Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Injury Report –Jason Bay feeling better and Sean Green almost ready.

Jason Bay who has been out for a couple of weeks due to slamming his neck and head into the bullpen fence when the Mets played in LA said in a text to the NY Post that he is feeling better and the headaches have subsided.  He stil feels a bit quesy though and there is no timetable yet for his return. I am sure the longer he is out the worse it will be for him to get his timing back. If he plans to play in the minors for a day or 2 it will have to be soon since there season ends around the 1st week of August. 

Sean Green who has been on the DL since April 7th with a crack rib is pitching now in Buffalo. His rehab has been on going since Mid July and the Mets might have to make a roster move during there series with Philly. Green has given up 5 runs in 5 + innings in Buffalo.  Looking forward to having 2 stiffs in the bullpen. He can keep Ollie company.  Read the latest on Green here  at ESPN NY.

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