Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fernando Martinez for Xavier Nady?

The trading deadline is near so is it time to start playing GM? A bunch of websites out in Mets land are reporting that the Pirates would trade Xavier Nady for 2 of the organizations top prospects.

Which everyone is saying that’s way too much to give up. Of course who would fault the Pirates for asking that price when the worst a team could say is no and give them a decent counter offer.

Now would you as the GM for the Mets do a straight up trade of Xavier Nady for Fernando Martinez? To me this is a no brainer as well. Way too much for a player that might give you one or 2 good years.

Everyone loved Xavier when he was here but there is no reason to give up your top prospect for him. Argenis Reyes, or Reyes squared, is starting to prove himself as major league ready playing second base. He is good in the field and has worked on his patience at the plate. Start with him and give the Pirates a low level prospect.

What would you give up for Xavier Nady?

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Lets hope that if they do make a trade for Nady it isnt anybody we have heard of.