Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Turner Plays 3B, Tejada 2B, Hairston CF: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - May 18, 2011

The Flushing Bisons will take on the Nationals tonight, and there are some changes, most expected, in the Mets/Bisons lineup tonight.

Justin Turner, who is as red hot as his hair, will be moved from 2B to 3B and bat second.

Recently recalled Rubin Tejada will play 2B and in an inexplicable move, Scott Hairston will patrol CF. Would rather have Bay in CF and Evans in RF, but that's just me.

The recalling of Tejada has me curious. Tejada has been playing SS for the most part this year in AAA, so why was he recalled. The conspiracy theorist in me believes the Mets are putting Tejada in the starting lineup so they can shop Reyes. If Reyes is moved, Tejada simply moves to the other side of 2B, Turner back to 2B, and Evans can spot start at 3B until Nuke returns. Call me crazy...

Tonight's Mets lineup against the Nats:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 3B

3. Beltran - RF
4. Bay - LF

5. Murphy - 1B

6. Paulino - C

7. Hairston - CF

8. Tejada - 2B

9. Niese - LSP

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