Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mets battle Halladay but middle of lineup unconsious.

The Mets score 2 runs in the first inning and battle back from a 6-2 deficit but fell short 6-5 in a game that saw the Mets 3 and 4 hitters strike out 6 times.  

Wright did his usual striking out 3 times in 4 at bats and doing nothing with runners on base while Beltran is still unable to get anything going from the left side of the plate. He misjudged a couple of balls and struck out 3 times.

The Phillies were able to send  R A to the showers early but the Mets bullpen had 5 innings of shutout ball against the Phillies while Josh Thole had 3 hits and threw a runner out.  F Mart started the game in left and started a 2 run rally in the 7th. 

Mets could have easily won this game if there big guys would have came through. Beltran struck out with 2 outs in the 7th with 2 on and the Mets got Thole to 3rd base with 2 outs in the 9th but Reyes skyed to center.

So the Mets end the road trip 2-4 and limp up 95 to play the Rockies and there best pitcher tuesday night against Pelfrey who Manager Jerry decided not to skip since Warthen thinks with a little fine tuning could come up out of his 6 + week slump

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