Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brewers lost so the Mets are tied for the Wild Card

The cubs beat the brewers today 6-3 so now the Mets are tied and have to win sunday and have the Brewers lose and the mets will be the wild card champs.

If they both win or both lose 1 game playoff on monday at Shea
Ollie Perez to go on 3 days rest and all hands on deck in relief if needed.
Except maybe Pedro since he might have to come to the Mets rescue if they have to play a 1 game playoff on Monday. No times are set since they need to wait to see if there will be more then 1 game played.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Do you know how to get tickets for the potential monday game?

metsfan73 said...

Great pictures. The game was great in my living room, I can hardly imagine being there.

Long Island Met Fan said...

i have looked online and cant find anything about tickets for mondays game. Will check in with the mets on sunday.

The chants of Johan Johan!! were incredible!