Monday, May 3, 2010

Notes and quotes from last night’s debacle.

I just keep saying no matter what the score is the Mets can only lose 1 game last night. Of course its tough to watch your money pitcher implode like that. Why though? I mean come on. How is it that he couldn’t find the strike zone and have no faith in his breaking pitches? Some quotes from Manager Jerry.

There are no health issues with Johan Santana, it was an ‘uncharacteristic start,’ and, ‘I expect the next time out he’ll be sharp.’

Did Santana walk
Carlos Ruiz on purpose to face Jamie Moyer with the bases loaded? Jerry said ‘ it looked like he already lost it before that.’

I read some quotes from some scouts who said part of the problem is the velocity difference in his fastball and change up over time has decreased. Plus if he is not going to throw an occasion off speed pitch it doesn’t keep the lefties off balance.

Other items. I know Reyes needs to be aggressive batting 3rd but a tad over aggressive doesn’t help. He saw I think 3-4 pitches in his first 3 at bats. Then does his best to get on base after the game was out of reach by running a full count.

On a good note. Nuke hit his fifth home run last night. He didn’t hit his first home run last year until his 281st at bat last year according to the boys from ESPN.

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