Monday, June 30, 2008

Can Seat Licenses Be Far Away For The Mets At Citifield ?

Late last week, N.Y. Giants' season ticket holders received letters of notification, that when the new stadium is opened, that to keep their seat packages, they will have to pay a seat license fee. From what I heard, the prices for seats in the upper deck, might be only $500-$1,000 that would have to be paid. Some season ticket holders are balking about it, but they had to know it was coming. The Jets have mentioned it too, but they have been non-committal. Well, I’m sure the Wilpons are going to watch this, and gauge some reaction to this, because you know damn well, they might be looking at doing this, at Citi Field. I think the one thing the Mets fan can count on, is the fact that the Wilpons probably won’t be the leaders in bringing this to baseball. They will wait until some other team tries it first, (The Yankees ?), and say that it's the going trend. With prices of tickets going up probably 25-50% next year, for Citi Field, it already is pricing out the fans who wants to bring their families. Citi Field has 35,000 less seats than the new Giants Stadium. With that, I’m sure the seat licenses will not be cheap. There might be a day, when no one will be able to go to a game, and pay less then $75.00 to a $100.00 for one ticket in the upper deck. That, my friends, will be a shame.

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Jobu said...

I have been attending Giants games since the stadium opened in Oct. 1976. They lost to the Cowboys. I have 4 seats that have been in my family since the late 1950's, long before I was born. My seats are $85 per. I can only afford to go to 4 games. My seats are row 19 sec. 134. My PSL is going to kill me. I just may have to give up my tix and by the DirecTV NFL package and tailgate in the backyard each week.

The bottom line is that Sports have become such a huge business that the owners don't care about Mr. Blue Collar who lives & dies with their team. They keep pricing the average fan out of the game.

Jet, Yank, and Met fans will all be paying ridiculous amounts of $ just for the right to purchase their season tix.

It is the territory when it comes to the NEW stadiums. They don't make enough money on the parking, consessions, or the raising of the ticket prices each year.

By the way Met will get a PSL. I would be pleasantly surprised if you don't.

Good Luck.