Friday, June 27, 2008

Omar Says He's Still In Buying Mode...

In a Newsday article, Omar Minaya says 2 important things, on the status of NY Mets. One, being that he is still in buying mode, and the other, is the team problems aren't his fault. I'm like o.k. Omar, you fired Willie, you're next in line. You cant blame Jerry, if the team doesn't turn it around. You, Omar, are the one who put this team together. You said o.k. on signing over the hill, Alou, and signing El Duque. He mentions that he is down 2 outfielders. If you look around the league, everyone is battling injuries. I also crunched some numbers with the Mets outfielders, and compared them to other teams' outfielders, and the Mets are light on home runs, that's a fact, but their avg. and r.b.i. totals are right in line, with the Phillies and the Marlins. So, Omar, who are you going to blame, now? Look in the mirror, buddy. If you're going to make some deals, at the deadline, like you mention, you better make sure they're better than picking up Trot Nixon or Andy Phillips. That isn't going to cut it.

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dave said...

I'm waiting for Omar to bring back Julio Franco.

Ditch Delgado and bring up Carp would be the right place to start.