Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Mediocrity is never acceptable. EVER!

Unfortunately mediocrity and the status quo are perfectly acceptable to the Mets owners, mainly Jeff Wilpon.

The fan-base is disappointed and fed-up with the lack of urgency that not only the players are showing, but the lack of urgency the General Manager and ownership are showing. Omar has his critics, and a lot of it is unfair. If fans have been paying attention, they must realize that Omar is noting more than a figure head and the sacrificial lamb. He takes all the hits due to Jeff Wilpon's inadequacy as an owner as well as his in adequacy in running a baseball operation.

We were told by Omar that the Mets would not be restricted by the alleged financial woes of the Wilpon family. Yet, once again, the trade deadline came and went, and nothing happened. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, not making a move, but the team didn't get better.

What did the Mets do? They released Alex Cora on Saturday. In my sincere opinion, Luis Castillo and/or Oliver Perez would have been a move that would have greatly helped the Mets, not releasing a utility infielder who showed more baseball acumen than their manager. Why did they release Cora? To save a lousy $2M for 2011. If they wanted to help this team, why not rid it of a second baseman (Castillo) making $6M this year and next, that won't play much according to Jerry Manuel. So, they are retaining a $6M bad contract of a player who will see limited playing time, while
"showing financial responsibility in releasing a player making $2M?"

What about Perez? I, among the few, have always liked Ollie, but this year he has shown no team attitude, and as become an anchor around the neck of this sinking team. If this was the team just over the Tri-Boro, both players would have been gone. No if's, ands, or buts.

But to Jeff Wilpon, his actions, or inaction, is good for this team. Fred Wilpon has left his franchise in the hands of his son, who still doesn't realize that he should leave the baseball decisions to his baseball people.

Adam Rubin reported yesterday that the Mets have already spent the money for 2011. That will mean no free agent signings. If lucky, maybe a possible trade, but who is going to take Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez? I originally thought the Mets would release OP by September 1, but it looks like I will be wrong.

Mediocrity is never acceptable. I won't accept it from myself, I won't accept it from my children, and I certainly won't accept it from my team; the team I've followed passionately since 1973.

The Mets need an Army like approach to their baseball business operation and on the field product. It's about pride. It's about accountability. It's about leaving everything you have out on the field.

As the Army motto says:

"This We'll Defend."

The Mets have shown they won't defend. They don't defend leads, they don't defend themselves against inferior teams, they don't defend themselves with the press, they don't defend themselves to the fans.

Mediocrity is never acceptable. Do you hear me Jeff? It is never acceptable. Give Omar a budget and let him make the necessary moves he has to to make this team competitive.

Calling up an obscenely over-rated Fernando Martinez is not the answer. Pat Misch is still down at Buffalo, having ten times the season FMart is having, but no, the Golden Child gets the nod. They bring up youth, but will not admit they are rebuilding. They still offer the line that "we are still in the mix..."

Face it. The last competitive game they Mets played was in June. Mediocrity is not acceptable.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

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