Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

The game is only in the top of the 5th and we have seen our "ACE" blow a 5-2 lead after 3, and leave with the Mets down 10-5. Johan lasted only 3.2 innings allowing 10 runs.

After being afforded a 5-2 lead after three innings, Johan gave it right back; he couldn't get his opponent Jamie Moyer out and walked him with the bases juiced; surrendered his second grand slam this season - this time to Shane Victorino; gave up another HR to Polanco, Utley, and Howard.

While all this was happening, I was waiting impatiently for Johan to drill the next Cheesesteak in the ribs, or, at the very least, brush them off the never came, never happened.

What does it take for a pitcher to take back the plate? There isn't a pitcher on this roster that will dust a batter off the plate. Where are the Dwight Gooden's and the Turk Wendell's?

The Mets need a pitcher with the onions to stick a 94 MPH fastball in someone's ribs to send a message. They have no one.
Johan their leader, their "ACE" didn't knuckle down and take back what was his.

Francoeur got beaned once again, and no one retaliated. He just threw Moyer out at the plate from RF (5th inning) - Francouer goes all out for his mates. What about our pitchers?
What does it take to defend you teammates? What does it take to defend you team? What does it take to defend your honor?

Can someone please knock Utley and Howard off the plate? How many times can these players and this team crowd the plate and crush us?

All I'm asking is for one of our pitchers to grow a set, step up, and reclaim what is theirs...home plate.
It is early in the season, yes. This series this early in the season isn't make or break...yet. But what happens is that messages are sent, and the message the Phillies are sending to our team is that they don't fear nor respect us.

It's time for someone to step up. Who will it be? Johan? Ollie? Maine? Pelfrey? Mejia?

It's time to send a message. Won't anyone on this team do that?

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

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Long Island Met Fan said...

he was off..he lost his command and did not throw 1 curve ball or split finger/splitter hope he is ok...

thakfully its just one game and we have John Maine going tomm!! oh yeah......