Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mets prices at Citifield through the roof!

Looks like if your like me there won't be many opportunities to see the Mets at Citifield next year.

Not because there will be 15 thousand less seats. More likely due to the fact the Mets are raising prices close to 80% in some cases.

Also whats mind boggling is the fact that there will be 39 different pricing levels. 39!!!!!! What?

$495 is the cost for the average best seat at New Citifield. Come on guys can you at least give us a chance to see a game.

Oh yeah Promenade deck, the upper level, will average 19 bucks a seat. I'm sure that will be the back rows..

There will be about 30% of seats at Citifield that will be $ 25.00 or less. Lets see where they are first. Most likely the entire top deck. Nice to know the little guy will be pushed closer to the exit.!! Can't wait to see the price of a beer!

Check out the story over at the NY POST

Here is the link to the latest interactive regarding pricing here

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