Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colorado Rockies is letting teams know that Matt Holliday is available.

Just came across this nugget that the Colorado Rockies might be looking to deal Matt Holliday. Now the question is do the Mets have what it would take to land him? Also there is a question about how he hits away from Coors field. Well if you look at his numbers from the past year the splits are not too severe.

He hit .332 at home and .308 on the road
He had 15 home runs and 59 rbi's at home and 10 home runs and 29 rbis on the road. Of course you like to see better numbers but his average was still high. Not a clutch hitter? He would fit right in here.

What I like about him is that he can hit lefties and righties almost equally. He hit
.293 against lefties and .313 against righties.

Last year was an off year for him compared to 07 when he hit 36 home runs and had 137 rbi's.

The question is would the Mets have to give up all there pitching to get him? Colorado loves to bleed teams dry. Plus if they unload Holliday then they can probably sign Brian Fuentes.

Read the article about the Rockies thinking here over at the Denver Post.

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