Friday, June 13, 2008


Omar Minaya just announced that the Mets acquired Trot Nixon from the D Backs for cash or a player to be named later.

Nixon's contract contained an option, making him a free agent on June 2nd, a deadline that Nixon and the Diamondbacks had agreed to extend, earlier this month.

Nixon, 34, was with Arizona's AAA team, hitting .309 with 10 HR's, and 31 RBI's in 58 games. He is expected to arrive in time for Saturday night’s game.

He has a reputation as a hard-nosed, gritty player. That’s something the Mets need.

Pedro Martinez, a teammate of Nixon's, in Boston, said about Nixon, "Quiet," "Gamer. Doesn't say much. Very aggressive, as you can see, on the field. He's a very all-out player. I tell you what: He plays on my team any day."

Our friends over at Mets Walk-Offs And Other Minutiae have a great profile of Trot Nixon, including two interesting trivia questions, in a column entitled "Can Trot Get Hot ?".

I have always liked Nixon. This might be a nice addition for the Mets.

Stay tuned...


firewillie said...

I'm not sure, yet, if I like this move. Trot Nixon a few years ago, when he was a member of Boston, and in his prime, would have been an outstanding acquisition. Nixon is no longer the same player, and I fear, he may be ANOTHER player acquired by Omar 3-5 years too late. Why isn't Aguila getting playing time ? Marlon Anderson playing LF was not the answer.

Jobu said...

I agree with yankee friends love Trot because they love to tell me of all the times he has vapor locked either at the plate or in the field...We don't need him...PLAY THE KIDS!!!!!

firewillie said...

Amen, Jobu...

I would love to see the kids play, and I'm not yet a fan of acquiring Nixon, but, compared to his teammates, Nixon is a kid.

He's only 34...LOL !!!