Friday, October 31, 2008

Mets Pick up Carlos Delgado contract for 2009.

This was expected. Now Met fans can play the game all winter long on what to do with Delgado . Should they trade him or let him play for the full season. The Mets have to only shell out 12 million for Mr. Delgado. If they trade him who are they going to get? I cant see Murphy or Evans playing there. Why would u want to give up his 30 something home runs he will probably hit. Put Adam Dunn there? His defense is worse then Delgado defense.

There not going to get Texieria. The Yankees or the Angels will pay him something silly. I have heard the Mets should try to obtain Hank Blalock. He is a good player but has problems staying healthy.

I think they should just keep Delgado at 1st base and worry about other issues this team has.


metsfan73 said...

Texas has a $6.2M club option, or a $250,000 buyout. He will be 28 in November...10 years younger than DelGado.

He was real healthy until 2007, but the last two years have been injury plagued.

It would certainly be worth looking into.

metsfan73 said...

On Blalock. I left his name off the origianl comment.

Long Island Met Fan said...

6.2M ? Dont you think the Rangers might just pick it up? It is cheap for a young guy...