Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sandy Alderson Spotted In Orlando; Elvis Spotted at 7-11

Is it me, or is Commander Sandy the re-incarnation of Elvis?

Elvis, unlike any performer before, was tracked all over; when he was drafted, when he was over-seas, when he came home, when he performed, when he met and dated Priscilla, when he showered, when he...well, you get the idea.

Commander Sandy is getting the same attention. What GM has been tracked the way Mr. Alderson has since his hiring?

Just today:

"John Ricco sat in for Sandy Alderson this morning during a group meeting of GMs."

"Sandy Alderson has arrived at the Waldorf here in Orlando."

"Alderson: no more first-round interviews."

And yesterday:

"Sandy Alderson interviewing Jose Oquendo now."

"Mets GM says he will do half-days at meetings in Orlando and go back and forth daily to St. Pete for family situation."

"Summary of Sandy Alderson's media briefing..."

It is so over-saturated it's almost comical. The Alderson hiring is a move the Mets needed (although I would have loved to see Jon Daniels in that role), but the hype that Commander Sandy has gotten, I can't remember another GM getting such attention.

The events of his life over the last few days have been tragic; his father being killed by getting run down by a car, but give the man a little peace.

Just this evening it is being reported that round one for manager interviews is over, and that there are four finalists; No surprises in Bob Melvin and Terry Collins, and some new-comers in Chip Hale and Wally Backman.

With all this attention, I hope Elvis Alderson makes his choice wisely, but I believe it will be Melvin. If not, then Collins.

As we all know, I have been pulling for Backman, but if not Wally, Chip Hale is my next choice.

Word just in, Elvis Alderson just said "thank-you" to a door man.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the Waldorf

All quotes about Elvis Alderson courtesy of Adam Rubin's tweets.

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Frank Gray said...

As a Mets fan and an Elvis fan, this is genius. As always, you're awesome.
(Mets Gazette)