Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shea Goodbye 68 days left at Shea Stadium?

The Mets have announced that next month they will announce what there plans are to say goodbye to the home of the Mets for the last 44 years. There updated version of Shea goodbye.
My question is….. What took you so long? Why wasn’t it a celebration throughout the year? I mean come on!!!

Fans have been going to Flushing during the good times and the bad. We have dealt with power outages, long lines and overflowing toilets. Not to mention teams with players with names like Goose Goslin. Dave Schenck, Duffy Dyer. We dealt with Mets teams that were out of it any contention by the All-Star Break. We also had awesome teams like ’69 with a pitching staff that was unmatched. The mid 80’s even though we only won 1 World Series during that run .

We should be celebrating the last 44 years at every game. Not just taking a number off the wall with Mr Met!!

The question is what will the Mets do for this homage to Shea? I’d like to see them celebrate every year from ‘64- to the present somehow.

How about bringing a player from each years opening day lineup? Personally I would love that. Or everyone that is leading a category in hitting and pitching at shea?

Shea has been around longer then a lot of us Met fans who remember the first game they went to like it was yesterday. You might not remember the weather the day your first kid was born but you sure remember what it was like at Shea your first game!!!

What are your idea(s)?


metsfan73 said...

I agree. Wouldn't it be great when they get to #1, that along with Mookie, they have the surviving members of the 1969 and 1986 teams, which were #1?

Jobu said...

Hey LI Met Fan, When are you getting the call to pull a number down?

Long Island Met Fan said...

When it gets down to -1.