Saturday, August 7, 2010

Francoeur To Platoon With Martinez

A lot of rumblings surrounding the Mets with their releasing Alex Cora and sending Jesus Feliciano back to Buffalo. As replacements on the roster, the Mets called up Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada.

Tejada will get the starts at 2B with Castillo riding the bench for the foreseeable future.

FMart will be platooning with Jeff Francoeur, while faced with the difficult question responded:


"It is what it is. I've dealt with it before. That's all I'm going to say."


Francoeur has cleared waivers, and will most likely either be dealt before season's end, or non-tendered this winter.

It's a shame. I have really enjoyed the great attitude this guy has brought to a boring team. He answers questions and doesn't make excuses. He is possibly the best defensive RF the Mets have ever had, and when he is gone, I will miss him. I think many of the bloggers out there have been grossly unfair to Francoeur. He will never be a .300 hitter, but in a saber metric world, it's all about stats, and not the game. What Jeff brings to the team doesn't show in stats. Fernando Martinez has done nothing to deserve a call up, other than he is the new golden child.

Francoeur will play against lefties while FMart will play against righties. Let's hope Fernando can improve on that .172 batting average from last year.

Source: Andy Martino


Metrofan said...

If Francouer wants to remain in this system he should! Despite a terrible lack of disapline at the plate(sometimes in crucial situations)he is a polished and experienced major leaguer with a cannon for an arm!!! Besides if Castillo can remain hitting a LOFTY .245 , with no power and average defensive skills....why not Francouer? P.S. J Manuel still has a job to most fans amazement and opponents delight!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it embarrasing that so many Met fans are down on Francouer. I mean he was on this team to be a solid defender, bat anywhere from 6-8th in the lineup have some power and pickup some key hits. I know it's tough to argue w/ his average and I've seen his "poor at bats" but ask yourselves this what has Beltran, Bay, or any other outfielder they've had done better than Jeff? Bay and Beltran are supposed to be batting in the 3-5 slots and be putting up the offensive numbers. They are not. For some reason Bay is getting a pass and Beltran has always gotten a pass. I would rather trade Beltran than Francouer any day.
Of course it's unfair to judge Beltran this year but I've seen enough of him on this team.