in as a pitcher. Granted, this is most likely coincidental, but it does make one wonder. 

Regardless of the reason, this year the Mad Knuckler has been second to none.

RA Dickey has had a career year, and when the votes are tallied around the holiday’s, if there is justice in this game, RA Dickey will be the 2012 NL Cy Young winner.

Source: ESPN

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wright home run but Mets lose:White Flag to be raised

For the 3,000 fans last night it was great I am sure to see David Wright hit a shea style home run to right center to give the Mets a 2-1 lead. 

Of course though the Mets allowed Howard, who had no home runs in September and who Manuel admitted he would be shut down if the Phils fall out of race clocked a 2 out home run in the 9th as the Mets lost  AGAIN!

The White flag at this point needs to be raised.  They cant win at home .  They seem to have packed it in . Very sad as fans show up and pay good money to watch this team lose every game!  

They just need to cancel the rest of the games.  This is pathetic.   As a fan since '74  I am speechless on how this team always finds away to lose. Since the All star break this team has been unwatchable.  Wilpons please do us a favor and save us from this insanity.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mets game rained out :Collins back Davis

For the half dozen fans still watching the Mets game tonight has been rained out before any rain has hit the field. Tornado watches, which seem to be the new thing here in the tri state area are in effect until late this evening.

Look for Harvey to get the game On Wednesday and Hefner will go Thursday night.

Ike Davis who was slammed in an article this morning bout being difficult to work with as the backing of TC.  Collins said that Ike has worked with coaches and was never difficult to work with.  He did mention though anyone in the locker room could be up for trade during the off season.  Sorry Thole..  LOL   ...  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Can Mets be spoilers in Milwaukee Friday night lineup

The Mets head on the road for 3 games against the Brew Crew.  They seem to play decent baseball on the road.  The Brewers are now in the think of the playoff hunt as are the Phillies.  The Brewers are 3 out since the Bucs are collapsing again this year. 

The Mets who cant get out of there own way at  Citi probably wish they play the rest of there games on the road. too bad that is not the case. 

the Mets can do some damage against the Brewers playoff chances if they can rattle off some wins. Or will they be lambs to the slaughter? 

As football week 2 starts will anybody be watching the woeful Mets?   

Lineup below. 

Tejada, Murphy,
Wright, Davis,
Duda, Valdespin,
Torres, Thole,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time For Mets To Thumb Their Nose At MLB & Bud Selig!

It's September 11th and as always our hearts go out to those who lost friends, family, and loved ones 11 years ago.

Being September 11th and the Mets playing at home, there is only one thing that should be on the Mets players minds: That is defy MLB and wear the caps they so proudly displayed 11 years ago, the caps of the first responders on September 11, 2001.

"Unfortunately today, the Mets will acquiesce and obey Major League Baseball. That's a shame. Josh Thole is now saying the players will discuss and make a decision before tonight's game. Nice statement. I just hope for this one game the Mets spit in the eye of MLB. "

This year is more of the same; the Mets will honor MLB's edict and not wear the first responders caps they wore on September 21, 2001 during tonight's game.

It's time for the Mets players, NOT MANAGEMENT, to make a statement and say 'our loyalty is to our country today, not MLB.'

If the Mets have the guts to stand up to MLB and do indeed decide to wear first responders caps, what will MLB do? Fine them? That would be a PR nightmare for owner Commissioner Selig. How is he going to hide behind the best interest of baseball or baseball's uniform rule when you have so many touched by what happened 11 years ago? Especially in NY?!

According to Adam Rubin, "The Mets will wear hats of first-responder agencies pregame."

Sorry, not good enough. The 17 fans in attendance and the many more watching from home will not see this, and it is important for all to feel that United feeling, much the same way we did on September 21, 2001. 

Maybe this team will surprise me and all fans by thumbing their noses at MLB and wear first responders hats. I  won't hold my breath, but I would be proud to see OUR team do what is right, and that is to display the honor we have towards our Police, Firefighters, EMT's, etc., let alone the honor we should all feel to be Americans and Mets fans.

Mets asleep at the Wheel at Citi Field

Love Gary Cohen.  Of course he gets his stats from Elias but some of these are ridiculous.  The Mets are first team in like a hundred years that have not scored at least 2 runs in an inning in over 10+ games or something like that. 

As the media yaps about Wright and his impending free agency in 2014 lets take a moment and mention the obvious.  Wright deserves to be paid but does he want to be part of this 100M team that has no one that can hit at Citi? 

It is so hard to believe that you can spend 100M and have zip to show for it.  Casing point. Ryan Zimmernan who was out with shoulder issues earlier this year has now 20+ homers and over 80 rbi's .  Why?  Because he has team mates that can hit.  Yes even the Nats can hit at Citi.   The Problem is the Mets have a line up of no powerand a bunch  singles hitters.  To me Wright should say, you want me?  Get me some freaking protection in this lineup!    

Has the team quit?  They tired?  At this point whats the difference ...Another September to forget.  

On another note...9-11.  Never forget. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

If Not Careful, The Mets Lost Weekend Can Easily Turn Into A Lost Week

Once again the Mets were humiliated by the Atlanta Larry’s.  For over a decade the Mets have not shown the character or mettle to beat this team.  Even though it looked as if things were turning around back in April when the Mets swept the Braves, as the season progressed and games got more important, the Braves continue to show their dominance over this franchise.

Now the Mets face the division leading Washington Nationals who will send 18 game winner Gio Gonzales to the mound against rookie Collin McHugh.

What is quite disconcerting about the trend since the All Star break is that not only are the Mets playing poorly, but they are losing games in bunches, and have shown they can’t push more than two to three runs across the plate in any given game.

Since the All Star break the Mets are a pathetic 4-18 at home. That is not what happens to winning teams. The Mets do have a lot of holes to fill going forward, but very few answers in sight. Here are just a few:

  • The Josh Thole experiment has failed and he needs to sit the remainder of the season.Kelly Shoppach has earned the right to start the majority of the remaining games.

  • Jason Bay hurts this team more than he helps, and although he is a great guy and I would love to see him to do well, he isn’t helping this team

  • Lucas Duda isn’t the answer either. He is a huge liability in the field, and he doesn’t bring enough to the plate to justify him getting starts every day.

  • Bobby Parnell just can’t figure it out, and the last thing the Mets need is someone trying to find his way at the pro level. That’s what the minors are for.

The Mets don’t need to sweep the Nationals, no, but they do have to show they can compete. That doesn’t just mean keeping scores close, it also means them putting up more than two runs in a contest.

Be careful Mets; this lost weekend can easily evolve into a lost week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

R A Dickey goes for #18 against Cards

The Mets have an afternoon affair today as they send R A Dickey too the mound to face the Cardinals who suddenly remembered how to score runs.   Dickey will try to stop the Mets from getting swept today.   The lineup is below with Wright having a day off. 

Who in the starting lineup is a starter next year?  Besides Tejada and Davis ....hopefully no one.  I know they love Duda but man he is horrible in the OF.  Thole is a backup or back to minors.  I have had enough of him already.  Love Murphy but come on...He has has no power in the last month.  Unless he is nursing a injury he cant be the every day second baseman .  What is your take?   

Baxter RF, Tejada SS, Murphy 2B, Davis 1B, Duda LF, Turner 3B, Thole C, Torres CF, Dickey RHP

Monday, September 3, 2012

McHugh Returns; Slumping Thole Gets Labor Day Off; Mets In St. Louis For Matinee: Mets Lineup Vs. Cardinals - September 3, 2012

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Josh Thole will be relegated to back-up duties with the acquisition and better play from Kelly Shoppach.

Shoppach has been a nice addition to this club. He appears to show leadership and has had some key hits in his brief tenure as Mets backstop. 

Thole on the other hand...well, he is mired in a 1-31 slump and his catching leaves much to be desired.

Collin McHugh will get his second professional start after a very impressive debut hurling 7 innings of no run ball, striking out 9 against Colorado.

St. Louis is presently in 2nd place 9.5 games back of Cincinnati. 

The Mets coming off a three game sweep of the Marlins look to continue their winning ways. Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Tejada - SS
2.  Murphy - 2B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Davis - 1B
5.  Duda - LF
6.  Baxter - RF
7.  Shoppach - C
8.  Torres - CF
9. McHugh - RSP