Sunday, September 21, 2008

Straight From The Horses...

"I hope our fans love the new stadium," Jeff Wilpon says. "It's meant for them. We're trying to make money, obviously, but we take into account that this isn't just any business -- it's a public trust. I think our plans for the new ballpark reflect that."

One question Jeff, if it's for the fan's, then why can't we fans afford to go to a game? Why are the prices so exhorbitant, that the best seats in the stadium are only for corporate sponsors?

The definition of fan, is short for FANATIC, those who follow a team religiously. Not for those who can pay the most money.


Jobu said...
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Jobu said...

jeff wilpon is to the mets as steve tisch is to the giants. Owners with NO CLUE!!!!