Sunday, November 23, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

OK...we are only a couple of weeks into the free agent market, and what started out like the Mets were going to make a huge splash – K-Rod, Putz, Sabathia, Lowe, Fuentes, Holliday, etc. - has turned into fiscal responsibility.

I don't mind the Mets trying to be responsible with their investments, but they can't go into a new stadium with inflated ticket prices which will leave fans, like yours truly, watching all 81 home games...from home, and not spend a little cash.

I don't want CC, I am luke warm towards K-Rod and Fuentes, and don't ever suggest Trevor Hoffman to me. I want Derek Lowe! He is everything the Mets need; an innings eater, a proven winner, pitches well on the big stage, and has shown to be very good in the Northeast. We have read today that the Mets might be backing out of the Lowe sweepstakes because they don't want to get into a bidding war with the BoSox and Yankees...why not? I know the Yankees have more money than Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett, and an Atlantic City Buffet, but Lowe is the man the Mets need.

Citi Group (don't get me started) was a miserable decision. But, the Mets felt they must prostitute themselves for naming rights to Gil Hodges Memorial Park, but at the expense of the fans. Luxury suites cost a kidney, and can only be bought by corporations, and seats are quite exorbitant. If you are going to price the season at OUR, THE FANS, NEW BALLPARK, to the point where we can't attend, at least go pedal-to-the-metal on Lowe.

Don't try and sell me on Javier Vazquez. He has reasonable stuff, but the Mets need a true pitcher, one that can handle New York. Vazquez, though I believe was unfairly judged in his only season in NY, showed a propensity to fail. We've had enough of that.

Omar...GET LOWE. He might be expensive, and I'm not saying you shouldn't play the Johan cat-and-mouse game you did last year, but you need Lowe. Let's face it, Ollie isn't coming back. Pedro isn't wanted back. There is El Denture, but that makes me incontinent, not salivate.
Jon Garland isn't bad, and I would rather have him than Vazquez, but neither one makes me all warm and fuzzy.


Now, I also refuse to drink from the Luis Castillo Kool-Aid. GET Orlando Hudson. He will be much cheaper, a proven clubhouse leader, a three time Gold Glove winner, and is the type to make things loose in a Cliff Floyd sort of way. Castillo said all the right things in his meeting with you back in October, but let me let you in on something...he is full of it. His ship sailed years ago, and we are still looking for our freight. Sign Orlando!

This off season is gearing up to be as compelling as Geraldo opening Al Capone's tomb. A whole lot of hype, and no substance.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge.

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