Sunday, August 8, 2010

Even On His Most Difficult Day, Alex Cora Is Nothing Short Of Classy

Mets former utility infielder Alex Cora, who was released yesterday, once again proved what a classy guy and professional he is.

Cora, who was good friends with Jeff Francoeur, told the Met RF of his release. He then said to Francoeur to "hit a rocket" off Phillies starter Cole Hammels.

Francoeur did just that, hitting a change-up just far enough to clear the RF wall. That hit put the Mets up 1-0, and held up to be the Mets winning run.

When Francoeur, who earlier in the day learned he would only play against left handed pitching, returned to the clubhouse, found a text message from his former teammate (Cora) congratulating him on the big hit.

Francoeur, though disappointed by the release of his friend, handled the tough questions on a tough day with class. Although cliche', he said he was ready to play when called upon. He continued by saying he has made some adjustments at the plate, and he feels much more comfortable when he is at bat. He has shown improvement; he has run deeper counts and has had a few HR's over the last couple of weeks.

Although I'd love to see Francoeur play every day, facts are facts, and he is only hitting .240 something with ab OBP under .300. Fernando Martinez, the five tool player five tools too short, will get the majority of playing time. Marinez only hit .176 in 100 AB's with one HR last year for the Mets.

In the video provided by Adam Rubin (below) you can see the strain on Francoeur's face, but felt better after receiving a message from his former teammate Alex Cora - the definition of class and professionalism. Hopefully some of Cora has rubbed off on his former teammates.

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