Monday, August 9, 2010

Carlos Beltran deserves some slack.

I might be in the minority with this one but so be it.  The Mets Center fielder has not been the player he was before the surgery he had on his knee.  Yes not much of a shock.  What I find shocking is the expectations that everyone has on Mr Beltran.  Have you had knee surgery before?  
Going back to the off season after 2006 a 1st baseman by the Name of Carlos Delgado, who just happened to sign with the Red Sox the other day in a minor league deal , had wrist surgery since it seemed he might have had carpal tunnel syndrome.  After surgery in 2007 he had a off year and hit in the .250’s  and had 24 home runs and drove in 87. A off year by Delgado standards. In 2008 he started off slow and then went crazy and wound up with 115 rbi’s hitting .271 and have 38 dingers.   In the 2nd half of 08 you couldn’t get him out.  Everyone thought he was done before that but it took time before his wrist healed and he was able to play up to what he and everyone else expected from him.  See a pattern? 

Beltran has done everything he could do so he could help the Mets so he conditioned himself the best he could with his knee and his brace.  He cant be expected to perform to his pre knee surgery standards right away.  Just because he is back doesn’t mean he is back 100%.  Do you remember how we all hated Branden Looper a couple of years ago when he couldn’t get anyone out and then at the end of the season we found out the guy was hurt basically the entire year.  His teammates appreciated the fact that he did what he can for his team. 

Beltran has been a huge asset for the Mets . He has worked with Angel Pagan with his work ethic and look how he is playing this year. Pagan is a totally different player. He even has spoken to Francoeur to try to help him with his pitch recognition and patience.  I don’t hear anything about what Wright has done with other players.  Beltran might not be very outspoken but when he was hitting 40 dingers and driving in 115 runs we didn’t seem to mind. 

Beltran might not be ready to play 100% to his own standards in the outfield yet and at times looks over matched at the plate when he bats lefty  but I think our expectations or a little askew with the Mets gold glove center fielder.  We might have to wait until 2011 to see the Carlos of old. I can wait. 

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