Thursday, July 3, 2008

Luis Castillo Batting Second…

WFAN’s Joe Beningo & Evan Roberts, while talking yesterday to WFAN’s Ed Coleman, Mets' beat reporter, mentioned an alarming stat.

The Mets, when Luis Castillo is batting second, have won 21 games and lost 31, a .404 winning percentage.

When anyone else bats second, the Mets have won 20 games, and lost 12, a .625 winning percentage.

The Mets winning percentage is not that cut & dry, however, Castillo has little power, but knows how to draw walks.

He would be better hitting eighth, where he could draw walks, and be bunted to second, by the pitcher.

During the few games when Ryan Church hit second, his extra base and home run power, frequently led to Jose Reyes being driven in by Church. Especially if they could score in the first inning, it will help the Mets’ pitchers, and players, relax, and improve the probability of winning.

Please, Jerry Manuel try Church hitting 2nd, and Castillo 8th…

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