Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bobbie Ojeda interviewed during Met broadcast-He will be part of Shea Good-bye

If you watched part of the Broadcast last night or was there you saw Bobbie Ojeda take down the daily number of games left at Shea with Mr Met. Was great to see Bobbie O. He won some important games for the Mets during that '86 championship season after he was traded from the RED SOX.

Kevin Burkhardt interviewed him during the game and Bobbie was asked since this might be his last time at Shea what was his favorite memory. Well Bobbie mentioned that he wil back at the end of the Year with a bunch of others to celebrate the closing of Shea. NICE!!!!!!

My 1 question though . Do you think the Mets would give him better seats then Loge box? I mean I'm pretty sure those were blue seats and they didn't look plastic like they have in the front boxes along the field. I mean come on Loge box for Bobbie O?

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