Friday, September 11, 2009

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Yet Another Opportunity Wasted.

The Mets, after having concluded the previous two seasons in embarrassment, are again doing it to us, but in another fashion.

We all know of the humiliating, cataclysmic, horrific endings of 2006, 2007, and 2008. This year, the Mets in their humanitarian ways, decided early on that they wouldn’t break our hearts over the last month of the season. They decided in unison to break our hearts in June. It makes for a longer summer, but at least they aren’t toying with us.

…Or are they? The Mets had the opportunity to do to the Marlins, what the Marlins did to us in 2007 and 2008; play the role of spoiler. The Mets did play the role of spoiler, but it was to themselves, and not their opponent. The Mets just got swept by the Marlins, where if they won just two of three, might have played a big role in the Marlins dwindling Wild Card chances. The Marlins are presently slotted third behind Colorado and San Francisco. They are 5.5 games back. Just imagine if they were another game or two back due to being defeated by the Mets.

Playing the role of spoiler is something to build upon. If you’re like me, you believe the Mets won’t be opening the bank vault on a much needed player or players (see Jason Bay, John Lackey, etc.). They might have some chips to build with, but they are definitely a few seasons away. Wouldn’t it be great if they could start that building phase by taking potential play-off teams out of post season play? The Marlins did it to the Mets two years in a row, and now they stand in second place behind the Phillies, and third in the wild card rankings.

This is why I have always held that other than Johan and KRod, this team lacks the killer instinct. It has been fun watching the young guys (Thole, Parnell, Murphy, Evans, and Stoner) get some playing time. We know that Thole and Stoner aren’t ready yet, but it is still great to see them play, and have a good time doing so. This team still lacks the killer instinct. There is one possible move they can make during the off season that might go a long way towards changing that attitude. No, this isn’t another plug for Wally Backman, but if Jeff is so inclined… This is about a player that will fill a hole they have, and provide a killer attitude. He is much loathed by teammates and rivals alike, and is someone you can have for the short term. He has been on a World Series Championship team. His name is AJ Pierzynski.

The one thing all fans have asked for, since coming to the realization that this season is over, is to provide retribution to contending teams, in much the same way non-contending teams (see Marlins and Nationals) did to us over the last two seasons. We can’t even do that. Coming off a series victory over the Rockies, the first since God knows when, we roll over and let the Marlins, for the third season in a row, walk all over us.

Are you listening Wright? Are you listening Castillo? Are you listening Schneider and Santos? Are you listening Pagan? How about you Stokes? I am calling each and every ball player out. Show me you care. Show me you know how to put a team away. Show me some hard nose baseball. If you can’t win, at least show me a winning attitude. Is that too much to ask for?

Talk me in folks, I’m on the ledge!


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Long Island Met Fan said...

with this team your better off jumping :)