Friday, June 13, 2008

Willie's on borrowed time...

Ken Rosenthal, the brilliant columnist, from Fox Sports, was a guest of WFAN's Steve Somers' radio show.

In the interview, Rosenthal states that Willie is "day-to-day" (much like Moises Alou's health) as the Mets' manager. He would not be surprised if Randolph is not the manager by the end of the weekend.

To be fair, some blame deservedly goes to Willie. However, some also goes to the players, and some to Minaya.

However, the manager typically is changed, first. And, as of June 13th, teams have not yet made pre-deadline (July 31st) trades. The Mets need to change some of the faces, get younger, more athletic, and create a buzz, by offering to the fans, new faces to watch in person, and on TV.

Rosenthal, when asked about Minaya, HoJo, "the jacket," and other Met employees, said that no one is safe.

Rosenthal also mentions that outside of Jack McKeon leading the Marlins to a World Series championship, mid-season managerial changes usually do not make a noticeable difference, and hints that Jerry Manuel is the probable in-season replacement.

If Randolph is let go, who replaces him ? Wally Backman (managing within independent league, and no longer for the South Georgia Peanuts, if you're watching the "Playing For Peanuts" documentary airing on SNY, and other stations), Ken Oberkfell (current AAA manager in New Orleans), former Mets who are fan favorites, such as Keith Hernandez, John Stearns or Edgardo Alfonzo ?

Do you use a stop gap manager, such as Jerry Manuel, look for a larger pool of candidates after the season (which would include other fired managers), and name a new permanent manager in the offseason ? Or, do you name a new permanent manager immediately to get the players' attention, so that the interim manager is not treated like a substitute teacher.

Stay tuned...we'll keep you updated...

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