Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mets lost last nights game before the 9th inning.

There has been a lot of chat burning up the blogging airwaves that if the Mets do not make it to the playoffs that everyone will be looking at the failure of the Mets scoring in the 9th inning from last nights game . Why? Did we watch/see the same game?

Did we not see the Mets have a man on first and third with no outs in the 7th. Jose Reyes was on first why did he not steal second? If he did Murphy’s line out would have been just 1 out instead of a double play.

Also I know there were no outs in the 8th inning, when Luis Aguayo put the brakes on Carlos Delgado who might have scored on the single that Beltran hit. Why all of a sudden has he become so hesistant? I don’t think the Cubs would have challenged Delgado with a throw. It would have changed the way the inning went with him scoring on that play.

This loss makes me sick. We now watch the Brewers ride a wave of confidence by winning again against the lowly Pirates. While the Mets as usual do there best dog paddle to keep there heads a float.

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