Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

How do we blow a season, let me count the ways:

            1. Inability to score a runner from third with no one out
            2. Inability to score a runner from third with one out
            3. Inability for a third base coach to realize that when the outfielder isn’t going to challenge the runner, use the windmill motion, instructing the runner to run home
            4. Hitting the ball in the air when you need a ball hit on the ground
            5. Hitting the ball on the ground when you need it in the air
            6. Inability to hold leads of less than 15 runs
            7. Luis Ayala getting the first two runners out before surrendering runs, usually giving up the lead
            8. The lack of a true leader
            9. An alleged 33 year old 2B who can’t hit anymore, run anymore, field anymore, make contact anymore, throw anymore, but other than that, is the best in the game
            10. A media darling who hits the ball well, but not in the clutch
            11. Not advancing a runner with less than two outs
            12. Not playing with a sense of urgency
            13. Not realizing there are 162 games in the season, not 192 games
            14. Inability to go in for the kill; put the nail in the coffin

            When the ball is out of the strike zone, DON”T SWING!

            There are a multitude of reasons this team is collapsing, and none of them are good. David Wright is a good ball player. But, he has to learn to make contact in key situations. All that was needed last night was a fly ball. Nothing more. DWright has shown that he is not a reliable clutch hitter. When Piniella decided to pitch to him, instead of walking him, Wright should have been offended, and took out this aggression on the baseball. Unfortunately, Piniella knew Wright, the way he has been pressing, challenged him, and won.

            Wright’s stats:
            Two outs and Runners In Scoring Position (RISP): .259
            Batting Avg. innings 1-3: .309
            Batting Avg. innings 4-6: .323
            Batting Avg. innings 7-9: .280

            Pitchers need to learn that being a professional pitcher is not a position of charity. When you have a lead, be stingy. Don’t share the runs you just scored with your opposition. I am a big fan of OP, but last night was inexcusable. You have to hold onto a four run lead. I can’t wait for Boras to spin his stats to try and get him a four or five year deal for $60 - $75 million.

            Luis Castillo should not see the starting line-up for this team…ever. Just refer to my earlier post,
            How Important Is Damion Easley.

            Luis Ayala has pitched respectively, but if you look back, how many times has he gotten the first two outs in an inning, then proceeded to give up huge runs?

            I like Aaron Heilman, but he and Duaner Sanchez should be benched the remainder of the season.

            Last year was difficult, but the writing was on the wall from the end of July/beginning of August.

            This year is much more painful. They had the lead, were playing well, and are falling apart in the same fashion as 2007. Once is bad, two consecutive years is too much to handle.

            How in God’s name will the Wilpon family try and spin the exorbitant cost of a new stadium coming off two cataclysmic collapses?

            I hate to be a pessimist, but is there anyone out there who has confidence in Pedro tonight? I’ll go on record saying I think tonight is going to be a long, tragic night.

            From a fan’s point of view, I want to see this team, MY TEAM go out there tonight, and play like it is the last game they will ever play. If you show me that, and lose, I will at least say you played with heart, and I’m proud rooting for you. Do not throw your gloves out on the field and expect to win. Believe it or not guys, you haven’t earned anything yet.

            I’m at my wits end…

            Talk me in folks…I’m on the ledge!


            Long Island Met Fan said...

            Check out Ollie Perez's stats for the Month of September and we can go from there.
            I am looking forward to the Mets in there uncanny ability to make each loss worse then the last.
            They have 4 games left to top last nights brutal one. Will the Mets wait until Sunday for that or do we just watch Pedro burst into flames tonight?

            MetfaninLA said...

            I'm so frustrating right now, the Mets cannot do what they should and have been given many ops. They even have Chipper Jones helping them, I DON'T GET IT!

            Jobu said...

            Jobu has already jumped off the ledge!!

            Long Island Met Fan said...

            Come off the ledge guys we got a win under our belt that will hopefully propel us in the Marlins series.