Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Own You!

Oliver Perez,AKA OP, has absolutely dominated the Phillies. He has given up only one run in over 26 innings this year. His ERA...wait... is 0.35 against the Phillies this year. He struck out 12 today in in 7.2 innings, while only walking one.

When asked about his success against Philadelphia, Perez said, “When I face them, I act like they’re the best team in the league. When I take the ball, I act like I’m the best pitcher in the league.”

Just remember OP, there are another 14 teams in the NL.


Long Island Met Fan said...

he should tape that statement to his locker when he faces the astros,nationals etc...

Jobu said...

He owns the Yanks too. He needs to act that way in each & every start.

Be the ball....Be the BEST!!!