Monday, August 25, 2008

Nick Evans Comes Of Age

During yesterday's game against the Astros at Shea Stadium, Nick Evans went through an awkward moment, similar to the awkwardness usually encountered during puberty. Nick was in Left field yesterday, a bad sun field, when a ball hit by Miguel Tejada, came his way. He didn't have time to flip his sunglasses down, so he shielded his eyes from the sun as best he could. He took a scenic route to the ball, before finally making the catch.

When he got back to the dugout, Brian Schneider lent Evans a pair of Oakley sunglasses, which the Mets don't allow in their minor league system.

When Schneider entered the game late, Evans gave the Oakley's back to Schneider, so Ryan Church lent Evans his Oakley's.

At games end, Damion Easley, always the mentor and professional, gave Evans a pair of Oakley's to keep.

Apparently skills aren't the only thing a young player needs to be ready to play pro ball.

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Jobu said...

Oakley's ROCK!!!

Jobu owns 3 pair.