Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching Up With Former Met – Craig Swan

Former Met pitcher, Craig Swan, has been quite the creative one since retiring from baseball in 1984.

Swan, who spent his entire 12-year professional career with the Mets, now resides in Greenwich, CT.

When Swan adopted a mix breed dog, named Daisy, he realized how much activity and exercise the dog craved. Daisy, a pit bull/hound mix, was so active, that Swan, 59, was having a difficult time keeping up with the young dog. Swan has a problem with his leg that prevents him from walking more than one mile.

Swan and his wife cruised the web and found a specialized non-motorized scooter that can be propelled by a dog. Says Swan, "I got my scooter, put the attachment on and now Daisy and I go out for at least three miles a day."

Swan, who has been attracting quite a bit of attention said, "My dog is pretty fast. I would guess I'm doing 20 mph in a full run," Some residents of Old Greenwich are starting to look into getting these dog scooters.

"It's a marvelous thing. It's a good outlet and exercise for the dog," said Bill Peterson, who adopted Daisy to the Swans.

Swan is looking to start a group of owners, dogs, and scooters – to exercise the dogs together. He will also look to visit shelters with these scooters to assist dogs, that might be restricted to cages for most of the day, in exercise.

Debra Friedman - Greenwich Times

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