Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Citi Field updated/ latest photos interior shots October

If your looking for something to do while waiting for the World Series to start again or just plain end so we can talk about who the Mets need to have on there 2009 roster then check out the fantastic photos that Chris a friend of the boys over at Stadium Page took last week of Citi Field. There amazing!

Here you really get to see inside the stadium with most of the seats in place. You also get to see this bridge in centerfield where I'm sure many fans will be walking and watching the game. Hopefully maybe even catching a home run by one of the Mets!

You also get to see the interior of the locker room as well as the Mets dugout ? Anybody want to to explain why its green? Are the Mets changing colors here? Check out the pics here and leave comments on what you think! New Citi Field

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metsfan73 said...

Great Photos! How many more days until pitcher's and catcher's report?