Friday, September 11, 2009

Jerry Manuel talks about championship. Take Step 1 change the batting order.

Skipper Manuel talks to his team about focus and not losing sight of what needs to be accomplished going into the 2010 season. Well I have 1 request Jerry. Will you please change the batting order up top.

I have had enough of Pagan like I said in the previous post and to me I don’t care if Luis likes batting second have him lead off. He has 11 doubles for the year! 11!!! Lets get someone who can maybe hit for a little power. This way we don’t have to get 3 hits to score a run. I mean watching the Marlins having Nick Johnson with his .300 average makes me cringe watching Castillo slapping a stupid single with Pagan on first.

Lets have Castillo lead off and now I think we can have Murphy batting second. Ok so he has a little over .300 on base percentage. He has done better in the last month and at least he has 30 doubles of his 113 hits this year. Only 2 less then Mr useless David Wright.

This way we have a shot of scoring a run with the first 2 batters. You talk championship to your team, lets see what you will do Jerry to help them make it there because your top of the lineup is not working.

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