Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Tighten your seat belt, it has been a long time coming since my last Talk Me In Off The Ledge, so here goes:

David Wright, the corporate darling, the media sweetheart, and the most eligible bachelor this side of Derek Jeter now takes it upon himself to be the spokesman for what is Wright in the world.

For those of you who live in a vacuum, a plastic bubble, a bomb shelter, or a tree house - Alex Rodriguez' name appeared on the guilty list of those baseball players who tested positive for steroids and PED's (Performance Enhancing Drug's).

When first questioned outside of a gym, go figure, A-Rod told the media to speak to the union, the Major League Players Association. Sounds like an innocent man to me...

Then yesterday, the much bally-hooed interview with Peter Gammons - revealed...NOTHING! A-Rod blamed his use of PED's on immaturity, naivete, and ignorance. He claims he doesn't know which drug(s) he used, because it was the 'era, things were crazy...' Leave it to Peter Gammons to throw the 12 foot arc pitch softball to A-Rod to answer. Soft questions, and never challenged him on his answers. Complete nonsense and balderdash.


Less than 24 hours later, David Wright, the corporate darling, the media sweetheart, and the most eligible bachelor this side of Derek Jeter now takes it upon himself to be the spokesman for what is Wright in the world. He is quoted today in David Lennon - Newsday's article: "You can't ever condone using banned substancesYou can't ever condone cheating. But with that being said, I think he did a tremendous job owning up to it and I think his apology was sincere. Kids and fans alike can look at the mistake he made and take positives from that and learn from that. When you have a guy like that who sits down and shows that kind of emotion, is apologetic and admits that he made a mistake -- it takes a man to do that."

OK David - maybe they should test you for use of stupidity. A-Rod was as full of lies as he was of illegal substances he took (only?) between 2001 and 2003. There is no way someone not mutated on the 23rd chromosome would believe that baloney.

Wright continued his blather by saying, "Do I look at him any differently? I see what he's done the last few years, and it's pretty incredible the consistency throughout his career. I think he's a great player, and when I think it's all said and done, he'll be the best player to ever play the game."

Wright is becoming the Tom Glavine clone in accepting anything as long as it doesn't go against the union. Listen up David, wrong is wrong. If what A-Roid did was so honorable, why wasn't he able to answer any question succinctly and clearly? Every answer he gave was a shade of gray.

Don't try and shovel a person's lack of backbone and a sense of moral obligation to us as being upright and honest. He cheated. He lied. PERIOD.

DWright , you are a tremendous ballplayer, whom I hope has a long, HONEST, solid career with the Mets. That being said, don't try and speak for the moral conscience of the fans of the game. You sound no better than a corporate spokesman for the MLBPA. Stick to grounders, pop flies, the hit and run, hitting behind the runner, and the sacrifice fly. Do not go before the press and offer your opinion that he was 'honest and sincere' when he knowingly cheated.

Grated, athletes shouldn't be role models, but they are people that children and fans look up to for their athletic prowess. It is a shame having to explain to young children that the player they might have thought was the best, was no better than little Johnny down the road who cheats at hide-n-go-seek. A cheater is a cheater.

A-Roid is a tremendous ballplayer, but as a person, he is a cheat, a liar, an adulterer, a fornicator, and a self-centered jerk.

Don't defend him to me David. Don't lower yourself to that level.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

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Long Island Met Fan said...

lets just hope david had a little too much bug juice when he got quoted. That does not sound like joe corparate it sounds like he had a dose of management sprinkled into that quote. Guess Wright wants to slide on A_Rods robe a little bit longer. David disapoints.