Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey, Jerry, let's see David bat 4th!

For the last month, I have been telling some friends, that I really don't think having Beltran batting 4th, and Wright batting 3rd, is the way the lineup should be presented, every night. I always felt that Beltran is not someone who thrives under pressure. He, to me, would be a much better 3rd place hitter, and I think David would excel at batting 4th. I would prefer Beltran up, in the first inning, with him being more of an on base guy. Of course, I know that only matters in the first inning. Just take a look at the rbi's and the home runs and that will tell you something. David has 12 home runs and over 50 rbi's from the 3 hole. Plus, actually, I think Carlos will do better, with Wright batting behind him . Also, David hits for a better avg. I mean, I think, right now, whoever bats 4th suffers, 'cause the Mets don't have a true #5 hitter. If Church comes back, and is o.k., I'd love to see Jerry go, switch hitter Beltran 3rd, righty Wright 4th, and Lefty Church 5th. Then, maybe, we might see some more 3 run home run bombs, than all these solo shots !! I'm hoping this is one of the changes we have to look forward to, when the Mets get back to Shea...


Jobu said... you want the line as follows: Reyes, Castillo, CB, DW, Mr. Church, CDelG, et al.

Can we get Castillo towards the bottom & maybe Trot to bat second and play left when Mr. Church returns...

just a thought.

Long Island Met Fan said...

With the way Manuel talked about using the 2nd slot for a guy needing to see fastballs, Trot might work out for a bit since he really hasnt hit much .Just wondering if he might be the odd man out when Church comes back. Hoepfully it will be Cancel unless Manuel is partial to 3 catchers like Willie was

build the farm system said...

I agree with Jobu, that Castillo needs to be towards the bottom of the lineup, preferably 8th.

Castillo has a good .obp, draws a lot of walks, and hits a lot of singles. He's on first base frequently, and can be bunted to second, by the pitcher.

I would prefer someone who can hit the ball, into the gap, batting second, to help drive in Reyes, in the first innings, as often as possible, so the Mets have a run (and hopefully a lead) in the first innings. Their starting pitchers will be relaxed with a lead, and they'll win more games with a first inning lead. Church, for a few games, did this beautifully.

I agree with Long Island Met Fan that Beltran is more of an .obp guy, and when his knees are healthy, he needs to be attempting steals more.

Trot's starting to remind me of Nick Evans, who had a great first game for the Mets, then, showed why he was playing in the minor leagues.

Minaya's being beaten like a pinata since the Willie firing, and he received positive publicity for acquiring Trot. Would he risk this by sending Trot to AAA ? It may be the proper move, but, Minaya may send Cancel to AAA, instead, to decrease the height of the flames, underneath his derriere.

build the farm system said...

Hey, Long Island Met Fan, love the picture of Tatis, next to your comment.

Do you think the Tatis family will use that photo when they send out Seasons Greetings cards, this holiday season ?

Long Island Met Fan said...

i know what your saying about Trot and I just hope next 2 games he gets it going.. Its a xmas card that says it all !!!!