Sunday, August 8, 2010

Santana to K-Rod equals win

No Bobby Parnell or Feliciano or Dessens were going to be pitching last night if Santana made it late into the game. K Rod was told by Warthen the night before after the Mets loss that its a good possibility he would be coming in during the 8th inning in Saturday nights game.

Well after the Mets had a 1-0 lead from Francoeur homerun K Rod came in and made it interesting in the 8th inning but got the Phillies down 1 2 3 in the 9th to record his 24 save and the 9th win for Johan.

Frenchy now reacting before the game about being platooned wants the Mets to look at trade avenue again for him and its like come on Jeff. Your hitting .240 . Who is going to want you on there team just because you have had  a couple of good games this week. 

The Mets are still not hitting but the 1 run for Johan was enough has he went 7 and 1/3 innings keeping the Phillies off balance .The last time he started at Citizens bank the Phillies rough him up for 10 runs. 

The Mets had Tejada playing 2nd last night and even though he was not hitting the 2nd baseman made some nice plays in the field in back of Johan showing the range that he has over Luis Castillo. 

Mets send Dickey against Roy Halladay this afternoon in another rubber game match .  The Mets could use a 2nd win here in Philly to place them a whopping 1 game over .500

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