Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Last night was brutal. Most of what Jerry Manuel has done this year has turned to gold. Not last night. Senior Filthy didn't have it, and it was obvious from the start. When Manuel handed the ball over to Joe Smith, Smith was only allowed to pitch to one batter, Carlos Ruiz. Smith got Ruiz to do exactly what we needed; hit a grounder to Reyes at short, but Jose, instead of getting the sure out, tried to force Shane Victorino at second. The speedy Victorino beat Reyes to the bag, and by then Jose had no shot at getting Ruiz at first.

It was then that Manuel decided to remove Smith. I disagreed with that from the moment it happened. Smith did exactly what he was supposed to do. Secondly, he is a ground ball pitcher, and that is what was needed in that situation. Instead, Manuel handed the ball over to Pedro Feliciano, who allowed the on-slaught to continue.
Why can't these young pitchers be allowed to pitch out of trouble? Sanchez was allowed to create this mess, by loading the bases without recording an out, and looking terrible. Why wasn't Smith allowed to pitch to another batter? If he got a ground ball double play, things most like would have been different.

Can't anyone think outside the box? For the most part Jerry has done a terrific job, but unfortunately last night wasn't one of them.

Talk me in folks...I'm on the ledge!

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