Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge !

I thought I would have more than 24 hours. Senor Santana, not Rafael, pitched a gem. Just like Big Pelf (named coined by BMF). Same decision. The only difference is the Mets won one, lost one.

Having been a masochist for 36 years, I must say this is the most devious, vicious form of torture. For once, I don't blame Willie, always a Yankee, Randolph for this failure. I don't even blame Billy Wags. Wags has blown chunks for three consecutive games, but he is shot. He needs a rest. I must say, I was real surprised at the failure of Joe Smith (not an alias).

This team needs a good old fashioned butt kicking. If I hear Willie say, "we are better than our record..." I will jump off this ledge! They aren't better than their record. If they were, they wouldn't be approximately .500 for the last year. Is it the team? Maybe. I tend to believe it is the captain steering the ship. Players have regressed, not progressed under his guidance.

I am a firm believer in making a difference. Willie cannot correct this problem. I want the Mets to stop being enamored of former Yankees and Braves. How about our history? I don't think Mex is interested, but if he is, he is brilliant, and would make a dynamite manager. Along the same lines, I truly believe one Wally Backman is prime for this position. But, knowing Milk Toast Wilpon, there is another possibility. Wait... Are you ready??? EDGARDO ALFONZO. He is smart, gets along well with the Spanish speaking players, handles himself with class...and other than Mex, the smartest Mets player I have ever seen.

The only thing I can't figure out, is should Omar and company make a move now, at the All Star Break, or at season's end. Know that the Mets have to justify the ticket increase that will be coming next year, after the 20% increase this year, will they wait? I think they will, but the one clear answer, after dumping DelGado, Alou, Pedro, and OP...Willie has to go.

My first choice...Mex, Second Wally, and lastly Edgardo. I don't think the Mets can go wrong with any of the candidates. I think Freddy and Jeffy will lean more towards Alfonzo, since he is less likely to rock the boat.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

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firewillie said...

Love this talk me in from the ledge column. Good laughs, good points, and I'm guessing for you, it's good mental therapy. LOL !!!