Thursday, June 12, 2008

what do you expect when we are down 2 outfielders!

Hi have you seen this man ? Or was it his shell? Just a little info here to chew on.. Last year when the mets had Alou and Green in the corner spots , they had roughly 280 at bats through the end of may..Green had roughly 170 and Alou, who went down in may last year, had 110. Well this year we have had about 200 at bats from our corner outfielders, which avgs to about 20 games less played then the tadem of last year...Last year alou played roughly 6 games in may before he got hurt..So we forget that last year he was hurt but he had played roughly twice as many games. ..Well this year is this year and Im not the Gm here but if I can see that Alou has played 50% less so far this yr to last yr and last yr he was only in 89 games..I think its obvious..YOU NEED A LEFT FIELDER!!!!! Why must you lose close to 1/2 a season before you do something about it? Alou , i love him, but he is done!!

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Greg/Jason said...

Tried to email, kept bouncing back. We'd be happy to have you list us (Faith and Fear) and we'll be happy to add you at our next and overdue sidebar update.

Always happy to know another LI Mets fan. At this rate, there won't be many of us left.