Sunday, December 4, 2011

Talk Me In Off The Ledge! Reyes Bolts For Miami

The Mets budget will be approximately $120M in 2012. No wait, it will be $110 in 2012. That is not quite accurate, the Mets budget will be around $100M in '12. Well, looks like the Mets budget will be around $90M this coming season.

Then there were accounts from Elvis that the Mets really wanted Jose, and want him to remain a Met. The Mets were going to allow the market to be set, and then make an offer to Jose. The Marlins reached out to Reyes...the Mets didn't. Jose wanted to remain and Met, the Mets didn't want Jose to remain a Met. If the Mets had just shown a modicum of interest, maybe Jose wouldn't be a Marlin pending a physical.

What this labotomized brain-dead ownership doesn't realize that in being a fan is not just for the team, but the players who play for their team. It's hard to follow a team if the roster changes every two years. Imagine Mantle being a Red Sox player? How about DiMaggio? Aaron? Granted, he was with the Brewers the end of his career, but that was when he was ready to retire.

I'm not saying that Reyes is in the same league as those mentioned above, but he is the best home-grown talent they've had since Darryl Strawberry. Darryl also left because the Mets didn't show an interest.

If the Mets were never going to be a part of the Reyes market, they should have said so, or at the very least, don't blow smoke up the fans backside about how much they still want #7, but do ABSOLUTELY ZERO to retain him.
They should just never have addressed it.

The news from tonight is not one that is going to sell tickets. Oh wait, they are interested in Luis Ayala...

Jose Reyes is the most dynamic player not named Strawberry to ever come through the Mets system, and they let him go. I'm not saying that the Mets should have offered 6 years, but if they came in with a 5 year $100M contract, that might have been enough to keep with Jose.

Now, do I think Jose made the right move? No I don't. The Marlins usually sell off parts after a few years, and Reyes' contract is being reported to not have a "No Trade" clause.

I am furious with the Mets. Yes, Jose has been my favorite player of this recent Mets club (since 2004 or so), but the fact that he loves NY and wanted to stay here, but the Mets didn't show the love, is unacceptable. My kids aren't yet aware, but I know they will be crushed.

I have one main question for the Mets: Why should I go out to Citi Field in 2012? Whom should I root for? Wright? Bay and his 7 HR's? Possibly Davis, but there isn't much else. The Mets will see how poor a choice Tejada is for SS. He isn't a Major League SS, he is more of a 2B. But rest-assured, the Mets will get even more "ROLE PLAYERS" for this coming season.

I lived through McGraw being traded, Rusty being traded, Seaver being traded, Grote being traded, Darryl leaving, as well as Alfonzo. This one might hurt the most.

My message to Jose: I have no hard feelings. None at all. But, it will make me sick to my stomach seeing #7 in another uniform.

What I cannot forgive is that Elvis and the Mets were being the two tailors selling us something that wasn't really there
... just like in the Emperor's New Clothes.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!


Anonymous said...

Talk you off? Nope. I'm jumping with you. Attention Wilpons: you are not getting one penny from me next year. Got it? Enjoy your 10k per night announced crowds next season and last place for the foreseeable future. I'd rather sit on the back porch and count my mosquito bites.

Anonymous said...

nice little farm team you have there, ...yankee's rule