Monday, August 9, 2010

Mets lack of offense by the numbers.

We talk about the futility of the way the Mets are playing lately and we all know there hitting has been non existent but looking at it in front of you is down right scary. In the last 25 games here are some stats. 75 runs scored in there last 25 games. 3 per game doesn’t cut it.

Reyes and Pagan only regulars hitting over .250. 250!!!!! Pagan is hitting .330 and Reyes .289. Wright is hitting .209,Davis .241 and Frenchy .177 while Beltran is hitting .195 since his return. Pagan and Thole are the only players with an on base percentage of over .350.

 Frenchy has hit 3 home runs since the All Star break but has not driven in a run besides what he has driven in with home runs in the same time period. Yeah like we need more of that. The Mets cant compete if Wright, and too a less extent due to injury Beltran and to even a lesser extent Davis do not hit for some sort of power and drive in runs.

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