Monday, September 29, 2008

Mets fans Sound off. Leave your comments here.

We here would love to hear what you the Met fan thinks about the way the Season ended? Is Jerry to Blame? What about Omar signing Luis Castillo? Or the irony of trading Matt Lynstrom so can get the final 3 outs against us?

We know the bullpen stinks but would you consider trading someone from the core? Beltran, Wright , Reyes, Delgado? Should 1 of these be bounced from NY? Lets us know what bitterness runs in your veins the day after…

Anonymous comments are welcome.


metsfan73 said...

The Mets need more than just a few pieces. The only relievers that I would hold onto are: Joe Smith, Brian Stokes, Parnell, and possibly Figueroa. Everyone else...GONE!

Castillo - Gone
Anderson - On the Fence
DelGado - On the fence
Pedro, Moises, El Denture - Gone
Easley - On the fence. He's getting old and injured
Schneider - Gone
Castro - Gone

Need a bonafide leader who can show Wright, Reyes, Beltran, et al how to win. I don't know who this leader might be. I'm hearing possibly Orlando Hudson (Az. 2B)who is a free agent.

I still need time to digest...

Long Island Met Fan said...

I get rid of Heilman,Sanchez,Castillo,Anderson who did nothing even before he was hurt. Pedro sorry but bye bye. I like Castro but he always seems to get hurt late in season and at this point I think he is has seen a better day.
The core of the Mets keep together but they need somone on this team that can get these guys to perform all the time. I mean the Phillies in the Pennant race performed. Wright and Reyes didnt. They were average at best.