Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Wanted: Anyone With A Pulse
Requirements: Having pitched a scoreless inning in Pee-
Wee Ball
Job Description: Must be able to get three outs without giving
up a run
Yet again, Johan was the recipient of another blown win by the NY Mets relief Corps. Today's culprit was Scott Blowenweis. With one out in the ninth, Blowenweis gave up a solo HR to
Jody Gerut, which tied the game. Thankfully a two run HR by DWright in the home team ninth secured the win. A nice win, but not one that can escape a world famous rant by metsfan73!
Why can't anyone close out a game? It's not like they are being asked to hold onto the lead with three innings to pitch, like closers of yesteryear. All they are required to do is get three lousy outs. Heilman, Sanchez, Schoenweis, OH MY! It's more scary than The Wizard Of Oz. Is the relief staff this pitiful, or does no one want the responsibility of finishing out the game? The Mets are the only team that can win a game, and have their fans ready to leap from the Triborough.
I would trust my five year old daughter to finish the ninth more than what the Mets have thrown out there...granted she is a lefty, and it would take her about five throws to reach homeplate, but I would trust her more than our present closing staff. Jerry Manuel keeps saying he is using a closer-by-committee...shouldn't it be re-coined blown-save-by-committee?
The Mets will be all giddy with today's victory, but they can't over-look that once again, for about the sixth time this year, the relief staff has been incapable of securing a win for Santana. This is not a matter of getting another pitcher, whether called up from the minors or received via trade, it is a matter of the staff they have doing their job. Nothing more, nothing less.
I got more gray today watching/listening to this team, and took another three years off my life, all because this over-used, under-achieving relief staff can't complete their task.
Talk me in folks...I'm on the ledge.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

i was going to write better now then in september but who am I kidding. Everyone at this point is cracking . Usually its one guy who is down while the rest of the crew picks the 1 guy up. Its down right scary!