Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where are they now: Duaner Sanchez

Back in Jan 2006 the Mets were able to snag Duaner Sanchez from the Dodgers for Jae Seo and Tim Haulack. Duaner was Eric Gagne set up man in 2005 and was even the closer for a time when Gagne spent some time on the disabled list.

he started the '06 season as the Mets set up man to closer Billy Wagner. He was able to achieve success as he started the season with 18 scoreless innings.

Of course that changed once he was in an accident while taking a taxi to dinner. Of course Duaner after the accident claimed the time the media mentioned he was going out, in the early am, conflicts with his time as told to Mike Silva .A lot of people said it was two, three in the morning, it wasn’t,” Sanchez said. “It was like 6:30 in the afternoon. We had a day off in Miami, who doesn’t go out to eat?”

Due to the accident the Mets traded popular met Xavier Nady and received Roberto Hernandez and head case Oliver Perez. Thanks Duaner!!

Of course the accident caused Duaner his career. He missed 2007 with a hairline fracture in his shoulder. The Mets singed for a 1 year deal in 2008 and he went 5-1 with a ERA 4.32. He basically robbed the Padres in 2009 when he signed a deal for 1.6M and gave them 11 innings and a ERA of 9.00

Right now the 31 year old is with the Long Island Ducks trying to stay visible. According to Silva's article He’s gone from throwing in the mid to high nineties to relying mostly on changeups. Despite that, he believes he is more of a “pitcher” than a “thrower,” citing the ability to locate his pitches better now than before the surgery.

Right now he hasn't done much for the Ducks. He has pitched 4 innings and given up 3 runs with 5 hits. Best of the luck to Duaner who is the reason we had to deal with Oliver Perez for 5 stress filled years! Who knows if Duaner was still with team at end of 06  does he get the call instead of Heilman ?

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