Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge !

Let me make one thing perfectly clear...I like Oliver Perez , AKA OP. Let me repeat, I like Oliver Perez, AKA OP.

That being said, he is leading me to a life of uncertainty and alcoholism...This year he was the first Mets player in over a decade to go to arbitration. He also won, and won big. He took the Mets for $6.5 million. Unfortunately, that was the biggest win he has had this year. Is he caught up in his pending free agency? Does he need to up his dosage of Concerta*? He is not there. He isn't here either...

It is rumored that Perez will likely re-locate next year to, most likely, Southern California. Of course, that is subject to change if a team such as KC, Baltimore, Seattle, Washington, or Toronto open the bank and the length of contact. Granted, his agent, Albert Schweitzer, uh, I mean Scott Boras, always looks for: dollars, dollars, dollars, length of deal, length of deal, dollars, length of deal, dollars, and finally, competitiveness of the ball club.

The Mets should look to trade Perez now for high talented minor leaguers, or some good young pro talent. What goes against the Mets, is Perez has had a terrible year. Tonight, he has given up six runs in five innings. He is driving me crazy! I was against Willie removing Perez for walking a batter in a crucial situation, but sooner or later Perez has to show he has the onions to face and persevere through adversity. Where is the OP that pitched a brilliant game six in the NLCS in 2006? Where is the 15 game winner from last year? Where is the Mets timing? Always a day late and a dollar short. As one sage once said, I would rather trade someone a day early than a day late. Where or where has our OP gone? Oh where, oh where can he be???

That leads me to my second rant... When will MLB realize that we fans spend billions of dollars to watch the men in blue call balls and strikes, at their discretion? Puppet Selig has got to start sanctioning these quick fingered umps. Tonight, Carlos Beltran was tossed for...."arguing" a strike. Beltran wasn't animated, looked like he wasn't disrespectful, and didn't carry on. But Brian Runge , son of Paul Runge), sees the true picture, that the 40,000+ fans are there to see him, and cannot let these mere ball players show any inkling of disrespect, or ruin his performance.

Jerry Manuel showed real life. He was out of the dugout in a flash, standing up for his player, and not taking any nonsense from an umpire with an inflated ego. Both Beltran and Manuel were ejected. To me, it looked like Runge bumped Beltran. Carlos didn't carry on too much, but Runge came from behind the plate, stood in the batters box, his chest slightly hit Beltran's, and then slowly decided to dust of the plate. If Selig had any guts, he would suspend these umpires who go out of their way to entice and provoke players. They should be suspended and fined.

I am totally furious with tonight's "play". The Mets have to win two of every three games to remain competitive, with winning the first game of any series a must. Right now, they are down 10-0 to the worst team in Major League Baseball.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge...

* Concerta is a drug used to treat those with ADD/ADHD.

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